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August 12, 2017 18:06

Italian bath : features selection and leading brands baths Italy

Italian bath
  • Choice
  • brands
    • Albatros
    • Teuco Guzzini
    • Jacuzzi
    • Antonio Lupi
    • Castalia
    • BelBagno
    • Gruppo Treesse
  • Dimensions
  • Form
  • Bathsand mini-pools
  • features of modern models
  • from budget to luxury models
  • little history


granted, on how well we will be chosen bath, so comfortable we ourselves in it feel.By the choice should be taken seriously, so you do not experience the frustration of its acquisition.Manufacturers offer a great variety of shapes and materials making up the bath.Everyone can pick out whatever his soul, but can often be "lost" in this variety.

Italian bath

What should I look for when choosing a bath Italy:

  • manufacturing material.This can be iron bath, acrylic, steel, wood, marble and glass.Therefore, for himself need to clearly define what you want to see in his bathroom.When choosing, be sure to consider the properties of the material, its thermal conductivity. about how to choose a bathtub, you can read our other article.
  • shapes and sizes. may also want to consult with the shop assistant.It is exactly the description give you liked the product or advise something.

Still stick to the golden mean: consider the opinion of the expert and their needs. And now a little more for each of the selection criteria.

Italian bath with backlight
Modern bathroom made ​​in Italy style of old
Bath Italy


on the market a lot of Italian baths brands worthy of attention.

dwell on the major brands:

  • Albatros;
  • Teuco;
  • Jacuzzi;
  • Antonio Lupi;
  • Castalia;
  • BelBagno;
  • Gruppo Treesse.
Beautiful Italian bath


This brand is among the three leading Italian manufacturers of hydromassage acrylic baths, SPA-pools, showers and counters.

history of the brand began in 1982.Today the brand is part of a major European holding Gertina Holding Group.

basic concept of brand - the maximum relaxation and positive emotions, which gives us water.

Bath Albatros

brand line has about 700 models.

company has developed an innovative material - WhiVe (White Velvet) .It is hypoallergenic, perfectly clean, has a high resistance to abrasive materials, UV and highly resistant colors.The company offers models of baths for all tastes: from standard to design.

Any model can be equipped with bath:

  • hydromassage systems (Whirlpool);
  • aeromassage (Airpool);
  • ionization;
  • system drain and overflow;
  • self-cleaning;
  • backlight.

Dimensions jacuzzi were considered by us in another article.

Bath from the brand Albatros
Asymmetric bathtub by Albatros brand
Bath Albatros

self-cleaning system (Clean Professional System) allows you to thoroughly clean the bath and disinfects the water and descend.

Automated system drain and overflow (Aqua Sense) prevent the bath overflow and automatically gain or drained water.

Bath Albatros will be a real decoration of any bathroom.The pricing policy of the company loyal and focused on maximum orientation to the needs and wishes of clients.

special love buyers enjoy spa pools.

Spa Pool Albatross

Teuco Guzzini

History brand Teuco Guzzini started in the seventies of the last century.During its activity the company is constantly engaged in research in the field of materials science, improvements in technology and the introduction of innovations into production.

Baths of this brand are different variety of shapes, high quality and maximum comfort.

's patented acrylic material Duralight has high strength, excellent appearance and gives excellent tactile feedback to the user of the product.

Hot tub decorated with wenge wood

Features baths Teuco Guzzini:

  • invisible hydromassage jets (Hydroline), which are embedded in the hole and do not protrude above the surface of the bath.This is a special pride of the company;
  • Hydrosilence system ensures maximum comfort when using a hot tub, ensuring low noise level;
  • system of ultrasonic massage Hydrosonic.This type of massage provides uniform subcutaneous massaging effect, which provides a good lymphatic drainage, eliminates cellulite and helps to reduce muscle tone after exercise.

products from Teuco Guzzini - that's the beauty, comfort and safety.

