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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bath Dimensions : standard small , angular , acrylic , cast iron , steel bathtubs .

Bath suitable size
  • How to choose the most suitable bath?
  • Dimensions
    • Small
    • Average
    • Large
  • Dimensions baths of various materials
    • Cast
    • Steel
    • Acrylic
    • Quaryl
  • Dimensions baths of various shapes
  • Novelties

Inmost standard apartment bathroom has a relatively small size.For this reason, every centimeter of free space to be used with maximum advantage.The huge variety of different baths is quite difficult to understand, because they are all different sizes, materials used and design.

How to choose the most suitable bath?

main indicator, directly influencing the choice of the bath, is its size.It should be borne in mind that except for the bath, in a small room can be a wash basin and other home furnishings.

Also, be sure to allow free and comfortable moving around the room.


most optimal size will be the bath in which you can safely take a reclining position. It is important to leave room to stretch my legs, and the water level should be above the knee.By choosing the width, we mu

st first take account of their complexion, and further leave to 5 cm on all sides.In the following figure shows the change in posture depending on the size bath.

Comfortable posture in the bathtub


Most bathrooms have a depth of 50 to 60 cm. This height is the most appropriate, becausein the supine position the head will always be positioned above the water level, and will not be difficult to get out of the bath.When you select a large bath should be taken into account that the set of Water will take a considerable amount of time.

standard tubs can be small, medium and large sizes.


Small size:

  • 120x70 cm - help save space, but did not manage to take the prone position in the model;
  • 130x70 cm - the most popular models among the small-sized baths, often made to order.


Average size:

  • 140x70 cm - bath with the size of premises used for non-standard flatness;
  • 150x70 cm - very comfortable model, implemented in various forms.


Large size:

  • 170x70 cm - suitable for rooms with a modern layout;
  • 185x85 cm - the most comfortable model that should be used only in the spacious rooms.

Read more in our article about the large bath.

The following figure you can see the most popular sizes of bathrooms.

bath Dimensions

Dimensions Jacuzzi baths are usually the same as the size of the bath without this feature.

Dimensions baths of various materials

At the time of the bath are made of different materials: iron, steel, acrylic, and many others.


Cast iron tubs are sold in various sizes.Dimensions range from 120x70 cm and 185x85 cm. Some manufacturers manufactures bathtubs made of cast iron for special orders.In this case, the size can reach 200x100 cm. The dependence of the bath volume from its dimensions are presented in the following table (see the notation. Below).

Dimensions cast iron bath
A B C D E F G H K volume
1700 1530 570 420 400 350 285 100 70 182
1600 1430 570 420 400 350 285 100 70 170
1500 1330 570 420 400 350 285 100 70 161
1400 1230 560 420 400 350 285 100 70 144
1200 1050 550 390 370 330 260 75 60 117
1000 850 550 390 370 330 260 75 60 95


most economical option would be a bath ofbecome.These models have a relatively light weight - up to 30 kilograms.Also steel baths have thin walls, whose thickness does not exceed 3 mm.

Its length ranges from 150 to 180 cm, the width varies in the range of 70-85 cm, the height of this model is 65 cm. Standard dimensions are steel bath in the table (refer cm. Below).

Dimensions of steel baths
L L1 L2 H S
120 1200 550 1060 380 700
140 1400 550 1250 400 700
150 1495 695 1322 400 710
160 1595 770 1422 400 710
170 1695 840 1522 400 710


Acrylic tubs sold on the market recently, but have already managed to attractthe attention of many buyers of its positive aspects.These baths have a high thermal stability and are installed in a room with no hassle.Standard acrylic bath dimensions are shown in the following figure.

Dimensions of acrylic baths


Quaryl baths stand out among other models of high strength.In addition, this kind of different special surface that has long remained clean.These baths have dimensions similar to those of the models of acrylic.

Dimensions baths of various shapes

The most popular use of non-standard forms of baths. on the market are round, triangular, and other models.Thanks to the many design decisions such designs are exclusive.

about the size of the corner bath more in our other article.

most convenient design development bath are triangular, which significantly saves space.The optimum depth of this model is in the range of 48-65 cm. The length of the sides is 150-180 cm. The volume of the triangular model is capable of up to 400 liters.

in the shape of a circle pattern reach sizes of 140 to 200 cm. In diameter. But often this kind of bath is made to order and has a non-standard size.

More about baths of irregular shape, read our article on asymmetric baths.You will learn many interesting things.

Round bathtub
Bath irregular shape
Bath irregular square shape

also market vertical baths are common. Such models are most suitable for those who do not have the physical capacity to take a bath in the supine position.Most of the vertical model is available to order.The height of such structures reaches 2 m, and the width depends on the complexion man and, as a rule, does not exceed 1 m.

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In recent years, many manufacturers try to attract attention to their products with an unusual bath.

For instance, became very popular wooden model made from a single piece of oak. size of these unusual patterns completely different, as they are carried out solely on the orders of clients.Oak bath rapidly gained popularity, since the material has healthy properties, and bath itself gives the interior a unique style.

Oak wooden bathtub

Among the original models are also found in the form of a large bath sink or bowl made of colored glass.No less interesting is the model with backlight.A huge range allows you to choose a model for the most demanding tastes.

Bath with backlight

For many people the bathroom is a special source of pleasure and vigor.Modern conditions contribute to creating maximum comfort even in small spaces.Successfully chosen model will help to create a harmonious environment, while not devoid of functionality and user-friendly features.