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August 12, 2017 18:06

Drain and overflow for bath : automatic, semi-automatic .How to choose and install ?

Drain and overflow for bath
  • traditional system
  • Semi
  • Automatic
  • Materials
  • Manufacturers and prices
  • Setting his hands
  • Care Guidelines

We do not often think about how to workthe most basic and familiar things in the house, as long as we face is not a question of repair or replacement of this thing.However, to understand the principle of operation of certain equipment, we will be able not only to easily choose the most suitable option among dozens presented in the stores, but also on their own to extend its service life.

Today we look at the drain and overflow system for the bath, learn about its structure, principle of operation and available varieties.

Automatic drain and overflow

drain and overflow or rail - is a system that provides a flow of water from the bathroom down the drain and prevents the bath from overflowing. In other words, the overflow-drain is composed of two holes - and in the bottom wall of the bath, which by means of the tubes and hoses are connected to each other and with the drainage system.we will talk ab

out below details various modifications drain and overflow.

traditional system

Traditional waste and overflow we observe in our apartments for the past many decades.This system allows you to fill the bath with water, close the drain plug on a chain. It consists of the following elements:

  • drain spout installed into a hole in the bottom of the bath and by direct discharge is connected to the rest of the network for the water;
  • overflow neck installed into a hole in the wall of the tub and connected to the water mains side drainage;
  • Siphon - it's curved tube that performs the role of the gate and prevents the penetration of the room odors from sewage;
  • Connection hose - is corrugated pipe, which is used to divert water from overflowing into the siphon;
  • Izlivnaya tube - provides drainage of water from the siphon into the sewer.
Traditional waste and overflow for bath

This is a standard set of elements that make up the traditional system of drain and overflow.Assemble and disassemble this structure any person who does not have expertise in the field of plumbing.The most common procedure is that sooner or later have to spend almost every holder of a conventional drain and overflow - a replacement connector construction details, in other words - the seals.


much later modifications of the traditional drain and overflow are semi system.From its predecessor, these systems have kept the drain trap and drainage tubes, but otherwise the design has undergone some changes. It consists of:

  • Control Unit - a system that allows you to raise and lower the stopper.This can be a button, rotating ring, handle or valve;
  • Stoppers , which serves as a valve;
  • ROPE , manager cork.
Semi-automatic drain and overflow

Impact on the control unit: press the button and turn the valve drives the rope, pulling or loosening the plug which is raised or lowered.In this construction, the overflow hole is hidden behind the control unit.External visible elements of drain and overflow often have a beautiful and stylish design that is required to make a certain percentage of aesthetics.Another advantage of this design is that the raise and lower the cap becomes very convenient, for it is not even necessarily lean over the tub and wet hands.

Semi-automatic drain on the bathroom

disadvantage of this system is its very relative reliability.If you save and acquire low-cost model, then it will last you a very long, so it's best to opt for a more expensive product or do the traditional drain and overflow system.

Semi unassembled


Drain machine bathroom on the structure and principle of operation is not much different from those considered by us above structures.The main innovation lies in a special, automated plug-valve .This tube is equipped with a spring lock.Pressing the tube descends and seals the drain hole bath.When pressed again, it goes up and the water is drained.Most are equipped with automatic drain basins for bathing children.Presence-valve button to empty the tray without turning it.

Drain and overflow for bathroom Machine

Automatic system - the most ergonomic of all .Control can be carried out not only with his hands, but also feet.In addition, the visible part of this design takes up very little space.Buttons are available in different designs - among them you can find brass, stylized antique or chrome plated in high-tech style.

Less automatic drain system is that replacing a button-valve is of great difficulty.If it fails, you have to replace your entire drain and overflow system.However, this problem can be avoided if you buy a device from a reliable and trusted manufacturer, working only with high quality materials.On what materials are used in the manufacture of drain and overflow bath, we will discuss in the next section.


to manufacture drain and overflow bath commonly used sanitary plastic or metal.

Plastic option is always cheaper, but not always, less quality.Thus, plastics are less susceptible to corrosion, which can cause water and impurities present in it.In addition, plastic waste and overflow is very easy to install.

disadvantage of plastic models can be considered not very aesthetic appearance.Meanwhile, if provided under the bath screen, the main part of the structure remains invisible, so no need to worry about what impression will make guests "innards" of your bath.

addition to plastic models, the market offers options for drain and overflow system, made of black or colored metal. Metal structures look very elegant and at the same time solid.They are indispensable if you have a bathtub that does not involve the presence of the closing screen.

Most interesting drain and overflow are made from an alloy of non-ferrous metals - bronze, copper and brass.On top of the product, additional coating is applied, which determines its color - chrome, nickel and others.Metal structures are more expensive, but also more robust and durable than plastic.

Plastic waste and overflow
Nickel-plated waste and overflow
Bronze waste and overflow

Manufacturers and prices

It's no secret that the most high-quality sanitary ware, as well as many other groups of goods produced in Europe.drain and overflow system is no exception, so when purchasing, special attention should be paid namely to European producers.

first steps made the German company «Kaiser» on the field of production of automatic drain and overflow system. Today, waste and overflow from this manufacturer will cost you 2000-2500 rubles.

also very well established Swiss company «Geberit», engaged in the production of high-quality sanitary ware, including metal systems drain and overflow.Drain structure of this company is worth about 2000-4000 rubles, depending on the material from which it is made.As a product of this company, you can be sure, because it provides a ten-year warranty on its products.

company «Grohe», also German, produces high-quality plum and overflow. Products of this company is quite expensive.Thus, the plastic waste and overflow on the average costs 5000-6000 rubles.

Satisfactory system of drain and overflow of plastic made the Italian company «Vega» and Czech «Alcaplast». their products can be purchased for 2000-3000 rubles.

Setting his hands

installation drain and overflow - it is responsible, as the quality of the work performed will depend largely on the bath leaks.However, despite the apparent complexity of the task, to cope with the installation of drain and overflow on the bath is quite able and amateur.

Install drain and overflow

work can begin only after the bath is mounted on a support, aligned and fixed.It is necessary that the gap between the bathroom and the floor was no less than 15 cm.

To start, connect to the drain tee, not forgetting to pave the gasket, and tighten all screws.Then attach to the withdrawal of the tee trap, secure nut and seal structure using conical rubber sleeve.Then take the overflow neck and attach it to the withdrawal of the siphon, marching side.At the end, connect the siphon tube izlivnuyu and take it down the drain.Do not forget the gaskets at every stage!

After installation, be sure to check all systems for leaks.Fill the bathtub and see whether there are in the joints water drops.If you find leaks, tighten connections or use a sealant.

Care Guidelines

overflow drain systems do not require special care.If you have a semi-automatic or automatic system, from time to time treat external metal parts wipers or special cleaning agents to preserve the original shine.The internal part of the structure should be inspected periodically for leaks.In the case of depressurization it is usually sufficient to change the gaskets or tighten connection.

Outer drain and overflow system

main reason for anxiety associated with drain and overflow system - a clogged siphon.This happens if the sink accumulated a lot of hair or dirt.In this situation usually helps plunger or homemade device consisting of a thin wire and their brush.You can also try a variety of chemical products for eliminating blockages, which include alkali.These funds can be used for the prevention of blockages.

Now you know a little more about the operating principle of drain and overflow system for the bath and its varieties.We hope that our article will help you not to get lost in the store and make the right choice!