Invisible jets bath Teuco Guzzini

Exclusive models of baths can be decorated with precious woods, but even the simplest model comprises about thirty color variants.In addition, all models are supported baths other sanitary ware and furniture from the same collection.

for the design collections of sanitary ware company has attracted the most famous Italian and international design studios and bureaus:

  • studio art design «Talocci»,
  • architectural studio «Luca Scacchetti»,
  • company «Angeletti-Ruzza» and«RonAradStudio»,
  • studio «Matteo Nunziati» and the company «Wilmotte & amp;Associes S.A. »,
  • designer of world renown - Massimo Iosa Gini.
Bath from the brand Teuco
Corner bath Teuco
Hot tub Teuco


It is a leading worldwide leader in the manufacture of baths with whirlpool, spa pool and Wellness other constructions for bathrooms.

Beautiful Jacuzzi Tub

The company has more than a century, is the developer of the first whirlpool system for baths and baths date from this brand are sales leaders throughout the world.The world's leading hotels and spas Jacuzzi use of products to equip the bathrooms and relaxation areas.Leading research centers from different countries conducting research for this company, so brand Jacuzzi tub equipped with the latest technical developments.

Jacuzzi Bath
Beautiful Jacuzzi Tub
Jacuzzi - bath in room

The company has more than three hundred patents for inventions in the field of technologies and materials.

From the basic technologies used in mass production by baths and swimming pools, it is possible to note:

  • hydraulic system to prevent blockages;
  • innovative bathroom Aquasystem management system;
  • hydro-shih-tsu and;
  • engines whirlpool systems, which is considered to be the unsurpassed quality.

variety of shapes, advanced technical equipment, constant pursuit of excellence and quality, flexible pricing policy - are the main advantages of brand Jacuzzi.

Jacuzzi Hot Tub

Antonio Lupi

Italian brand Antonio Lupi - a symbiosis of excellent design, brevity and natural materials.Of the dozen products offered to you, you always learn a bath of Antonio Lupi.The most creative form, ergonomics, combining minimalism and subtle taste, highest quality make bath from Antonio Lupi - a true work of art.

Bath Antonio Lupi

Plumbing this brand - it is the spirit and tradition of Italy, embodied in a wide variety of materials.As you know, Antonio Lupi baths will not just plumbing, but a real art object in the bathroom.the creation of integrated solutions is a basic principle of the brand.

collections of sanitary ware, furniture and bathroom accessories will help you create the interior of your dreams.In recent years, many collections are created in the symbiosis of Italian design and Japanese trends.

Plumbing Antonio Lupi
Plumbing backlit Antonio Lupi
Original sanitary Antonio Lupi

company attracts to cooperation of designers from around the world: Frederico Sandri, Domenico de Palo, Carlo Colombo, Oscar Buratti and many others.Given that at the beginning of its activity the company was engaged in production of glass products, glass, bathtubs and sinks of the brand - it's true masterpieces.

Bath with backlight
Bath by Antonio Lupi
Bath with natural stone


One of the most traditional Italian brands.The company specializes in the production of steel and cast iron baths.

A cast iron bath with whirlpool on the brand Castalia

For 150 years the company produces cast iron bathtubs excellent quality.

distinctive feature of the brand is used in the production of high quality cast iron and titanium coating.

These baths are not different forms of refinement, but you can be assured of quality, reliability and durability of the product.

Almost all models bathtubs made of cast iron, have a seven-layer enamel coating and anti-slip surface also offers high-quality bath accessories: handle, head and legs.Baths from the brand Castalia - a high quality and functionality at a reasonable price.


One of the most famous Italian brands for the production of sanitary ware and bathroom furniture - BelBagno.Products of this company are of high quality, exquisite shapes and reasonable price.

Cast-iron bath BelBagno

catalog tubs from the brand BelBagno presented models of cast iron and acrylic.For fans of retro BelBagno brand style - a real find.The company produces a large range of free-standing baths, executed in different styles: classic, retro, modern, and others.

Beauty baths, their accessories and sanitary ware collection fully meets the brand slogan: "Beautiful bathrooms - a beautiful life."

Bath BelBagno in classic style
Black bath BelBagno Nouveau
Pearl bath BelBagno

Gruppo Treesse

founder brand Gruppo Treesse is Franco Merenda.For almost forty years, the company specializes in the production of designer bath equipped with advanced technical equipment.

Whirlpool Gruppo Treesse

brand collaborates with leading designers in Italy and around the world: Mark Sadler, Paolo Pare, Patiritsio Batoni, Alessandro Lenard, Anika Elisabetta Lucera and others.

