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August 12, 2017 18:06

Fancy and custom bath famous designers

  • LAGUNA Pearl
  • Bath-boat
  • Calypso
  • Bath-shoe from SICIS
  • Infiniti
  • Sorgente
  • Tetsuya Nakamura
  • Kos
  • Marco Tallarida
  • Lenarda Alessandro
  • Bath-akvarium
  • LE COB
  • Stone Forest
  • Antonio Lupi
  • Gigi Rossi
  • Anika Elisabetta Luceri
  • Bath tulip
  • Bath-sculpture
  • Bath-hammock
  • Bath-bowl «Tub-E»

In today's design world there are professionals who can create out of the ordinary, well-known things real art.We propose to make a colorful journey into the world of unique baths, inspiring its design and versatility.

From tree

water and the tree in the merger have a special life-giving force, has beneficial effects on the nervous system, on the wound, the sensitive skin and colds. In addition, as a wooden tub is fine, nice and cozy looks in a country house or cottage!It is able to give a good mood and maintain the health of the entire family.However, in such a bath need special care, special detergents and meticulous care in order to avoid cracks.


There are people who

particularly appreciate all natural, natural.You when neither be seen a bath made of wood?Wooden bath LAGUNA Pearl mainly made of oak and walnut.These baths are valued for its healing properties.

Bath LAGUNA Pearl
Bath made ​​of wood
Wooden tub


How often, in the chaotic world of the city, we allow ourselves to rest in the tranquility of nature?Who of us at least once a year on a boat floats in contact with the beautiful? Designer Vicki Somers from the Netherlands inspired by such a simple and calming activity like boating, bath created in a similar manner. Practical and romantic, and perfectly suited to conventional bathrooms.Now, if you can not go to the country, when you want to, you can just go to my bathroom to get into the boat and swim as much as necessary and develop their imagination in the comfort and warmth.

Bath in a boat


Wooden deep soaking Calypso, practical, comfortable and create a feeling that you are on a quiet island in the ocean.Smooth shape and sleek design deliver aesthetic pleasure.

Bath Calypso


They are very beautiful and versatile, as suited to the interior of any style.About bathrooms Acrylic more in our other article.

Bath-shoe from SICIS

Sometimes inspiration can arise from the most unexpected situations and things.For example, a company known SICIS, creates a huge bath in the form of shoes.

Bath - slipper

exterior finish looks great in a glass kaleidoscope of different patterns.Such bath will not leave anyone indifferent, especially women, and everyone who loves glamorous style in fashion.

Bath Sicis
Bath slipper
Bath in the form of shoes

For those who have a large spacious bathroom, a shoe filled with hot water can conquer every lover of unusual, changing habits, solutions.You can develop your imagination is infinite in such a bath.

Bath - slipper

mixer, located on the heel shoes, allowing water to flow as if it is a small waterfall, falling from the mountain. So, if you want to dream, it is very easy, you can imagine yourself in a fantastic world in such a tufelke-bath.


Baths "Infinity" are designed to ensure that a person can feel the perfect comfort and truly relax after a day's work.Infinity can be called a bathroom 4D.

Bath Infiniti - the position of the body

Bath is equipped with special equipment, which can produce odors, adjust the water temperature, the selection of the desired music with hydromassage devices. bath design is so simple and elegant that it can be easy to forget about everything.

Bath Infinity body -Location
Bath Infiniti - Glowing design
Bath Infiniti - compartment for aromatherapy


Bath Sorgente resembles a small lake of hot springs, which is located directly in the floor. Bath equipped with an automatic water filter and backlight, which can be controlled by a remote device, as well as a sliding headrest.

Bath Sorgente

Tetsuya Nakamura

Japan!A country where all the new born with a particular taste and touch. designer Tetsuya Nakamura created a luxurious bath, which apparently arrived from outer anime cartoon. colorful little universe in the bathroom will not let the gray weekdays knock to your house.

Bath Tetsuya Nakamura


mystery of Kos bath creates a special lighting that makes the space mysterious.The rounded shape and depth arrangement causes a feeling of comfort.


Marco Tallarida

Unique bath by designer Marco Tallarida established along the contour of the human form is practical, elegant and changing habits of perception. Thanks to a wooden frame and smooth lines of the design becomes a special charm.Special headrest creates a convenience, and the original idea of ​​the form of the human body saves water consumption.This bath gained Bathroom Innovation Awards prize.

