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August 12, 2017 18:06

Sitz baths : what are the dimensions, choose cast iron or acrylic

hip bath
  • Pros and cons
  • Dimensions
  • Forms
  • Additional features
  • What bath choose
    • Steel
    • Acrylic
    • Cast
  • Benefits

Bathtub seat -this is one of the most common types of small-sized baths, which can rightly be considered a "magic wand" for toilets with a small area.And if in antiquity as reservoirs for bathing used wooden barrels, but now people use metal or acrylic attributes bathroom.

Bathtub seat in interior

Pros and cons

main advantage of sitting baths is its compactness - it is easily placed even in the smallest bathrooms.

appropriate to allocate among its other advantages as follows:

  • it is ideal for the disabled and the elderly - if it is equipped with special handrails, the person who has a health problem, it will be very easy to go into it;
  • very useful for pregnant women, as they are known, it is difficult to bend down and lift his legs high, as well as to avoid stress on the abdominal muscles;
  • is a godsend for those who can not take a bath lying (for example, people with a weak heart).

However, this subject has plumbing and a significant drawback - a small size for a normal person - not everyone will be comfortable to sit in the bathroom.

Sitz bath for people with disabilities


sitz baths are classified according to various parameters - the shape and dimensions, materials and functionality.

Standard sizes sitz baths:

  • small (typically 100x70 cm);
  • standard size bath (120h70 and 150h70 cm);
  • most comfortable (120h110 cm).
Dimensions sitz baths


Forms sitz baths:

  • rectangular;
  • square
  • oval;
  • corner.

Additional features

Of the additional features include the presence of the side door, which serves for a comfortable entry into the bath.In addition, many products are equipped with hydro-massage devices for recreational water treatment.

Taking a wall or hang a special curtain can be equipped with a shower.

Stylish sitz baths

What bath choose

According to the material of which are manufactured, sitz baths are divided into:

  • steel;
  • acrylic;
  • iron.
Elegant steel hip bath


main advantage of steel sit-bath considered its accessibility - it is not very expensive, especially the rectangular form.Also of note is its low weight and high hygiene.

disadvantages she is much more:

  • in the steel bath bad retains heat, so it is advisable to warm with the help of foam;
  • it does not differ longevity - one small scratch can cause corrosion, which will be impossible to stop;
  • it can deliver the discomfort associated with loud noise when filled with water;
  • neobhodiost steel bath ground installation
  • cleaning of baths can not use scouring powders - they damage the enamel.


Currently, the best of all kinds of seating are acrylic bathtubs.

Since acrylic - the material is enough plastic made from it the widest variety of baths different forms.Also acrylic retains heat well, no noise when the water is dialed and easily restored in the event of a variety of injuries (even through-holes).Acrylic bathtubs are very easy to process - you can easily embed absolutely any equipment in them.

The disadvantages of such products include only the price (compared to other types of baths they are the most expensive), as well as the fact that their installation requires a hard metal frame.

In addition, be aware that imported acrylic plumbing is not always withstand the chemical composition of our water, so it is advisable to choose a bath of domestic production, which are adapted to much more stringent operating conditions.

Bathtub seat inside


sitz baths of cast iron many consider a relic of the past, and in the stores, they are much rarer.However, such models are still used successfully in some of the "Khrushchev", and then has its good reasons.

Preference is given to such baths mainly due to their ability to retain heat well. They cost much less than the showers.They are durable, strong and resistant to mechanical stress.In addition, some current models of cast iron bathtubs are equipped with a door that certainly will appeal to people who need help to take a bath.

However, cast iron products are and disadvantages - they differ more weight, which may not affect their installation, and the lack of diversity of (usually it's just a straight bath).Of course, to make a bath complex configuration made of cast iron is possible only cost a thing plumbing will be much higher.

Cast iron hip bath

Learn how to choose the bathroom: acrylic, steel or cast iron, read in another article.


sitz baths are characterized by a very wide range of effects, which includes both prevention and treatment of existing disease.They can accept people regardless of their age.Pour water should be to the point that the water was lower abdomen and upper thighs.

should be remembered that the total time of such a procedure should not be more than half an hour.

scheme receiving water treatments in a sitting bath is shown in the following figure.

Use sitz baths

To enhance the therapeutic effect of taking a bath, you can add to water flowers and herbal infusions and decoctions or aromatic oils.

However, even if you decide to try the most seemingly well-known folk remedy, consult your doctor!The body of each person is different, so it's best not to risk it - something that is useful to one may go to the detriment of another.

use of aromatic oils must also be careful and thoughtful - as well as the use of medications. On one bath usually takes 5-10 drops of oil (not more because of its high concentration).To aromamaslah easily mixed with water, it is necessary to add salt (table salt or sea), bubble bath or dissolved in a small amount of milk.

Sitz bath treatments

Essential oils should be selected on the basis of objective.If you are constantly experiencing stress and sleep poorly, you will help the oil of lavender and chamomile.To relieve pain in the hands and feet suitable rosemary oil.If you want to lose weight, use oil of lemon, juniper and black pepper.To combat cellulite suitable oil of bergamot, orange and grapefruit.

We wish you pleasant and useful water treatment!