In manufacture not only standard materials: cast iron or acrylic, as well as unusual solutions - precious woods, expensive decoration, painting and even Swarovski stones.

Bath Calypso - Gruppo Treesse
Beautiful bath Gruppo Treesse
Bath Calypso by Gruppo Treesse

The brand catalogs you can find the bathrooms of various shapes and sizes, from the smallest to the pools.All products are brand combines great design, attention to detail and high quality.

Beautiful bath Gruppo Treesse

technology, patented, Mytherme System - does the quality of the water in the bathroom close in quality to the thermal waters.

Many models are equipped with hidden whirlpools hydromassage jets Ghost System.

Also great proven innovative system of automatic discharge, which allow water to drain in just fifteen minutes.

Brand Gruppo Treesse - it is always a special personal handwriting, which, through the interior of objects emphasizes the delicate taste and charisma of its owner.

Bath from Gruppo Treesse
Black bath with Swarovski stones
Bath for two by Gruppo Treesse - relaxation
Classic bath by Gruppo Treesse
Homemade Spa by Gruppo Treesse
Bath Gruppo Treesse
Bath from Gruppo Treesse
Gruppo Treesse - Bath
Beautiful bathtub from Gruppo Treesse


your bath size is in direct proportion to the square footage bathroom.Agree, if you have a bathroom rather small, the huge bath in it just does not fit, or after installation there will be room for other plumbing or furniture.Therefore it is possible to choose a bath of non-standard sizes or asymmetrical shape.

Do not forget about their physical characteristics: height, weight. This too is not unimportant.

Asymmetric bathtub by Antonio Lupi

Not a bad solution - this bath, which we take in reclining position.This position provides a minimum load on the spine, hence we get the maximum relaxation and comfort.

have any bath has a depth parameter.It is also certainly need to consider when choosing a bath.Deep soaking bathtub is inconvenient when you come out of it.On this basis, the optimum is the depth to 60 cm

Sitz bath mini Gen Y
Bath custom sizes made ​​in Italy
Мини-бассейн от итальянской компании "Джакузи"


As noted above, Italy offers us a rich selection of various forms.:rectangular, oval, round, with bevelled edges, combined with a walk-in shower equipped with massage jets, with lighting and many other functions.

They can be equipped with handles for comfort, a variety of devices in the form of ladders and armrests.

Bath can be designed for two or three people.In any case, do not pursue a number of options, or the presence of those features, it is likely that you will not be used. Get something that really deliver comfort, convenience and help you relax after a hard day's work.

Bath oval


consider the most popular materials of construction for the Italian bath:

  • iron;
  • acrylic;
  • steel.
Italian cast iron bathtub
Steel bathtubs from Italy
Acrylic bathtubs Italy


Bath iron strong and durable.

most its main advantage is that it keeps for a long time temperature poured water into it.On the basis of this quality, this bath is indispensable for those who like to lie down and soak in warm water.Cools the water will be a long time.Cast iron tubs are very stable.Therefore, we can safely stack a tile or tiles.No deformation during operation will not.

Cast iron bathtub beautiful
The original cast iron tub with mirrored mosaics
A cast iron bath with a list

With such obvious advantages and disadvantages observed. main - is the weight.Even with modern technology, this bath will weigh at least 120 kg.This is extremely inconvenient for installation and assembly.

If you do decide to purchase a bath of cast iron, carefully consider its coating of enamel.It should be smooth and have a uniform color scheme.The lack of a cast-iron structure in the fact that its shape is always standard and commonplace.You will not find a triangular or oval cast iron bath.

Cast iron red bath


If you want to have a bath at an unusual shape, choose acrylic.Especially because acrylic is now in the trend.

The most important thing you should look for when choosing a bath of acrylic - is the thickness of the acrylic sheet. best option of 5-6 mm, less is not allowed.Check the strength of acrylic bath can be just as we check the ripeness of a watermelon, that is, by tapping on it.The sound should be dull.Cost-quality acrylic bathtub should too expensive.

plus a bath in its thermal conductivity.The water poured into the bath to cool down to 1 °, after 30 minutes.Agree, is a good indicator.

Bath acrylic rather strong, and the surface is easy to clean and repair.