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August 12, 2017 18:06

German baths : the pros .Kaldewei, Villeroy & amp;Boch.Steel , acrylic , cast iron

Baths made ​​in Germany
  • Advantages
  • best brands
    • Duravit
    • Kaldewei
    • Knief
    • Villeroy & amp;Boch
  • Materials
  • Technical equipment

Plumbing equipment made in Germany has long been one of the leading positions on the world market.The distinctive qualities of the German plumbing is reliability, durability, comfort and creativity.The German model baths astonishingly varied.You can select a luxurious bath with a wide range of additional functions, or stay at the fashionable minimalist variantah.Imenno German baths boast a high level of quality, because the Germans are characterized by thoroughness, attention to detail and hard work.

German baths


Like most of the goods produced in Germany, the baths have many advantages.

consider the main advantages of:

  • high quality and original design of bathrooms.
  • huge range of high quality materials.
  • Orientation articles on comfort.
  • variety of forms.
Hexagonal acrylic bathtub
Bath with backlight
The original design

German manufacturers of sanitary ware are always trying to improve their products, to m

ake them comfortable and stylish. It was in Germany for the first time for the manufacture of baths used Kwara - a composite material of high strength and excellent performance.It was the Germans first used the soil release agent and a special glaze for reliable preservation of the outer coating products for many years.

Black bath

In Germany, in the manufacture of baths always adhere to old traditions, so all products are characterized by a perfect design and a variety of decorative solutions. Germans always follow the fashion, so it is their patterns are popular and relevant.Following the latest fashion trends, a large number of collections of sanitary ware is made in a minimalist style to date.When making a widely used black, purple, yellow, red colors and their shades, combined with gold or silver trim.All this magnificence can be supplemented with color highlights.

Quaryl bath
Luxury bath
Baths with hydromassage

The production uses only durable, reliable and environmentally friendly materials. Therefore, they opt for acrylic, steel and iron, which have long established themselves only on the positive side.The owners of German baths can not worry about the performance properties.

Loft - style in the bathroom

German Masters create works of art, constantly upgrading and adding to the already known models of baths. Therefore, in addition to the reliability and durability of its products have a stylish and fashionable design.For example, cast iron baths are ideal for the interior in retrostile or in the classical style.Due to the plasticity of acrylic baths German manufacturers annually introduce new extraordinary and bizarre forms.Many of them can become art objects around which you can create a bathroom in a futuristic style, art deco or loft.

German tourists
Bath irregular shape
The original design

All the German manufacturers are willing to achieve the main goal in the manufacture of baths - to create maximum comfort for the person at the time of the adoption of water treatments. All models are carefully covered with special protective layers that ensure protection against various microorganisms.Each bath has a huge number of functions, so you can easily find interesting additional features, to create comfortable conditions.

Different armrests, handles, bolsters, head restraints - all of this is already provided for the convenience of consumers.Fans of hydro and air massage will not be difficult to pick up the bath with extra features, because the range is very large.

Bath with illumination and hydromassage

There is a huge range of models of baths, which have different forms: as a standard or extraordinary.Baths made in Germany may be the most original: round, square, oval and triangular.Also for the small bathroom the best solution is to choose a corner bath, which can be symmetrical or asymmetrical, pentagonal or hexagonal, oval.

Oval steel baths
Corner bath
asymmetric baths

When choosing the form of a bath you must start from the interior.For example, to classics excellent option would be oval or rectangular pattern, and for the implementation of bold solutions in the interior, you should pay attention to the asymmetric options.

The rectangular hot tub

best brands

All the German manufacturers of sanitary equipment using technical development trends.Many models are equipped with comfortable and convenient head, original handles and very sturdy frame.


Plumbing equipment made in Germany under the name Duravit 15 years to please its customers original design solutions, and only the highest quality.The company produces a wide range of sanitary equipment: baths, bidets, sinks, toilets, and even furniture products, as well as additional plumbing accessories.

Bath for two

peculiarity is brand new and unique coating WonderGliss, which helps keep long snow-white purity of the products.The owner of such a bath can be called lucky.

corner bath
Bath Acrylic Freestanding
Hydromassage bath


German brand Kaldewei specializes in the manufacture of environmentally friendly bath of cast iron and acrylic, with hydromassage and without it, shower trays andcomponents for sanitary products.The company provides all products in a stylish and modern design.

Kaldewei baths are guaranteed for more than 30 years, indicating that the highest quality products.Pleasantly pleased pricing policy of the company, because the availability of products also plays an important role in the selection.

Kaldewei oval

The company uses only the highest quality materials in the production, and also boasts a personal department treatment of enamel and enamel products.

All Kaldewei baths are manufactured using a unique technology that has no analogues in the world.With the firing process layers of steel and enamel form a very strong bond, so all baths are characterized by particular strength.

Acrylic rectangular
Freestanding tub
Bath backlit Kaldewei
Acrylic tub
Rectangular bathtub Kaldewei
Oval bathtub


For 36 years, the company Knief pleases its customers only high-qualityplumbing fixtures.It is engaged in the production of bathtubs, glass, earthenware and porcelain sanitary ware.Baths from the brand produced on advanced equipment of acrylic, artificial and natural stone.Of particular note is acrylic with antibacterial coating.

