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August 12, 2017 18:06

Screen for bath with his hands : MDF , gypsum board , plastic

Screen for bath with his hands
  • main functions
  • Materials
  • measurements to create a framework
  • Classification based on
    • Plastic
    • plasterboard
    • MDF
    • Because gypsum partition plates
  • Types on design features
  • design ideas

main screen function for the bathroom - aesthetic.Agree, if all the pipes, valves and taps will be seen, in this little something pleasant.For this and needed a bath screen.Skillfully selected and designed in conjunction with the overall interior design, he will make a pleasant moment in the overall look of your bathroom.Imagine that your screen mimics the seabed.What a pleasure to plunge into a bath!How can I make the screen under the bath with his hands?

Screen for bath decorated in a nautical theme

main functions

can buy a bath with a ready screen, however, is expensive.The screen is quite possible to make your own.The more that modern industry offers a rich palette of materials for its manufacture.The result is both cost savings and exclusivity, according to his own taste.

Ready screen for bath

Plus and that we can extend the functional

ity of your screen and turn it into a convenient place to put the most relevant items to us.Under the bathroom can accommodate all kinds of cabinets and shelves where to put detergent or other necessary items in the economy.Therefore, before proceeding with the production design, you need to decide to implement some functions will be designed your screen.

If communications conducted under the bath, which disturb the harmony in the room and need to be protected from mechanical damage, the placement of the shelves will not have to talk.In this case, the screen must cover the communication and to perform only an aesthetic function.

Designated storage under the bathroom
Alternative places of storage under the bathroom
Screen for bath with shelves


most initial stage of work is the manufacture of the frame under the bath.It can be made of wooden slats or metal sheets.Tree need to use water-resistant.Be sure to put on him a compound that fights fungus and mold.When measuring, use the building level.They are very easy to work when applied to the bath corner projections on the walls and floor.

The frame of metal profiles

measurements to create a framework

If the bath takes a corner of the room, it will work with its three exterior angles.

  1. puts an end projection of the corners on the floor and connect them to the marker.
  2. extends the line on the wall to be connected to the corners.
  3. Draw a line parallel to the already incised.The second line must be applied to the inside width of which is equal to the width of our facing material.
  4. PEEK rods cut the required size, frame components, which will then be attached drywall, plastic or an alternative.Made two equal length and width of the bar to the top of the bath, and exactly the same for the bottom of the frame.And then sliced ​​vertically connecting.
  5. Joining the mounting screws can be.We recommend that you drill holes smaller than the screws.In this case the split will occur wood products.The metal corners can be used as fasteners.
  6. Do not forget to attach the structure to the two adjoining walls of the tub.The lower part of the frame is attached to the floor.Bracing must be reliable.
The frame under the bath
Finishing drywall
The final version of the

If the structure is made of wood and the floor in the bathroom, too wooden, then this use different screws.If the concrete floor, you can not do without dowels.When the frame is ready, fill the bathtub with water, to see whether the design will precipitate.And only then you can start plating procedure.

Classification based on


require plastic panels for its manufacturing.Choosing colors is huge, so you can choose the color that fits perfectly into the interior of the bathroom.The frame for such a screen can be made of wood.But if you want the screen to be more functional, it should make it extensible.

In this case, the frame for the screen to be aluminum.If it is made of iron, it should be first coated with a primer and then painted, to prevent rusting.Plus should be sent to the free movement of plastic doors.


  1. doors are easy to do.It is necessary to measure the distance between the upper and lower guides - it is the height of the door, and making cuts from plastic suitable dimensions.To
  2. in service, our doors are not collapsed, it is recommended to glue them to the inside of the tape.
  3. panels are installed between the guide on the principle of tongue and groove.
  4. Attach the handle, which can be purchased at any store for the construction.
  5. sure to place the bath fittings and screen work through the sealant.You can use any plumbing, the excess of which can be removed by conventional cloth.This procedure will save your design from the formation of mold and mildew.
Plastic screen for bath
Plastic screen under the bath with sliding doors


Plasterboard is the most flexible material to use.The screen may be a frame made of wood or metal.Wooden frame should always be treated with antiseptic ground.Otherwise, do not avoid mold and rot.

