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August 12, 2017 18:06

Spa Bas: acrylic , hot tubs Bass

Bath Bas Imperial
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Remembering times two-trёh ten years ago, we can only sympathize with the owners of the standard and of the same type as a blueprint made of cast-iron bathtubs.Today, many companies and manufacturers from different countries offer a huge range of sanitary ware, various shapes and made of advanced materials.

leading Russian manufacturer of acrylic bathtubs on the market - is the company "Bas" (Bass), operating in the domestic market for many years.

Bath without whirlpool corner


If a person is not interested to change anything in his life, he may in the process of repair to the place of the old cast iron to put a new one, such as a cast-iron bath.However, if you get acquainted with a wide range of species and types of baths, manufactured by the company of Bas, you will certainly want to take the opportunity of choice.

course, installing a bath, you need to be careful about

how much money will actually devote to her purchase, which sees it ideally all family members.Maybe it will be a classic - rectangular, and perhaps it will be better to buy a corner bath, or indulge in an asymmetric form of sanitary products.

Asymmetric bathtub Capri

And of course, each buyer decides for himself whether to take advantage of the benefits of technological progress and to set hydromassage equipment in the bath, which is good for your health, relieve stress and nervous tension.Or perhaps do a simple bathroom, and maybe a shower.

Bas company produces at present 11 kinds of shower enclosures, rectangular 18, 8 and 8 asymmetric symmetric models of acrylic bathtubs.In addition, the company has a range of shower enclosures and trays, hot and aeromassazhnoe equipment, mixers.

Shower Carib


deposit high-quality products - a combination of strict adherence to manufacturing processes, advanced production equipment and quality materials. Bas Company produces baths on two different technologies.And in fact, in both cases applied reinforcement technology and uses high quality and environmentally friendly materials.

In production use two baths manufacturing technology:

  • acrylic base reinforced polyester resin and fiber glass.
  • As a frame, which imparts additional rigidity product uses a sophisticated two-component - High-strength polyurethane foam.

In both cases, the preform is heated by infrared radiation spectrum in order to impart the desired shape to the original sheet.The composition of the material is completely safe for environmental and chemical parameters.


Bas Acrylic bathtubs are good because they are long and faithfully.Guarantee companies in the Bas own bath is given for 10 years, plus a constant perpetual warranty.The manufacturer goes to meet his buyer, providing a large variety of types of products and in form and price, while ensuring that minimum prices.In the context of Russian reality it plays a significant role.

Bath Sagra

All baths have an ergonomic shape, specially designed for curves and features of the human body, which makes the process of taking a bath more comfortable and convenient - available almost every day a little holiday.A wonderful opportunity to embed massage equipment already installed in the bath, making the company's products Bas even more functional, attractive to customers and competitive.

Hydromassage equipment 8 nozzles Bas

Optional accessories to baths to help equip and "ottyuningovat" bath to the maximum, depending on your desires and capabilities.

where you can give free rein to their imagination and install faucets, whirlpool jets in different places baths, wherever you want, thus making an original and unique bath.All items and accessories, manufactured by the company are certified.

Pay attention to the new hydromassage equipment "Flat Brass" by company BAS. Decorative tips on the latest generation of nozzles are made of brass and covered with a layer of high-quality chrome.They are flat and do not protrude substantially above the bath surface, which makes the procedure of receiving the whirlpools more comfortable.

Threaded mixer Victoria bath Bas


Acrylic bathtubs

Acrylic - a modern composite material. Its conductive properties make an amazing opportunity to enjoy half an hour of the adoption of water treatments, the temperature of water typed during this time will remain almost unchanged.Compared with previous generations bath, current models have low weight and high strength.

The surface of acrylic baths is not slippery - it is an important advantage because security - one the most key points when choosing a product.Due to the introduction of the latest achievements of science and technology, it is possible a wide variety of forms of baths, ranging from classical to rectangular versions with multiple and complex curves, up to models suggesting the possibility of staying in the bath several swimmers.

Bath Bas Fantasy
Bath Maldives Bas on legs

Even noise that published earlier bath at typesetting water, mixed by almost zero, due to the special form of baths and noise insulation properties of the layer.Damage to the surface protective layer baths antibacterial coating - it is an additional plus to the product properties.Almost all models are equipped with bath feet for ease of installation.


benefits of the water treatment increases many times due to the massage, which can complement the process.

Water jet whirlpool jets and air flows aeromassage allow smooth adjustment by power lines and achieve the desired result: to get rid of cellulite, improve blood circulation, and thus the work of all organs of the human body.

Whirlpool, as well as regular massage may do no harm, if you strictly adhere to simple rules.Curative effects of water, plus massage can contribute to improve the overall condition of the body, normalize the lymphatic drainage, increase resistance to stress.The main feature of the company Bas baths is the opportunity to buy the product with a ready built-in hydromassage equipment or equip already bought a bath, additional multi-function hydromassage equipment.

Bathroom with hydromassage Bas
Chromotherapy baths Bas
Whirlpool bath in Bas


Of course, after the installation of the bath hardly anyone would not want to put the past in the extra touches to create a picture.It is these touches will cushion under his head, shelves, handles, hangers, faucets, blinds, including the stunning stained glass, comfortable removable legs, light button and other little things that are nice and functionally complement the bathtub.The form types, colors of a wide variety of accessories to suit every taste and wallet, but they are well made, in accordance with modern fashion trends and combines the style, color and texture to the bathroom.

Bath Indica from the company Bas


company produces baths to suit every budget.

At the moment, the most budget option is a rectangular acrylic bathtub Bass Cameron size 120h70 cm. Its price, as a rule, is about 10 thousand. Rub.

With additional features of hydromassage and air massage increases its price significantly.

Acrylic bath Bass Cameron

quite popular corner bath Bas Laguna will cost, depending on the availability of hydro and other functions.The basic model of acrylic baths without whirlpool costs about 16 thousand. Rub.

Acrylic bath Bas Lagoon

In the presence of additional features and accessories (whirlpool and aeromassazhnyh nozzles, Shiatsu, dorsal nozzles and the front of the screen), the price will be around 70 thousand

But the price is highly dependent on the type of whirlpool jets.:in the most expensive complete bath with other listed functions will cost about 140 thousand. rub.

Hot Tub Bas Lagoon

Operating Rules and care

As with any product, subject of Bas baths simple, but the recommended care. detail the recommendations given in the instructions, but basically they can be formulated in the following items:

  • Wipe the surface with a soft cloth bath tissue, paper or cloth napkin.
  • mild detergent can be used for polishing bath.It is important to exclude the application of abrasive and hard materials that can damage the product, as well as solvents and potent chemicals.
  • also need to make sure before switching on the whirlpool tub that is filled with water.
Bath filled with water

And yet a few rules: if there is some doubt as to express their health, just in case, consult your doctor, maybe for you, there are contraindications.And of course, do not take a bath in a condition of alcoholic intoxication.It may not be safe.

Bulk water filter

Installing filters also prolong the life and quality of service selected bathroom.At the same time once a year is recommended to clean the hot tub prevention equipment, which will only take 15-20 minutes.Under these conditions simple bath will serve more than a dozen years, and bring joy and health.

Corner bath Bass Modena