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August 12, 2017 18:06

Red bath and plumbing : the design , selection and form

Red bathroom interior
  • Red acrylic interior bathroom
  • Decorated mosaic bath
  • Bath backlit
  • Interesting design of the foreign producers
    • Albatros
    • Sicis
    • Sbordoni
    • Gruppo Treesse
    • Translucent bath fromAntonio Lupi
  • combination of red bath with tile

Modern bathroom interior requires changes not only the forms and materials of baths, toilets and showers, designers began to experiment with colors.Now the boring white bath transformed into spectacular red and black.

Design red bathroom was discussed in detail in our other article.Before buying a red bath be sure to read our article and thoughtful design to the smallest detail.

Red Acrylic bath in the interior

Red acrylic bathtub - a stylish, original and unusual design decision, which effectively eliminates the bathroom from routine and boredom, striking the imagination. To this aim, and manufacturers of baths, releasing them in a variety of forms and colors.

Red tub

Acrylic bathtubs red, of course, are the main decoration of bathrooms. Locate this original model can be in the center of the room, in a corner, or built into the floor. Basically it design development.But not necessarily all of them are exclusive, and there are inexpensive options.

As for the forms, the bathtubs are round or square, with dimensions approximate to the standard, but there are interesting options, such as the heart.

Red bath in the shape of a heart

also red tubs equipped with additional functions such as heating, hydro and even radio. can find a bowl with roll-out drawers, headrests and armrests.Some species can be used outdoors.

Red acrylic bathtub

Unusually the bathroom looks translucent plumbing device that is actively gaining popularity.Spectacularity such Kupel attached lights. only disadvantage is the greater complexity of connecting hydro.After visible through the transparent cup tubes.

The transparent red acrylic bathtub

Acrylic tub "clawfoot", covered with red paint on the outside, would look great in a classic interior room.And the interior of the room, decorated in oriental style, fit model with a mosaic dragon.

Bath Stone One Mosaic

Decorated mosaic bath

Acrylic bath looks impressive in large rooms, however, owners of small-sized bathrooms should not be upset.Pretty original, you can transform the old cast iron bath, decorate it, or red mosaic tiles.In principle, any suitable bath, and even a pallet from the shower stall.

Bath red decorated with mosaics

process is facing a very interesting and not expensive, besides the strength to do for everyone.

while doing so.From 5-7 mm thick plywood is the screen, which should close the space under the bath.Sketch drawn on paper and then transferred onto the screen.Paint on it is necessary to draw the desired pattern and then spread a mosaic of smalt pieces.

Red tiled mosaic bath

is also necessary to leave room at the top and bottom for mounting.

Next prepared inner surface of the bowl and painted with acrylic paint.It can leave white, and can be oblitsevat mosaics.The seams in this case must be well jammed, and the mosaic surface is flat and smooth.

mounted to the corners of the screen, bolted to the floor, and a bath board with screws.

Bath backlit

dyeing bath addition, you can create the illusion of light.

Who made bowls with autonomous backlight, enabling you to relax and get away while taking a bath, further emphasize and highlight it on the background of the rest of the plumbing.The spectacle in the bathroom creates an impressive but expensive.

Bath with backlight

A simpler and equally interesting and beautiful option - a selection bowl directional light beam. Thus, the bath area is allocated in a dark room.

Bath DOCTOR JET Incanto

water in the bathroom can be illuminated.You can use the shade of plain or colored glass, suspended over a cup or more lamps. blends in different colors light, will give the mystery and romance of the room.

Beautifully will look standing next to a floor lamp on a high stand.

Interesting design of the foreign producers

Color plumbing - the highlight of the bathroom.It gives the interior individuality and originality of what great service designers and factories-manufacturers.

Design and production can be time consuming.

on the creation of luxury "Diamond bath" instruct crystal Swarovski crystals in an amount of 45 000 Laurie Garner spent 3 years.

Diamond bath

in the same price category is «Red Diamond» bath, designed for the company's Water games Technologies designer Aldo Puglielli.Bowl decorated with the Swarovski rhinestones, is equipped with a stand for champagne, TV, massagers and lighting.

Bath «Red Diamond»


extraordinary looks bath Albatros Rossovivo. feeling as if she were lit from within.The company specializes in the production of equipment for hydro.

Bowl Albatros Rossovivo made of translucent berry-red acrylic, securely fixed to the Capital framework that allows swinging bright glare.Impressive looks like a bowl in the jacuzzi mode.A large number of air bubbles in addition to a relaxing effect, create a real spectacle of colors.

Among the advantages can be noted the excellent insulating properties of acrylic. Thus, the water for a long time, is still warm.It is also equipped with a bath of soft headrest tehnogelya.

Rossovyvo Albatross


in 2011 was produced by the Italian company elegant slipper tub, high-heeled, something reminiscent of the famous Barbie doll shoes.And the name Audrey , associated with always fashionable and stylish actress Audrey Hepburn.

The company itself was founded in 1987, is known for the manufacture of mosaic tesserae and glass.The secret of the original bright and shiny mosaic of different colors in the old technology.Used mosaic in private interiors and architectural projects.

Bath Sicis

Freestanding bowl made of cast iron, and its outer side is lined with glass mosaic Sicis .

original decor for the bathroom has become a model Bathtub , which is also lined with mosaics.This bath is so practical that it can be taken in the garden or living room.

Red Tub Bathtub Sicis


The company, which produces more than 90 years of sanitary facilities.

Sbordoni Italian factory of a century of existence was very interesting way. In 1939, she won the title of the official supplier of the Royal Court.And at the end of the war has become a leading manufacturer .In addition Sbordoni supplied plumbing fixtures for the famous Orient Express.

Currently Sbordoni produces sanitary ware for bathrooms with accompanying accessories.For example, acrylic bathtub from Balnea collection, made in classic style, originality and give it legs in the form of animal paws.

Bath Sbordoni

Gruppo Treesse

Range Factory presented various forms of baths, showers, mini-pools, equipped with the latest accessories and features.They are made mostly of acrylic and tempered glass.

example, acrylic red bowl with beautiful curved shapes Spider from the Home collection, which perfectly fit into any interior. security model, as covered in non-slip coating, also equipped with a headrest with a soft pillow and a variety of functions such as massage, air massage, chromotherapy lighting and radio.

Bath Spider

In the same collection presented tub Milo , made of tempered glass.This is a free-standing bowl simple form, but the original species.But the originality of it give red soft leather headrests and armrests. differs bath also drawers for storing small items, which are at the base of the bowl.

Bath Soap

Translucent bath by Antonio Lupi

Another leading factory for the production of bathroom furniture.So bath of translucent polyethylene red OiO bathtub combined the innovation and traditional style. uniqueness it lends built-in LED lights that effectively looks outdoors, and of course in the interior.

Bath Antonio Lupi

The retro style will look great freestanding bath Morphing factory KOS .

Bath Morphing KOS

produces red bath also in China and Russia. only Russian company to manufacture colored acrylic baths is Akrilan.

combination of red bath with tile

Well plumbing red looks white tiles.It can make a cheerful and good mood in the snow-white bathroom interior. can lay tiles with horizontal or vertical stripes of dark colors in the flesh to black.

Red bath in white interior

Wall tiles can be both black and brown and pink and other favorite colors.

Red bath in the brown interior

Accessories can be yellow.The main thing that the interior was not screaming.

Accessories red bath

Do not be afraid to experiment, let your bathroom will become a model of originality, eccentricity and luxury.