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August 12, 2017 18:06

Enamel bath : enamelling and painting, coating recovery and restoration

restored tub
  • Species
    • Epoxy
    • Acrylic
  • recovery methods
    • Epoxy paint
    • acrylic liner to the old tub
    • liquid acrylic
    • Enameling
    • The filling method
  • Enamelingwith their hands
  • The filling method
  • Care

How would a person is not tried, all household items eventually grow old and lose their performance.Bath no exception.Proper care, of course, will extend the use of the bath, but still in service coverage can change the color, it cracks and chips.What do you do if the financial situation does not allow to buy a new bathroom or you live in a rented flat and buy a new bathroom fixtures are not included in your plans.There is a solution - to hold the restoration work!


for restoration work, you can use the bath enamel, acrylic or epoxy.


Epoxy paint is characterized by a long period of operation of the bath, if all the recommendations were taken into account when painting.This type of paint is very popular among consumers, as there is in the market for over 20 years.

Epoxy paint bath


Acrylic enamel is more modern means, because for 10 years there in the market.In qualitative characteristics, it is superior to epoxy paint.

Acrylic is a very easy-to-application, which can not be said about the process of preparation of the solution for the restoration.To mix all the components of this tool, you will have to make an effort.

acrylic Cost is approximately two times higher than the purchase of epoxy enamel.

Acrylic enamel

recovery methods

There are only three basic ways to restore the damaged surface of the bath.

Epoxy paint

Enameling is the oldest and most proven method of bath renovation.It has many advantages:

  • the cheapest method of restoration of the baths;
  • in its conduct is not carried out the dismantling of the bath and drain the siphon;
  • can produce staining iron and iron baths.

should also be a choice bath dyeing, learn about the shortcomings of this method:

  • enamel over time, turn yellow;
  • surface becomes sensitive to shock and mechanical stress;
  • bath coloring takes less than three hours, but the need to dry the whole week;
  • enamel will not help to hide manufacturing defects on the surface of the bath.
Topcoat application

acrylic liner to the old tub

This method uses a tab of plastic, which is using a special foam glued to the inside of the bath.This method is noteworthy, since restored bath can last up to 15 years.

Pros use acrylic liner in the bath:

  • high strength material;
  • plastic covering is not able to turn yellow;
  • perfectly smooth coating without all kinds of defects.

Unfortunately, the use of acrylic in an old bath tab and has some drawbacks:

  • flat tab can be a disadvantage, as previously issued bath with some defects;
  • not used for iron and fine iron bath;
  • before setting tab should dismantle the siphon;
  • adhesive foam, which is used for mounting, can come off with time;
  • if the bath, lined with ceramic tiles may be necessary to remove some parts of the ceramic coating and laying new tiles.
Acrylic liner in the bath

liquid acrylic

Acrylic liquid form resembles sweetened condensed milk to make the restoration of the bath with this method, acrylic "poured" on the inner coating bath.

Advantages of this method:

  • after application should wait only 36 hours and can take a bath;
  • strength of the coating is achieved by the absence of an adhesive between the coating and the acrylic;
  • liquid acrylic has all the advantages of acrylic liner - remains snow-white, it keeps the water temperature, not afraid to interact with harsh chemicals;
  • this method, you can restore the bath of any material.

Cons of using the method of acrylic filler:

  • necessary to remove the drain siphon;
  • liquid acrylic copy all deformations and uneven surface of the bath.
The filling method of restoration of the bath


Enameling of baths is one of the methods for its renewal. thin layer of a special enamel to help improve its appearance quite quickly and inexpensively.

but also has a disadvantage in using this method, as the service life is not more than 5 years.Then, again, will have to repeat all over again.

enamelling baths can be done in a rented apartment, so as not to spend extra money to buy a new bathroom.

