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August 12, 2017 18:06

Design a bathroom with bathtub: an angular , rectangular , round, oval bathtub

Bath interior
  • Planning
  • Types baths
    • Corner
    • Legged
    • With Jacuzzi
    • Rectangular
    • Round and oval
    • Black
    • Glass
    • Wooden
  • Custom Shapes

Thinking interior and bathroom design, the choice of a suitable bath always pay a lot of attention.Now manufacturers offer baths of different shapes, so you can not just take water treatments with maximum pleasure, but also the best use of space of the room.As a form of the bath affects the interior of the room and especially the room influence on the selection of the bath of some form.What you need to consider when designing a bathroom with tub design?


Before you decide on the size and shape of the bath, you need to think about bathroom design to the smallest detail.Draw a scaled floor plan, arrange furniture.When drawing the baths Think about the convenience of access to it and to other pieces of furniture.

Bath in the bathroom - a plan
Plan - a bathtub in the bathroom
Plan bathroom with a bath
Bathroom with corner bath
Bathroom with bath and shower
Bathroom with corner bath

Types baths


corner bath more often acquirewith the limited size of the room, as an alternativ

e to a sit bath.It takes up little space and has a respectable views. Capacity corner bath is large, so the water treatment omfortny more than sedentary models of rectangular bathtubs.

A bath in a small bathroom

Two sides of the bath lines (they are joined to form a right angle), and the third side is semi-circular, straight or unusual (eg, in the form of a shell or lobe). When a good solution would be asymmetrical bath when one of the straight sides shorter.Fit a corner bath in the interior is very simple, so it is like designers.This model fits perfectly into the bath finish any style.corner baths Components allows to arrange at home spa.It may include jetted tubs, lighting, and other options.

Bath rounded shape
Asymmetric bathtub
Corner bath with unusual shapes

corner baths are made from different materials.

most common acrylic, as they are light, represented by a large color range (easy to pick up in your interior) and just restored.To acrylic corner bath model lasts longer, do not buy the cheapest model.

Cast corner bath are more expensive and are characterized by a great weight. Also, they are not as varied as the products of acrylic, but better than the rest keep warm and have a very long life.

Cast iron corner bath

You can also purchase a steel corner bath, but be prepared for its noisy and filling enough rapid cooling water. P

poles of steel options are high strength and low price.

There are also options combined with a combination of multiple materials, so the angular model can be found for any interior.

Steel bath


When conceive bathroom executed in classic and retro style, often turn to option tubs on legs.Form the legs in the form of animal paws began to be used in the Victorian era, but it is popular now.Most

"legs" are used for decoration of furniture, and the bathroom just feet leave gracefully curved.But on sale, you can also find models with a "lion" legs.

Bath with lion paws

main advantage of such a bath - a beautiful appearance. It certainly becomes the main "highlight" of the room.Having bought himself such a bath, you can definitely boast of unusual interior.Another advantage - a roll-top bath easy to clean.

in the classic interior a bath often set in the middle of the room and complementary accessories gilded with curved forms.Ethnically, the interior tub on legs complement the mat made of straw and colorful curtain.choose a bath in the marble-style interior to the east.

Retro bathtub in a classic style
Retro bathtub in the Chinese style
Bath in the African style

have a bath on legs and disadvantages:

  • If the floor is slippery and smooth, the product is unstable.
  • This tub is more expensive than traditional models.
  • Its shape is not very diverse.Most of these baths are rounded, so the deployment can be difficult, and will take place this bath is greater than the angular or rectangular.
  • This bath is necessary to clean more frequently.

With Jacuzzi

If you have the financial possibility to buy a hot tub, it must be done.Previously, such a bath is found only in good hotels and fitness centers, Jacuzzi now increasingly buying for home use.

installing a bath house, you will appreciate all the advantages of hydromassage.The shape of these baths is diverse, so we can find a model for any room.

bath with jacuzzi are often put on a small pedestal.

Bathroom with Jacuzzi

If you decorate with wall near the bath tiles with plant pattern, you can create the impression of a small pond.To complete the effect, lay candles and flowers add flavor.

Note that this option is more suitable for a fairly spacious rooms.

Bathroom with Jacuzzi
Jacuzzi on nature background
Jacuzzi with candles

The oversized Jacuzzi tub can also be set, but the model of such baths are smaller. decorate the walls of small tiles (mosaic), add lighting, and accessories as pick up an antique mirror and marble shelf.This design will help make the bathroom a cozy and relaxing.

