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August 12, 2017 18:06

Hydro massage mat: the benefits , harm , the device

Hydro massage bath mat
  • Appearance
  • Function and
  • Benefits
  • Additional features
  • Benefits and harms
  • Operating Instructions

Probably not such a person, who has not dreamed of havinghouse hot tub.Unfortunately, not everyone can afford such a luxury.Its cost is quite high.But there is a budget and compact solution - a hydro-massage bath mat.The fact that this device is a and how it can be used, will be discussed in this article.

The bubbles of the whirlpool bath


Externally massaging mat is a rather interesting design.The size, color and shape of the mats may vary, but in most cases they have an elongated rectangular shape and size can fit in standard size conventional bath.The length of a standard hot tub mat is 1.2 meters and a width of about 40 cm.

View hot tub mat

Function and

It consists of a comfortable inflatable pillows, air hose and compressor control and the ability to select multiplemodes.Inflatable pillow or mattress as it would be more correct to call it, is made of durable, elastic and hypoallergenic rubber.This

device is not traumatic, because the bottom has a special non-slip coating, and suckers that firmly fix the mat to the bottom of the bath.

Set pad hydromassage

Compressor is a small plastic box with the power supply on 220-240 volts.conventional batteries used to power the remote control.The range of the remote control up to 7 meters.The compressor is connected directly to the wire by using a tube, whose length is generally greater than two meters.Despite the presence of a powerful engine, hydro-massage creates a minimum of noise, a smooth dimensional buzz that calming effect on hearing.

A compressor and a hose

You can always choose one of the modes of operation depending on the intensity of the massage: a lightweight, strong, or mode of variability, as well as customize the duration of the session taking a bath.To do this, Hydro equipped with built-in timer.On average, one session lasts 15-30 minutes.In some models, it provides for the duration of a session Hydro to 60 minutes, but it is a rarity, as few people willing to lie in the bubble bath of the whole hour. break in between sessions of the device must be at least 10 minutes.

Work mat for hydromassage


Despite the fact that the instrument was initially viewed as a cheaper alternative compared to the massive suite with built-in whirlpool, he has a number of advantages in comparison with them:

  • pad convenient and easy to use in the bathrooms absolutely any size;
  • you do not need to do repair or permutation in the bathroom;
  • due to the presence of suction cups can be placed where you will be most comfortable to use;
  • remote control with protection against ingress of moisture makes it possible not to switch modes from any position.You do not need to specifically reach for the switch panel to adjust the intensity of the bubble;
  • water in the bathroom is always warm thanks to the integrated water heating system, which maintains a constant temperature;
  • mat can be easily folded, roll up and take with you when you move or take a trip.However, we must remember that such whirlpool mats are suitable only for individual use, and they can not be used in swimming pools, saunas, etc.
Hydro massage mat in the bath
Suckers hot tub mat

Additional features

When buying look at the functions that perform the mat.Sometimes it is equipped with some nice options.

  • water heating function:

Depending on the model you hot tub mat in it the following additional functions can be provided. Since water during the whirlpool is in constant motion and it passes through the air, which is much lower temperature than the temperature of the water, then you have to constantly pour in the hot water bath to keep the effect of a Jacuzzi.With water heating function you can relax and enjoy the treatments, as the mat itself will automatically maintain the desired temperature.

  • Aromatherapy provided in some models of whirlpool mats.In their design special containers provided, in which you pour a small amount of aromatic oils and throughout the procedure get the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful scents.With some rugs in the gift is given a set of essential oils, and for some they have to buy separately.The use of oil has beneficial effects on the psyche and the respiratory system.But care should be taken in the event that you are prone to allergies.Before the procedure, conduct a small test - drip a little aromomasla on the elbow fold and wait to see if it will cause allergic reactions.If not - you can safely use this oil in the bath.
  • Ozone - through it on the human body is the therapeutic effect of the disinfectant.Ozone therapy has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and immune-stimulating effect.
  • Ozone therapy

    Benefits and harms

    to use hydromassage bath mat there are no age restrictions.They can enjoy both children and adults.However, there is a small list of contraindications for health reasons.

    hydromassage should be used with caution for people with:

    • severe mental disorders;
    • heart disease;
    • diseased liver;
    • diseased pancreas;
    • pregnant;
    • people with purulent and fungal diseases of the skin;
    • during the exacerbation of acute respiratory diseases.

    In all the above cases, the hot tub before you buy carpet, you need to consult with your doctor.

    Children in the bathroom with hydro-massage mat

    Moreover, for most people, hydro-massage mat carries a solid advantage.

    • It helps to relax after a hard day of work, rejuvenate and soothe the nerves. It is useful for people suffering from depression or residing in nervous tension.
    • mat will be useful to those who are watching their figure and wants to get rid of cellulite. Whirlpool help improve skin tone and elasticity, visibly pulling her and gently polishing the unnecessary dead cells.
    • hydromassage mats will be useful for people who have problems with blood vessels and joints. This massage improves circulation and promotes the normalization of cardiac activity.
    • Useful mat with hydromassage and athletes , as it perfectly helps to relieve tired muscles after long workouts.



    1. Place mat directly into the bath and press it firmly to the bottom of that sucker stuck.
    2. necessary to recruit the necessary amount of water.The water temperature should be slightly higher than the one to which you are accustomed to, but not too hot.
    3. When remote assistance is necessary to set the desired mode of operation, and only after that we can proceed directly to the procedure.
    Working massaging mat

    While taking a hot bath should not use any detergents.You just need to relax and feel the impact of millions of bubbles. Its use is primarily in the fact that it gives relaxation to the entire body. So no fuss and always switch between wanting to achieve maximum effect.Better to just relax.

    Relaxing in spa bath

    Those who want to use the hydromassage effect for weight loss and body shaping, we recommend that after bathing put on the problem areas of a special cream or oil with anti-cellulite effect.Since the skin is well mashed and heated, and the pores are open, the active substance of this cream quickly penetrate into and the effect of anti-cellulite treatments will quickly notice.

    Work hydromassage system