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August 12, 2017 18:06

Russian baths : acrylic , cast iron , steel .Baths made ​​in Russia

Russian bath
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  • brands
    • 1Marka
    • Bas
    • Akrilan
    • Aquanet
    • Aquatek
    • Radomir
    • Kirov Plant
    • Triton
  • details about materials and sizes
  • Possibility of additional technical equipment
  • Joint ventures
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in recent years, Russia is one of the leading manufacturers of sanitary ware.In addition, our designers were able to show their foreign competitors that are able to implement their own creative ideas and have a refined sense of style.Our design projects at various exhibitions of international level win prizes and highly valued the world's leading manufacturers of sanitary ware.Russian baths are now able to compete with the world's leading brands baths.

Moreover, bath domestic manufacturers are cheaper because their price does not include shipping costs and customs duties.Let's take a closer look at that, what are the advantages of Russian bath in comparison with foreign analogues.

Bath with hydromassage Colorado
Oval bathtub Russian production
Classic bath from Doctor Jet


production, well-established in our country, responsibly organized,

so there is no doubt that the production of the Russian company's reliabilityand durable. Do not forget that domestic technology is not standing still, however Russian bath made production technology, not inferior to the world leaders, and fully comply with all quality standards.

Bath of cast marble of Russian production

Domestic plumbing is resistant to mechanical stress and is not afraid to temperature changes and is fully adapted to the needs of domestic consumers. Therefore, you can forget about the established cliches that Russian tanks can not compete with foreign competitors.Manufacturers are actively cooperating with European partners, sharing technology and expertise.And Russian baths quality standards long ago reached the European level.Domestic products can be purchased at a really low price, and the range at the same time not losing foreign products.

Mini Pool Radomir
Bath Aesthete


Among the manufacturers of reliable and durable cast iron bathtubs have certain leaders - it Novokuznetsk plant "Universal" and the Kirov factory, representing a wide range of products.

constantly develop and expand production of Russian acrylic bathtubs.With the increasing demand of the population begins to increase the number of manufacturers, and the competition between them is tightened.

among the leaders in the production of acrylic bathtubs - the company "1Marka", "of Bas", "Triton", "Radomir" and others.Brands provide high quality products, and the design and form of baths from these manufacturers can easily compete with the products of the companies with a worldwide reputation.Next

little more closely at some of the leading manufacturers.

Corner acrylic bathtub with hydromassage


If we talk about this manufacturer, here you can confidently say that only 100% acrylic is used in the manufacture of baths. Moreover, the thickness of the acrylic sheet -. 6.4 mm, which is fully consistent with international standards.

Dishonest vendors usually do The thin acrylic coating, in half a centimeter thick, and the layers are not the highest quality material on go.And, of course, it is almost impossible for any scratches or mechanical damage to restore the bath, and attractive appearance she seemed suddenly loses, because its surface becomes uneven.The products of this brand can be no doubt.

Bath Viola
Ibiza Bath with screen
Bath Love the brand 1Marka

«1Marka» is responsible for their quality and does not produce cheap baths.Among other things, the company thinks every detail, such as:

  • structural elements are covered with zinc;
  • there are additional fasteners, increasing the reliability of bath design;
  • depth complies with all standards and requirements of consumers about the convenience.

process operation of such baths brings pleasure.It is noteworthy that according to the customer the manufacturer may supplement the bath whirlpool systems, aromatherapy, lighting and so on. D.

addition to baths, under this brand are produced showers and other plumbing fixtures.«1Marka» uses in the production of bath materials supplied from Europe.In all plants the company operates modern multi-level control system.


Russian manufacturer is able to provide the acrylic bathtub for every budget.

best option for the middle class makes the company «Bas».But the quality is still governed by strict rules that meet the brand products in all respects.In addition, the company «Bas» appeared on the market in 2000 and in that time has won the love and trust of consumers.

are commercially available baths with whirlpool systems.The entire production process is based on the use of modern Italian equipment and a high-quality acrylic.Company «Bas» produces not only the bath, but also blind to them, which can be purchased in a set.

you Nicola
you Modena
you Imperial
you Capri
you Jamaica
you Vectra

used in the production not only acrylic and polymer plastic,consisting of a plurality of layers. He developed an Austrian company.

This plastic allows you to withstand heavy loads.Plus, this creates a kind of plastic resin layer of antimicrobial protection that will save the consumer from having to polish bath daily.The bottom is reinforced baths and designs have a reinforced frame with plugs.Well, the most important thing!Knowing the particular bathrooms in Russia, «Bas» has taken into account the fact that in many apartments large tubs simply do not fit, so was able to offer a compact size bath.

Advised to read: Bas bath.


Once the company appeared on the market, it immediately was able to win a leading position and the trust of customers.The company is constantly expanding its product range, increasing its production capacity.Basically, produced under this brand - shower enclosures and acrylic bathtubs.

Among the materials used in the manufacture of products used not only European, but also advanced domestic developments. company successfully adapts them for its own production, providing high quality products.This fact is confirmed ROSTEST Commission Awards «Akrilan» Golden quality certificate.And what of this conclusion?The company is constantly studying the market, take into account the changing taste preferences of consumers and manufactures products that comply with all possible quality requirements.And it is quite high rates.

Bath on the stand
Red tub
Bath brown


This manufacturer produces a line of baths, showers and other bathroom furniture.The company provides a wide scatter of sizes and prices, based on all categories of consumers.

«Aquanet» uses in the manufacture of furniture for bathroom moisture resistant MDF and particleboard materials from the Finnish manufacturer.Wherein the coating material comprises a layer of a special primer that promotes a smoother surface and a high level of protection against moisture.

