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August 12, 2017 18:06

Glass bath - the pros and cons , the producers and the prices of transparent baths made ​​of glass

Bath glass
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We have long been accustomed to the fact that very often used in living roomssuch a fragile material like glass.However, a bath made of glass, do not leave indifferent even the most demanding amateur exotics.These tubs look more than unusual, and not every person to decide to establish such a miracle in her bathroom.

Elegant glass bath

But for lovers of unusual things and luxurious interiors of the glass bath is the ideal option, both in terms of aesthetics as well as from a practical point of view.

Beautiful glass bath

In the manufacture of the glass bath is used a special two-layer glass high strength, so break a product is virtually impossible. surprising combination of sophisticated lightness and weightlessness and opportunities of design solutions combines the bath of glass.

Glass in the interior bath


glass bath, in spite of the visual fragility and extravagant look, has a number of advantages:

  • space savings.Some models have a fai
    rly large size, but visually perceived very light and weightless;
  • aesthetic appearance.Transparent bath fits perfectly in virtually any environment.Often, it is set in the center of the room, thus creating an unusual accent;
  • easy maintenance.It's easy to bring the bath in order, using a soft sponge and liquid detergent;
  • environmental friendliness and safety.Glass - very practical and environmentally friendly material, which does not accumulate germs and does not rust appears (with careful care, of course);
  • strength and durability.Due to its functional characteristics of the glass bath do not concede anything acrylic models;
  • due to their properties of glass bath for a long time retain the temperature of the water.
Transparent bath
Glass bath
Red glass bath

Such bath, of course, will be a great decoration for any interior and emphasize the exquisite taste and originality of thought.

Interior design bathroom


Bath glass
One of the luxury glass bath
Bath glass

Glass bath has some drawbacks:

  • Submit a bath can be both spaciousand in a small room.However, the limited space does not give the possibility to place a bath in the middle of the room and have to choose a model that is installed against a wall.
  • more complex care in comparison with cast iron, acrylic, marble baths can also be otneti the shortcomings.
  • And the price of the glass bath is quite high, so not everyone can afford such a luxury.Let's hope that with an increase in demand for such products within their cost will go down.


Lineup glass bath is very diverse. The most popular were and remain completely transparent model.

glass can be frosted or have some shade.It all depends on personal preference and the design concept.To date issued and are models that combine different materials.In addition to the glass in the bath design may include wood, marble and metal.

buy this delicacy, however, it is possible only in specialized stores or make to order.There are models glass baths, which have the bottom of steel or plastic.

Fully glass bath
Bath glass and wood
Bath made ​​of glass and plastic

There are also exclusive models glass bathrooms with hand-painted on the sides.

Bath with painted bumpers

However, in addition to bright appearance of the glass bath have a special design for the landing and head restraints to make an already pleasant bathing procedure even more sweet.

Glass bath Milo


Caring for sanitary ware made of glass just enough. Do not forget only that you can not use coarse abrasive cleaners or hard brushes.

Care for a glass bathroom

is recommended to use a soft sponge and liquid cleaning agents or special sprays.After cleaning bath detergents, can only be rinsed clean with warm water and wipe with a soft cloth.If you follow these peculiarities cleaning glass surfaces, it is possible for a long time to preserve the pristine transparency and attractiveness of the bathroom.

An example of a glass bath

baths with glass inserts

Not every potential buyer can boast of a large area of ​​the bathroom so that you can place a rather cumbersome element of the interior.That is why in apartments especially popular acrylic baths with glass inserts.

Acrylic bath with glass inserts

If you do decide to buy exactly this kind of a bath, you should very carefully consider the other components to create a holistic and spectacular interior, where glass bath will take its place.

Acrylic bath with glass

perfect complement of the interior will be additional pieces of furniture made of glass.Shells and hanging lockers, made using glass perfectly complement the interior and make it even more extraordinary and extravagant.

Create a harmonious design help of glass accessories: soap dishes, lamps, glasses for toiletries.Perfect in a classic interior fit mirror.

Bath made ​​of glass interior

Some manufacturers produce and glass bath and bathroom furniture in the same style.They combine perfectly and make the interior of your bathroom stylish and immaculate.Glass sink is the perfect complement to the chosen style.

Bath and sink a glass collection

Read, learn about the pros and cons and different designs: glass sink was in another article we discussed in detail.

Manufacturers and prices

models of glass or with glass inserts are represented in Russia, not only domestic companies but also European and Asian manufacturers. The choice of brands and models is truly impressive: Akvarodos, Albatros, Axor, Akvella, Burgbad, Duravit, Ideal Standard, Novellini, Frap, Jorger, Gemelli, Waterlounge, HST, Nautico, Lamxon, Lemen, Pharo, Villeroy & amp; Boch, Verona and other.

Model bath of glass

All manufacturers of glass furniture emphasize the convenience and comfort of bathing and positioning them as a place for relaxation.

Almost all bath models are accompanied by a huge number of accessories (for hydro equipment aeromassazhnoe equipment, special beds and built-in multimedia and audio systems).

Glass bath with sunbed

Generally speaking it is worth noting that the glass bath - this is, first of all, the element of aesthetics and style, and only then the sanitary product.This is the fundamental difference of the baths from all other models.

Invisible glass bath

cost of such products is quite high, especially if we are talking about exclusive models of leading fashion houses.

Prices usually range from 100 000 several million rubles.

However, acquiring a glass bath, you get a very strong and durable product that will justify their value in use repeatedly.