Bath Knief Aqua Plus

for the production of natural stone baths Knief company uses its own quarries.Source raw materials refer to the Jurassic period, respectively, the buyer can be completely sure of the environmental characteristics of the finished product.

company thinks primarily about customer convenience, so offers an innovative range of Aqua Spa with a healing effect.Lucite acrylic, own production, has Ultra-textured, anti-bacterial properties, resistant to UV rays and various damage, good insulation.All baths are made in accordance with the quality certificates.

Bath from the brand Knief
Beautiful German Tub from Knief
Glass bath

Knief offers many unique bath models that belong to the classical style.For example, Princess tub has a rough texture aluminum and refers to modernity.

Bath Knief Princess
Bath Princess

By modern version refers Loft II and Loft III, which is located on the massive wooden legs.

Model clawfoot brass or chrome titled Victorian is the personification of the Victorian era.

German bath Victorian on Knief

unique combination bath and shower is Duo model with a cover glass.

Knief Duo German bath

Villeroy & amp;Boch

German manufacturer Villeroy & amp;Boch is a leader in the plumbing market, as has extensive experience.The company is engaged in manufacture of furniture and plumbing is already 260 years old.This brand is loved and appreciated in more than 125 countries.The company Villeroy & amp;Boch perfectly combines quality and elegance.

factory Villeroy & amp;Boch produces LED lighting Light Tile, touch-sensitive controls for the technical equipment, AquaReduct system to save water and use a special tiling CeramicPlus for easy cleaning.

Rectangular Illuminated
Round corner
Rectangular bathtub

luxurious and elegant sanitary presented baths, dushkabinkami, saunas and swimming pools, as well as a huge assortment of furniture products for the bathroom space.Villeroy & amp;Boch is constantly improving products and launching new collection original design solutions.For example, a collection of PureStone perfectly imitates natural stone, and all the furniture is presented in the style of the country.Collection Editional refers to the minimalist direction, successfully connected rectangular and oval shapes of products.To create the twentieth century, luxury remarkably suitable Hommage collection.

Quaryl bath Villeroy & amp;Boch

For lovers of exclusive interior the best option would be a collection of the Aveo, because all sanitary equipment is made of a new unique and high-quality material Quaril.

Oval bathtub
Black bath of Kwara
Quaryl Hot Tub
Maroon standing bath
Oval freestanding bath
Bath New Wave


When buying bath customers always pay attention to the dimensions, the shape of the product and additional features, yet it is crucial to the manufacture of the material.

leading position in the manufacture of baths of German steel covers. Everyone knows the shortcomings of this material, such as flexible walls, high efficiency heat, loud noise when filling the bath, but now everything has changed completely.German craftsmen were able to eliminate all the disadvantages, so it is steel baths are appreciated throughout the world.They are characterized by a variety of forms, excellent coverage and easy installation.

Steel bath

steel sheet thickness is only 3 mm, which guarantees the reliability and the absence of deflection.Rubberized pads eliminate noise when dialing water, enamel always shines and does not yellow.Steel bathtubs made in Germany have a high performance, because they do not react with acids or scratch, are heat-resistant and durable.

Acrylic bathtubs made in Germany surprising variety of shapes and colors solutions.The thickness of the walls of the bath is generally from 4 to 6 millimeters, so it is easy to create even the most bizarre form of articles.First, acrylic is heated to high temperatures, making the necessary form, cooled and reinforced.As a result, the design is famous for increased durability.

Acrylic bath Wellness

special place in the production of cast iron tubs occupies, in fact he is a beloved classic. Large weight of the product acts as a guarantor of stability and security.Material retains heat well.These properties German designers have added the original shape and color, and get a luxury product that will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Bath with artificial stone backlighting

If you do not have enough funds to purchase a bath of natural stone, then can look at the models of artificial stone or Corian .This material perfectly conveys the texture of marble, granite or quartz.It is characterized by durability, resistant to mechanical or chemical attack, easily takes on the desired shape.Therefore, Corian also widely used in the manufacture of German baths.

Bath Corian

Technical equipment

Bath German manufacturing has many additional features:

  • Whirlpool - the water is saturated with air, which falls into the bath with the side nozzles.
  • Aeromasazh - made supply of air bubbles from the bottom of the product.
  • Turbomassage - the perfect combination of hydro and air massage.
  • Chromotherapy - allows you to relax and unwind thanks to the original lighting, which can change colors and positively affects the human nervous system.
Bath with hydromassage and air massage
Bath with hydromassage and chromotherapy

It was in Germany for the first time made a hot tub.All further developments have taken it from the Germans, because they are innovators and professionals in this sfere.Mirovym manufacturer of baths with hydromassage is the Hoesch German company, which manufactures various hydro installation for shower and bath in the wellness treatments.All buyers Hoesch products are able to adjust the modes of the soul, the number dyuzov for massage, as well as the use of steam-shower complex.The walls and seats the whirl system made of high-tech materials, so they are not heated to high temperatures.

air massage function is created for large baths, because they can feel the charm of the procedure. Air massage helps to relax the muscles of the body and improve your health.The ideal water temperature at the time of the adoption of air massage is considered to be 35 degrees.

Turbomassage combines the effects of water and air. This function can only be in the hot tub jacuzzi, shower because not adapted to the implementation of this type of massage.