Quality for «Aquanet» always paramount.That is why the painting is carried out in accordance with European standards.Used paint Italian production, while the equipment used in the painting, brought from France.

Bath from the band Aquanet


company is well proven in the Russian market since 2001.At this stage, «Aquatek» continues to actively develop.

main occupation - is the production of acrylic bathtubs, whirlpools and showers. company cherishes its specialists, so every employee, periodically held training courses, and accordingly, has a huge reserve of knowledge and experience.

Moreover, «Aquatek» fully complies with the production technology, using materials and equipment of European manufacturers.The quality control system has a layered structure that ensures the release of great products.

Of course, in the manufacturing process complies with all safety requirements.The company also has all the necessary certificates of conformity.«Aquatek» takes into account the interests of consumers, and tries to satisfy all the requirements of the baths.

Bath Taurus
Bath Borey
Bath Betta
Bath Dorado
Bath Lira
Bath Eclipse


company engaged in the production of acrylic and hot tubs, andas showers.For more than 15 years of work, "Radomir" successfully established in the market and is one of the quality of the samples, occupying a leading position for the production of hot tubs.

company has repeatedly awarded certificates and diplomas attesting to the indisputable quality.The manufacturer claims that their bath can be operated at least 20 years, and consumers can check it in practice.

«Radomir» introduces in its manufacturing process technology innovation and have been used for the time-tested and proven components.

Whirlpools this manufacturer differ quite a low level of noise and vibration.Moreover, the baths are equipped with legs, able to survive even on uneven floors.Of course, "Radomir" has fairly stringent requirements on the quality of their products, spending control at all stages of manufacture of baths, including the testing of the finished product.

Bath Titan
Bath Pasadena
Bath Helga

Kirov Plant

This brand is famous not only in Russia but also abroad. And all due to the high quality of their cast-iron bathtubs.

company's roots lie in the distant 1745.And although activity is slightly changed, but the basic principles have come down to our days.

In 2006, the Kirov factory made a complete replacement equipment by opting for German manufacturers of materials and components.All finished products have a perfectly smooth surface.

This is the Kirov plant specialists have created a technology on which started to produce enamel with silver ions, then patenting it. Due to this, the manufacturer has improved the hygiene requirements for the finished product.Kirov plant produces a sufficiently large number of models with different shapes, sizes and even accessories.

Spa Kirov factory


brand entered the market in 2002, directly aiming at the production using the most advanced technologies.Actually, that's why "Triton" does not stint on the latest equipment, due to which the finished product is the highest quality level.

used in manufacturing acrylic sheets from the best and reliable suppliers.At the same time from the beginning of its creation, and until the end of the bath are not one of the production cycle stage to the final product did not have a single flaw."Triton" is exclusive equipment for use on tubs reinforcing layer that releases the company from a number of others like her.

This ready-made products are sold at prices that are accessible to different categories of consumers, without orientation on specific segments of the population.

Asymmetric bathtub
corner bath
Mini Pool

details about materials and sizes

Russian producers to create baths often used steel, cast iron and acrylic.

  • Iron is good because it allows you to permanently retain heat and prevent corrosion.Of course, cast iron bathtubs are heavy, but they exclude the possibility of vibration and is easy enough to install.This iron is durable.The finished product can easily stand more than a quarter century.And with modern technical equipment it is possible to produce a bath of different shapes and sizes.
  • Acrylic bathtubs differ ruggedness and long life.They hold the heat well enough, pleasant to the touch.They can easily be polished in the home, and a variety of modern acrylic baths allows you to choose exactly what you want for your bathroom.Also plays a role that acrylic bathtubs are easy enough to install and does not require constant washing using special tools.However, acrylic resistant to scratches, which is a disadvantage.
  • baths made of steel, have a high level of hygiene and thus are heated instantly.This light weight allows you to install the bath without problems.Due to the greater plasticity of steel compared to cast iron manufacturers provide a wide range of steel baths.However, warm baths are not very well kept, and the sound of water is heard louder.
Cast-iron bath Novokuznetsk plant
Acrylic tub
Little Tub Phoenix

As for size, the manufacturers use the most common in Russia:

  • 150h70;
  • 170h70;
  • 170h75;
  • 170h80.

However, this is not limited to all.Bathtubs, both smaller and large dimensions.

Possibility of additional technical equipment

Most manufacturers provide the ability to install an optional whirlpool bath systems.Most often, this option is typical for acrylic baths.

This may be not only the spa, but also about aeromassazhnom equipment.As a rule, any manufacturer has additional equipment that is designed and built their own in a bath at the buyer's wish.


Joint ventures

Domestic manufacturers willing to share experience with foreign colleagues, so there are companies, which operate not only in Russia but also abroad.It is a joint production of the bathrooms.Alternatively, the leading European manufacturers of equipment working with our companies, who use their materials and technologies.

For example, for the production of «1Marka» Company baths hydromassage equipment is used a well-known Italian company.

also the Italian equipment for the production of bath uses a Russian company «DoctorJet».But the firm «Victoria», being one of the major Russian suppliers of sanitary ware, has its own production in China, and provides a large selection of equipment for bathrooms.


Among the manufacturers of acrylic baths one of the distinguished leaders of the company are:

  • «1Marka»,
  • «Bas»,
  • «Triton»,
  • «Radomir».

These manufacturers have long been successfully established in the market and are not going to take positions.Among the leaders in quality cast iron bathtubs clearly stands out Kirov factory that preserves the traditions of their quality for decades, as well as plant "Universal", located in Novokuznetsk.

Wooden tub
Bath Ekaterina
Bath Doctor Jet