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August 12, 2017 18:06

Spa for two: shapes, sizes , advice on choosing .Romantic recipes

Spa for Two
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WhatIt could be better than a cozy evening after a hard day spent in the warm water and the silence of the bathroom?And how to spend an evening in the company of a loved one?Modern interior design ideas make it possible to combine the pleasant procedure swimming and chat with someone else, because in such a case the designers have developed and implemented ideas - bath for two.

If the first thing that comes to mind - this is a huge bath the size of a swimming pool, then this article is definitely for you.Today you can buy a double bath with a view of the small size of the bathroom.But everything in detail.

bath for two

shapes and sizes

We are all accustomed to the standards that the bath can only be rectangular.Well, as a maximum, in the form of an ellipse.But manufacturers now offer such an abundance of various forms that the unprepared consumer will exp

licit the complexity of choice.Of course, the most comfortable procedure will take a large vanne.Obo all possible variations is difficult to tell, but the most common ideas baths for two to cover costs.

bathtub for two people

So, double bath may be of the following forms:


If the size of your bathroom allow, then this option will be very good.In a conventional bath width is a maximum of 80 cm, a bath for two persons will not be less than 1 m. On average, their width can reach up to 1.5 m.

small bathroom can accommodate such a beauty, but a place to exitIt is clearly not enough, and you'll just touch everything that comes handy.If we consider that the floor and walls can be wet, the risk of injury occurs.Standard size double rectangular baths 190h120 see, therefore, a bathroom the size of 6 square meters will obviously cramped.

Rectangular bathtub
Big bath for two
Oval bath for two


This option is a win.Corner tubs allow you to save space, plus they have plenty of comfortable seating.Even with the small size of the bathroom, you can be sure that a corner bath, will likely look elsewhere.The only "but" - this is something that only the sitting position can be taken in it.However, for two it's not such a big disadvantage, especially as these baths are very comfortable railing on the edge.

Bath for two corner

2-in-1 »

not very common option combines two cups at once.Faucet and drain holes are located in the middle of the bath, as if combining just two bowls with the help narrowing.In such a bath it is very convenient to take water treatments, and it takes up so much space compared to rectangular.Skirting it fitted handrails, and a sitting place provides a comfortable rest.

Baths with two bowls


They usually feature a spa system and have sleek and smooth lines.Some manufacturers supplement oval pattern backlit, headrests and even table.

Oval bath for two
Bath for two in an oval shape
Wooden tub


Manufacturers produce a lot of non-standard bath solutions that have very strange shapes.It is unlikely that such a bath you buy in stores plumbing, since any non-standard form is usually done under the order.About the most interesting options such unusual solutions will be discussed below.

Bath for two non-standard shape
Asymmetrical bath for two

most unusual forms

producers as not only excel in creating bath for two, embedding them hydromassage jets, pens, headrests.Some baths even possible to equip the perimeter with all necessary furniture.True, the corresponding dimensions of such baths.Large popular baths for two in the shape of a heart.Romantic, is not it?Surrounded by scented candles, flowers and champagne appears a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine's Day, anniversary, or simply arrange an evening for two.

Bath in the shape of a heart on legs

If you want to be, where to turn, then pay attention to the hot tub for two, equipped with whirlpool jets, headrest, built-in heater, LED lights and a motor with a speed selection.And it's still can not be the complete list of available options!

There bath for two model called "Romeo and Juliet", where the drain holes and tanks are positioned so that the lovers are arranged facing each other.

Finally I want to mention a new product, as a model of "Yin and Yang".It is a bath consisting of the two reservoirs separated by a partition between them.Pros of this model is that everyone will be able to regulate the temperature of the water for themselves and use foam.

Ванна для двоих "Сердце"
Romantic bath for two
Ванна "Инь-Ян"
Bath for two with a glass of wine under the Stand
Bath with two bowls for two

Features selection

Select a double bath is more complicated than single.

When choosing, consider the following:

  • room size.
  • into account not only their preferences but also the tastes of the other person, yet you choose a bath for two, not one.
  • Relate bath for two with the purchase of your financial opportunities.Taking this into account, decide already, and if you need additional headrests, hydromassage system, a special coating the bottom?For each additional opportunity to pay extra.
  • You should understand that the adoption of water treatments together - this is not the way to save water and time together.By the way, regarding the water flow is difficult, in principle, to talk about the economy with a bath for two, as the volume it has much more.
Together in the bath

create a romantic atmosphere

So you have planned for the evening, and the two decided to start it with a joint water treatment in the bathroom.It is necessary to prepare the territory to create a romantic atmosphere.

Create a romantic atmosphere
White towels
Strawberries and champagne
Candles in foam bath
Candles on the floor
Bath for two with flowers

How to do it, we shall understand step by step:

  • Do not start with the addition of interior decoration items.All superfluous should be deleted: no towels, curtains, combs, shower gels and other items of everyday life.If you have a small bathroom, then you it further play into the hands, you instantly feel more space.
  • Need cleanliness of all surfaces.There will be candles or not - it does not matter, because the really nice will, when the surfaces to be playing and reflected light.
  • The bright bathroom is appropriate to place bright accents.For example, red rose petals, which look beautiful in the water or foam background.You can add candles or red strawberries, because red - the color of love and passion.
  • Absolutely no towels do not, but it is better not to take daily and fluffy and white.They can be put next to the bathroom, decorated with petals.
  • can be added to the bath various aromatic liquid or oil.But you can not overdo it, so that the smell was not sharp.
  • If planned evening with champagne, then it is better to put in a bucket of ice, or in the vicinity of the hot water, it quickly heats up.For champagne and appetizers better bring a separate little table.
  • Arrange candles.Some can even be run on the surface of the water, and the remaining nicely lay out along the rim bath.But it entails some disadvantages, because there is a risk that something hurt.It is better to put the candle on the floor or at some distance from the bath.
  • Sometimes you can add to water or sea salt to include some romantic song.

creative ideas and recipes baths

key to a pleasant evening in the privacy of the bathroom would be the implementation of some interesting ideas.

The chocolate bath for two
Bath for two in a romantic atmosphere
A romantic date in the bath
Floating candles
Romance in the bathroom
Romantic evening
Romantic atmosphere in the bathroom
Bath for two with rose petals

Listideas for sharing a bath is quite extensive, but can cause some creative ideas:

  • Chocolate bath. chocolate contains the hormone of joy, chocolate bath not only delight but also be useful to the skin.Cook it very simple, just 200 grams of cocoa powder without additives dilute a liter of hot water, stir until dissolved and add the cocoa mixture into the bath.This is an interesting procedure perfectly complemented by champagne and strawberries dipped in chocolate.
  • Floating hearts. Cut out cardboard bilateral small hearts.They can write some kind words and recognition.Cardboard hearts need to laminate, for example, in a printing house.You can put a piece of hearts on the water surface, and the part attached to the wall or mirror.
  • Voyage. to create the illusion of sea water into the tub, add sea salt, coloring the water in a bluish color.Put some relaxing music with the sounds of the sea, spread out around the tub shell and pearl in the artistic mess around a little sprinkle of sea salt and put it next to a fluffy blue bath towel.To recreate the maritime odyssey write on paper, a declaration of love and put it into the bottle, which will float in the tub.
  • Massage with relaxing oils. Prepare a foam bath, aromatic oils and scented candles.Odor should not be in discord with each other.To create a passionate and sensual environment, choose lavender flavor.You can complete the picture with rose petals floating in water.Oils will have a relaxing effect and will have a beneficial effect on the skin.