Jacuzzi in a small bathroom


This model is considered to be a universal version, it is highly popular.The bath in the shape of a rectangle most often set in urban apartments. It is ergonomic, convenient for swimming, it fits well with different types of layout.

rectangular bath option in the interior
Accommodation rectangular baths
Rectangular bathtub in the bathroom

traditional, rectangular baths are presented with steel or cast iron models, but now you can also buy glass, marble, ceramic, acrylic, and even wooden bath. most demanded baths of steel and acrylic.They are lightweight, affordable, easy to install.

Fit rectangular bathtubs enough variability, so the right model can be found in every room.

Standard-size rectangle are bath 150, 170 or 180 cm (length), 70, 80 or 85 cm (width) 45 cm (depth), 55 cm (height).Baths of up to 140 cm are considered to be shortened, and more than 190 cm - elongated.

rectangular marble bath

rectangular baths form at first sight is easy and can come as no surprise, but the range of the market will show that you are wrong. There are many models in which the angles are just a foundation or framework that makes it easy to install the product on a wall or in a niche. And here is the part in which the body remains in the bath, usually roundish.She can be bevelled edges, concave / convex side slopes.The original models bathing place can take the form of a trapezoid, or eight drops.

The design of rectangular bath can be:

  • equilateral (square);
  • versatile;
  • built (it is mounted in the podium or on the floor);
  • addl (installed in the wall);
  • freestanding.

Modern rectangular baths often include additional functional elements, such as anti-slip coating, lighting, seat, armrest / head restraint, handle stairs, massage and others.

Square bath
Glass rectangular bath
Bath with steps

rectangular bath color is not limited to white.You can buy a pink, blue, purple, green or other colors.

Built-in bath

also often added to bath design painting, glass inserts, mosaic, stainless steel panels, shelves made of wood, chrome and other elements. They transform a typical bathroom into a unique object with good functionality.

Acrylic rectangular bath
Hot tub with candles
Bath with mosaic
rectangular tub with backlight
Bath with shelves
Bath with panels

Round and oval

Round model is quite convenient to use anda sleek view.In such a bath is not only pleasant to rest.With the help of a bathroom design can dramatically transformed. often circular tub mounted in the floor, but these models can also be mounted to the wall. note only that round bath - an option for a spacious room.

Round bathtub
Built-in round bath
Freestanding round bathtub

No less attractive and oval tub.It is elegant, but it does not add unnecessary frills interior.The operation of such bath model is fairly safe and convenient.As round bath in the form of an oval is better suited for large bathrooms.It is installed in a room with an area greater than 3 m2.

Oval bathtub


Although the leaders in sales are still white bath, color and black have become more popular with each passing year.Products black give the interior originality and exclusivity. If you have planned design space in black and white, then black would be suitable for a bath.This plumbing help to create in the room luxury individual design.Besides, the bath at less visible black dried drops since its production process specially treated wall.

Black bath


to manufacture modern glass bath used two-layer glass, which give a special strength of the hardening.This bath is very aesthetically pleasing and reliable, it is not afraid of changes in temperature and shocks.In addition, it does not rust, is not covered by patina and scratches, it is long with careful care.Buyers attracted by its environmental friendliness, but the cost of the glass bath is quite high.

most popular options for transparent, although sales are also found colored patterns and decorated with painted products. Glass bath is usually placed in the center of the room, however, and can put aside, but not next to the wall.

Glass bath
Glass bath with a list
Glass in the interior bath


lovers of naturalness and sustainability can indulge in a wooden tub purchase.Most often it is made from exotic wood (zebrawood, wenge) or walnut. In most cases, she is not a bath made of wood, timber made only of its decoration, but there are brands that offer a fully wooden model (in this case ready for the rather big price). If you decide to install a bath made of wood, in the decoration of the room, follow minimalism.Let the focus be in the room was on the bath.

Wooden tub

Custom Shapes

For those who love all the unusual, to find a suitable model of the bath too easy, because many manufacturers produce asymmetrical models and bath with complex shapes. The availability of non-standard bath allows you to find a good solution for any plan, even if initially only wanted a place to shower.In addition, the unusual shape of the bath allows you to animate the interior, adding his originality and dynamism.

Bath irregular shape
Bath slipper
Bath Tetsuya
Polygonal bath
Unusual bathroom
Bath unusual shape

often unusual for a bath form complement a host of convenient parts - stairs,armrests, seat and others.Most special tubs made of acrylic, a little less common steel and cast iron model.

One type of non-standard tubs are polygonal. These products are bought rarely, because there are many and require sufficient space in the room.On polygonal bath solved only those who can boast a very spacious bathroom.