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August 12, 2017 18:06

Small baths : forms, materials , tips on choosing and installation of mini - baths

Mini bath Quaryl
  • Application
  • sizes and shapes
  • materials manufacturing and technical facilities
    • Cast
    • Steel
    • Acrylic
    • mixture of polymer and acrylic
  • Tips for Choosing
  • Seats
  • Mounting his hands

small bath - it's just a godsend for those who have a bathroom area is insufficient to establish a standard bath or larger sizes.Do not assume that its size will cause inconvenience in terms of use.It's all about a model that perfectly solve the issue of comfort and space requirements.This problem is at 100% solve the manufacturers that will satisfy all the most demanding customer.They offer these mini models that are not inferior and sometimes superior to standard-sized counterparts.

Little bath in the interior


To start to define terminology: a bath, the size of which can be attributed to the small parameter?There are no clear-cut size is not provided, but if you stick with the standard Dina 150-170 cm., A width of 70-75 cm., All that is less than this can be attributed to the mini-baths.

Once custom bath found it was very problematic.Now this problem has disappeared.You can buy ready-made or order a copy of its parameters.

Red mini bath

sizes and shapes

Corner mini bath - this is one of the most popular models. agree that if the bathroom area is so small that it is simply not enough space to install and a shower and a bath, the angular mini tub - the only option.Of course, the lying position for this type of bath is only available to the child. Manufacturers offer mini-tubs of various shapes: triangular, oval, rectangular, with rounded corners, etc.There bath even the most unusual shapes that are already special design development and are designed for a specific interior.

Corner small bath

baths form plays an important role in the interior of the bathroom.It is possible to select a narrow bath, but long.Then feeling of bathing in a tub is not substantially different from the process in a bath of standard sizes.And take a bath this will be much less space.Thus, you can save the already limited space.Or you use it for the benefit of the installation, for example, shelves or foam for small items and toiletries.Many mini-bath manufacturers developed with the expectation of comfort, so that they could at least be in a position reclining.And if it is a mini sit-down tub, it just needs to be comfortable.

Sitting mini bath

Mini bath in the shape of a bowl - not less attractive model.During operation, the owner makes sure not only in its economy of occupied space, and comfort.It is rather a deep, so a dip in the sea foam and relax - it's quite affordable pleasure that can deliver such a bath.Generally mini baths typically have an irregular shape.On this basis, they can be classified as asymmetrical, deep and chairs.Experts say that the most convenient is considered short and wide bath.Such parameters fully satisfy corner bath.

Deep small bath

materials manufacturing and technical facilities

One of the most important parameters, guided by that, you should choose a bath - a material of manufacture.From it depends on how much your mini tub is durable and of good quality.In the manufacture of baths using different materials.

Accordingly, the mini-baths are:

  • iron,
  • steel,
  • acrylic,
  • of a mixture of acrylic polymer.

consider their advantages and disadvantages.

Bath small iron
A small tub of wood
Mini bath of acrylic


This is - this is the same age as our first parents.One of the first materials used for the manufacture of baths - a cast iron.The material is strong and powerful.In the days of the so-called "stagnation" found on sale cast-iron bath of unusual shapes and sizes was an impossible task.

Now the manufacturer offers a bath of cast iron of all shapes and sizes and colors.

bath Advantages of this material:

  • not quickly cools,
  • installs easily and provides long,
  • problems with washing and cleaning does not cause.


  • very heavy,
  • expensive.
A cast iron bath - mini
Cast iron small bath
The small cast iron bathtub


steel - robust material, but it is difficult to handle in a production environment.To bath had the proper form, using a special enamel which is applied as an outer coating.Only steel tub will get a beautiful and pleasant appearance.

steel bath has one drawback: water cools down fairly quickly, which is not very comfortable with.

By weight it is certainly easier to three times higher than cast iron tub.Therefore, it is easy to install.Another plus - it is its cost.For little money you get practicality and durability, which is very important nowadays.


most popular material and those who manufacture and those who buy - acrylic.The designer creates a bath the most extraordinary shapes and sizes, as acrylic is easy to process.