Bath Marco Tallarida

tempered glass

Baths glass, oddly enough very practical and durable and environmentally friendly.They give the impression of increasing the space and give the interior a lightness.

recommend that you read our article, which gives details about the glass bath.

Lenarda Alessandro

Bathrooms Fantastic transparent glass skin and "Milo" by designer Alessandro Lenard will not leave anyone indifferent lover of minimalism.Elegant, smooth corners, it expresses an ultramodern style and is suitable for urban homes. Bath is equipped with two internal seats and built-in cupboards. This suite can help relieve mental fatigue and stress its subtle sense of simplicity, transparency and elegance.


Bath Aquarium

For lovers of fish designers created a special bath with built-in aquarium.In such a bath, you can feel the unity with nature and learn to feel like a fish in water.

Aquarium bath


Lovers of relaxation and natural sounds can easily fall into the tub LE COB. Bath is arranged in such a way that it follows from water merges on stones - a pebble at the bottom. Its particular shape reminiscent of the situation in a hammock.Therefore, such a relaxing treatment in a carefree attitude, with the sounds of the water lapping on the stones make this bath is particularly attractive.


of stone and concrete

Stone Forest

company Stone Forest makes sinks and bathtubs made of natural stone, which creates a special mood, as if you are in the mountains, in the depths of nature.

Bath Stone

Basking in stone bath, you can feel the absolute unity with nature, get a real pleasure.Special urgency, it will look at the nature.

Stone bath outdoors

Antonio Lupi

Everyone knows that the Italians love the elegance, romance and comfort. If you like to relax in hot water with a good book, then you will appreciate the creation of designer Antonio Lupi - bath with built-in library. wooden shelves and the elegant slim style awakens the aesthetic sense and creates a feeling of comfort.Italian designer project found a simple name «Biblio».

Bath Library
Bath by Antonio Lupi
Bath from A.Lupi

Gigi Rossi

Designer Gigi Rossi creates tubs of concrete and wood.The shape resembles an inverted hat, which lies on a wooden box.Light colors are suitable for any color scheme, and especially embellish the bathroom in a minimalist style.

Bath Gigi Rossi

Cast iron baths are known for their durability and strength.Therefore, they are in demand in today's world.A cast iron bath for a long time keeps the temperature.Since cast iron is very difficult to process the material, the bath therefrom substantially rectangular in shape.

Anika Elisabetta Luceri

designer Anika Elisabetta Luceri to discover a new style of bathrooms.What would you feel like a king, take a look at a luxury white bath with rounded edges and a noble finish.There are woven into a coherent whole, classic rigor and contemporary charm, revealing the elegant, gorgeous new style of «New Classic».Bathroom by Anika Elisabetta Luceri take its rightful place and minimalist lovers, thanks to the creativity and simplicity.

Bath Anika Elisabetta Luceri
Designer bath
" Neve Classic"

Bath tulip

This kind of transformer that looks truly innovative and eltrasovremenno.

Creator Piotr Pyrtek was inspired by the beauty of the tulip disclosure and decided to make a bath, which will be similar to the flower.

Bath - tulip

Apart original appearance, it is extremely functional, as combines:

  • hot tub
  • cheap cab.

Bath in appearance very similar to the tulip.When the flower is open, it is a hot tub and glass walls, but when closed - shower.

Closed upright shower equipped with a glass sliding door that allows you to hit it easily.

Bath - tulip


It looks like a work of art.Streamlined shapes bring a sense of relaxation.Design like a gentle wave, envelops you and gives a feeling of bliss.

Bath , like a sculpture
Bath - sculpture


Brand Splinter Works has created a bath "Vessel" designed in a hammock.

Bath - hammock

with steel brackets it is attached to the walls, so that the floor contact does not occur.It is this accomplished like a real hammock.

Water drained into specially made for this hole in the floor.The length of the hammock-bath is 2.7 m. And can vary in the range of 20 cm.

Draining the water in the tub , hammock
Bath - side hammock
Outdoor water faucet in the bathtub set - hammock

Bath-bowl «Tub-E»

Bath «Tub-E» from the company Wild Terrain Designs looks amazing.Its design is similar to a kind of futuristic bowl entwined arches, simulating the stairs.In general, it looks very elegant and refined.LED bulbs effectively completes the unusual design.

Unusual bath bowl Tube

recommend that you read about the baths are very expensive - you learn a lot of interesting.