Bath after enamelling

The filling method

Another way baths restoration is called "self-leveling», which is perfect for home owners.It is characterized by high quality and the price will be more expensive."The filling" way to the restoration of the bath helps to prolong its useful life up to 15 years, which is much higher than the bathroom after enamelling.

also using the "bath filler", it is easy to remove any unevenness or flaws bath, and its surface is smooth and pure white.

For the "tub filler" procedure uses liquid acrylic.He slowly poured onto the bath rim, then the acrylic begins to flow down.With such a deposition plating bath becomes flat and smooth.

Bath after the coating liquid acrylic

Enameling own hands

enamelled bath damaged the formation of various cracks, scratches and chips, as the material is fairly fragile.Over time, the cracks stuffed mud and bath loses its original form.

The factory enamel applied to hot metal, so the factory cover more robust and durable than the one you get at home. Of course, you can manually reconstruct enamel bath, but should bear in mind that this is not all turns out right the first time.

To achieve the desired result, you should take all actions very carefully and slowly.


  1. Clear coating bath from the previous .First be cleaned with detergent, and then with a tool to remove all the coverage.For this type of work can be used grinders with grinding wheel, a drill with a special nozzle or conventional abrasive emery stone.Particular attention should be given to cleanse the bottom to make it white.You can use kordschёtkoy.
  2. Perform thorough degreasing bath with a detergent.To make the new coating quality, you need to get rid of all organic substances, including fat.Do not forget to use a respirator and rubber gloves.
  3. Thorough rinsing with hot water bath.
  4. drain and overflow closes molar tape as they are covered by the edge of the tub, which primykaat wall.
  5. Produced drying coatings. Remnants of enamel removed with a vacuum cleaner.Gender bathroom should be to lay improvised materials such as paper or polyethylene.
Prepared for the bath

Watch a video on this topic.

If you decide to cover the restoration of the bath to use epoxy enamel, you need to know that:

  1. When adding hardener should be strictly observed propotsii.Epoxy paint - highly toxic, so when working with it is necessary to use respirator.First, you must add only half hardener paint.
  2. For coloring bath using a flat brush, whose width should be 7 cm or more.Painting begins with the upper rim bath.
  3. brush should do the sheer stripes from top to bottom, and then horizontal lines to start producing paint bath.This is done throughout the perimeter of the product.
  4. Then again produce staining bath rim, special attention should be paid to the inner side.
  5. Then the second part is taken and diluted paint, and then continuing the coating of enamel.It is necessary to closely monitor the uniformity of paint application.
  6. A week has a bath can be operated.
Bath before and after restoration

The filling method

The inlet way for the restoration of the bath is quite new, but already very popular among consumers.liquid acrylics - a special tool is used for this method.You can choose the color of the future baths themselves, to make it the center of the room vannogo or emphasize colors in the design of the bathroom.

Технология "наливная ванна"

The filling method of baths Restoration combines advantages of other methods as the use of acrylic liner and applying the enamel. Therefore, the main advantages of this method can be called:

  • Bath after use method tanker will last longer than a bath after enamelling.
  • applying liquid acrylic baths can be produced on a variety of forms, for example, acrylic liner is available in standard sizes and generally rectangular in shape.
  • No need to dismantle tiles around the bath , using filler method, as is done when installing the liner of acrylic.
  • No need to dismantle siphon with liquid acrylic.
  • Buying liquid acrylic will be cheaper , than the acquisition of acrylic liner.Compared with liquid acrylic enamelling baths will cost a bit more expensive.

If we talk about the shortcomings, that they include only one.This long period of drying acrylic liquid, which reaches two days.

Restored Vintage Tub


After the restoration work your bath will be snow-white, sparkling and Gorny.But if you do not pay enough attention on her care, it will soon become a bath it is about the same as it was prior to staining.

To extend the life of the enamel, it is necessary to follow a few simple rules:

  • washing bath sparing use detergents - for example, dishwashing detergent;
  • in any case, do not use sharp objects for cleaning or acid;
  • if in a bathtub soaking produce underwear, do not use bleach.
Caring for the bathroom