Cons acrylic bathtubs:

  • high cost,
  • fragility.

Bath acrylic is very fragile, it can easily be "hurt" by some heavy object.

Despite this, she has a lot of advantages:

  • durability as wear-resistant material.
  • low weight, which is very convenient during installation and assembly.
  • retains heat well (much like cast iron)

So, filling a bathtub with water, you will long enjoy the warmth and comfort.Statistics says that 6 out of 10 buyers prefer a corner bath of acrylic.Especially it is suitable for any design.

Clear acrylic bathtub
Acrylic mini bathtub
Beautiful little bath of acrylic

mixture of acrylic polymer and

symbiosis of these two components provides a wide field for the realization of a wide variety of design solutions.The form of such baths may resemble a drop of fan lobe, and more.Interesting texture of natural stone is attractive and attracts buyers.But this is an expensive pleasure.

Add hydromassage When choosing a small bath.

When their installation requires a number of components, ranging from pump, nozzles and nozzle systems and ending with the compressor and the remote control (electronic or pneumatic), which regulates water flow.It is advisable to use cascading mixers.Then the water in the tub will gain much faster.

Sitting mini bath
Little Tub from a mixture of acrylic polymer and
Little bath with floor mixer

Tips for Choosing

When you choose a bath, pay attention to the following points:

  • bath size.If your apartment is the most common, say so typical, the bath, the size of 150 cm fits perfectly in any place of the room.
  • Inspect your future purchase to installation was not unpleasant surprises (scratches, chips, or any other defects);
  • sure to check the operation of the legs, which regulate the height of the bath;
  • Find out what material is made bath.This is very important because it affects the price, saving poured water temperature, practicality and installation.
  • Pay attention to safety, Have a bath handles and corrugated bottom.
Little bath in the Khrushchev


Bathtub seat - this is a very popular model these days. It is compact and versatile.It may be angled and normal shape.This bath is often the seat.

Dimensions sitz baths varied.Therefore, everyone can choose for themselves exactly what is suitable for his bathroom.Plus, these baths also in economical water consumption.

In the cities of our country a very large number of so-called "Khrushchev".For such small apartments sitz bath is the perfect solution.Form sitz baths can choose which only heart desires.

Manufacturers offer a wide selection.Choosing not forget the tips that we have shared with you above sections.

Mini Hot Tub

Mounting own hands

Set bath can call a specialist, but alone it is also quite realizable task.The first phase of work - this measurement corner baths.Using a tape measure.The angle of the wall, where it will be fitted with a bathtub, you need to put in order.Walls should be cleaned and aligned filler.It should adhere to the walls of the angle 90 °, since one of the corners of the mini-pools is also 90 °.These parameters must be observed.Use a square to build.

Set bath in two ways:

  • Prepare foundation and it has already put the bath on legs.
  • Fix the bathtub at the fasteners, and then on foot.

is followed exactly to put the bath, using a level.Lock length floor to the bottom of the bath.

Then lay the groundwork for future bath:

  1. to construct a pedestal of bricks.Its height should be slightly smaller measurements made above.In
  2. take cement as a binder.About twelve hours will be needed to dry osnova.Obyazatelno check whether our sewage flows.Troubleshoot problems, if any.
  3. bath If there are additional fasteners to the adjacent wall, then execute them holes.Without the gun can not do here.
  4. joint locations of walls and plumbing to prevent leaks need baseboard.
  5. pedestal of bricks can give an aesthetic appearance, decorate it with facing material.During the installation do not damage your bath.Be careful!
Installed in the interior of a small bathroom

And finally, some tips on arrangement of the interior with a mini bath.Do not use large objects in your bathroom.Cabinets and shelves on the walls of transparent purchase.This stylish and visually facilitates the interior.

doors, partitions, too, should be light and translucent.Do not place a huge and ornate sink.She will not look at the background of the mini-baths.Better something to strict forms.So do not despair if you have a private bathroom has a small size.Take our advice and turn it into a nice and cozy place.