When designing a framework is important to consider that will sheathe plasterboard still some material, so measurements do not need to forget about its thickness.

If you have set the tile lining, the second inner parallel line, we wrote about it above in the section about the modeling framework, it will be moved even deeper into 4-6 mm.

The guide screen for bath
Installing drywall
Bath screens of plasterboard for finishing

must use water-resistant drywall.The humidity level in the bath increased, so the usual swell and collapse.It is important to choose the right length of the screws in order not to damage the edge of the bath, when suddenly pierce drywall screw.Screws are placed at a distance of 15 cm from each other on the perimeter of the sheet.

Next drywall should be covered with primer and sheathing material, which is picked up for this before.This may be the most tiles of different colors and textures, plaster, film and moisture resistant wallpaper.


process plating MDF screen virtually identical to the plasterboard liner.

important point - is the availability of slots, perform a ventilation function.They can be made small:. 5-10 cm long, 2-3 cm To these holes did not spoil the external screen of the form, they cover with plastic decorative bars.MDF sheets should be processed on both sides of special repellent, then primed.After drying, the sheets can be attached to the frame.

The screen is made ​​of MDF under the bath

Because gypsum partition plates

screen of this type of material is very durable, but the bulk of the plate thickness (8 cm).Be sure to check the design of plumb.

places where it will be attached a screen walls and floor should be well cleaned and primed.As binders suitable: gypsum-based plaster or tile adhesive.This cam boards need to be moistened with water.The presence of grooves and ridges make the process simple.Only need to carefully monitor the correct placement.

for cutting slabs using a hacksaw on wood.Plates need additional decor, since by themselves they do not look attractive.To do this, fit a variety of decorative plaster, paint.Alternatively, you can use facing tiles.

Bath screens of gypsum partition plates

If you choose to use as a cladding material a tile, then it is possible to attach the liquid nails, putting point of glue on the back of the tile surface.Five points will be enough.Start lining process should be from the upper left corner.

Types on design features

Screens are very different in configuration.

  • If you are fully patched bottom of the bath, it is a dull screen.The disadvantage of this modification is that in the event of a leak, look under the bath and remove the flood will be difficult.And especially do the repair.We'll have to break your work of art.
  • One convenient constituent elements of the screen - a niche for feet.If a family has a small child, then this niche is just a godsend for Mom.You can use such a niche as a place to store laundry supplies.
  • Another type of construction - is a screen with doors.They can be sliding or hinged.Plus sliding doors is that they save space.If the bathroom dimensions allow, you can install and swing doors.
Wilderness bath screens
The screen with hinged doors under the bath
Bath screens with a niche for feet

When designing your screen under the bath, refer to its functionality.And, of course, it should not be some stand out a spot in the overall concept of the out of range and style of your bathroom.Everything must be harmonious.

The original version of the screen under the bath design

design ideas

In the manufacture of the screen you can give space to your imagination.

  • You can add a slide-out shelf on magnets.It is useful for storage of various details, which we use in the bathroom: combs, shampoos, bath foams and others.
  • Another element - a curtain.The most low-budget design element.It is suitable in the case, if your tub is non-standard forms, and hard screen can be done.With skillful selection of curtains in combination with additional decorative elements, you can create a rather cozy bathroom.Please note only that the curtains should be easily removable, so as textiles require washing.
  • mirror visually expand the space.It can also be used in the design of the screen.
  • Frosted glass - it's an interesting idea for the decoration.They are plain, frosted, colored, with patterns and different textures.Glass is quite strong, so it is safe to use, so feel free to choose and combine it with the interior of the bathroom.
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