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August 12, 2017 18:06

The coating liquid acrylic bathtubs : we restore their own hands

restored tub
  • Benefits
  • material restoration technology
  • Stages for self-filler restoration
  • How to cook the mixture?
  • time consumption and material
  • Compliance with safety measures
  • Tips for the restoration of the bath filler technology

During operation of each piece of furniture wears out, gradually acquiring more and more damage.And the bath is no exception.With its coating wears out over time, which affects not only the appearance, but also on the properties of the product.However, the state of the bath affects not only time, but also a variety of other circumstances, for example, the material and operating conditions.

Many people often wonder how old the lead bath in the original appearance.You can simply replace the product, but in this case will be faced with a large number of possible complications.Quite often when you need to replace the bathroom is replacing toilets and finish completely, and it definitely will cause great financial costs.

Restoration bath before and after

avoid the complexities of today there ar

e several modern technologies bathroom renovation coating.The most commonly used liner technology "en suite" and the application of new enamel.To apply a new coating on the bathroom uses liquid acrylic, why technology is called "restoration of bath liquid acrylic." In order to carry out the restoration of the bathroom this technique will need acrylic enamel.

Tanker acrylic enamel

Benefits material

Compared to other materials used for the restoration of the bath cover, acrylic has many advantages.We consider these in more detail.

  • High rates of wear resistance and durability. acrylic coating bath is able to stay in operation until fifteen years.Analogues of this coverage may not last for so long.
  • Almost no odor .Liquid acrylic almost odorless.This property of the coating allows to carry out works on the restoration of the bathroom is not the use of means to protect the respiratory tract.
  • Uniform mixing of substances. During mixing base and curing agent, which is a part of the liquid acrylic, homogeneous mass is obtained, which avoids the uneven surface of the coating, which happens when using analogues of liquid acrylic.
  • lack of sunspots during use. process operation bath after the restoration is not accompanied by the appearance of spots on the surface.
  • High homogeneity of the material. This feature avoids the ingress of air bubbles and the appearance is not yet solidified before the end of the enamel.Because of the reduced number of instruments used in the restoration and guaranteed a uniform gloss finish.
  • Short drying.On average, the liquid acrylic hardens within thirty-six hours, providing a smooth uniform coating.When using analogues with less drying time may cause defective coating areas.
Liquid acrylic - the process of applying
Ready renovated bath


restoration When using liquid acrylic coating for the restoration of the bath does not require time-consuming, effort and money.Today tub filler with liquid acrylic is fairly inexpensive and efficient technology for the resumption of the qualitative characteristics of the bath surface.

The filling method of applying enamel - economical in its application are not spent a large amount of starting material.Furthermore, the coating eventually obtained exhibits greater resistance to chemical agents, which can affect aggressive surface updated.

The filling method

technology lies in the fact that the material is applied to self-leveling process after preliminary preparation surface of the bath.The process can be performed independently with a minimum of time and money, than due to the popularity of this technology.

Stages for self-filler restoration

baths Restoration self-leveling by means of a liquid acrylic can be carried out independently.However, for this it is necessary to comply with a clear sequence of steps.

necessary tools for the job:

  • respirator
  • spatula
  • sponge
  • gloves
  • drill or a Bulgarian with sand nozzle.


  • Surface preparation. Before applying the acrylic, it is necessary to prepare the initial surface.To do this, first remove the old paint.They are used to this, abrasive stones, a drill or a Bulgarian with sand nozzle.Once the old coating is completely removed, and the remaining particles are washed off it with warm water, the surface must be degreased.Finalized a set of hot water in the bathroom for about 10 minutes.
  • Preparation of acrylic. liquid acrylic used in the restoration of the bath, is prepared by mixing the base and hardener are supplied.In order to make ready for use, the solution should be thoroughly mix the ingredients, according to the instructions of stirring until a homogeneous mass the milk-white color.
  • Applying the mix. When the solution is ready for use, it should be gradually poured into the bathroom, covering its entire surface.When this is necessary to start from the upper parts of the bath, passing through the perimeter.Particular attention should be paid to the bottom - it should be clearly formed before the material hardens.Adjustment is carried out at the surface with a rubber spatula and excess acrylic, if any, can be washed away into the drain hole.

watch the following video where you will see in detail the whole process of coating liquid acrylic baths.

How to cook the mixture?

As mentioned above, the coating composition for the bath is obtained by mixing the two components.Initially must thoroughly mixed base semifinished product which is acrylic, and after gradually adding thereto the second component - a hardener, while thoroughly stirring to obtain a homogeneous mass, to ensure an even coating bath surface.

Note that poorly mixed solution, not only can cover the surface of the uneven layer, but also have a negative impact on the performance of the resulting acrylic coating bath.

If necessary, make a mixture of a certain color, then smooth liquid acrylic color is added.Caramel number depends on how saturated hue you want to receive a result of the coating.

Pink renovated bath

When the mixture is obtained, it is necessary to sustain a certain time, which depends on the temperature in the bathroom.For example, if the room temperature exceeds 30 degrees, the mixture can be applied through a five to seven minutes, and at 20 degrees holding time of 15-20 minutes.After holding the mixture can be applied to the prepared surface of the bath.

consumption of time and materials

materials for the restoration of spent bath in proportion to the size of a bathtub.For example, a bathroom and a half meters in length requires 3.5 kg of materials, and for the restoration of the bath 1.7 meters long already require 4 kg of acrylic.

average for this procedure requires two to four hours, taking into account the pre-treatment.The process of applying liquid acrylic to the bathroom does not take more than one hour, the remaining time will be occupied preparatory procedures (cleaning and degreasing baths).

Removing the old layer with a bath

Compliance with safety measures

During the work on the restoration of the bathroom is necessary to observe safety measures.For example, in the preparation of the surface of the restoration to protect the airway and hands by using gloves and a respirator.When applying the mixture to the bathroom, you can also use a respirator.

Tips for the restoration of the bath filler technology

When using liquid acrylic for the restoration of the bathroom, make sure that the working surface was cleaned, degreased and dried.This is true not only of the bath, but the tile or other surface, which may be between the tub and the wall.

In addition, if there is a need to cover the mixture and part of the wall surface provide the maximum horizontal position.To remove the chipped cement pieces, you can use a new dry sponge or a piece of foam.

The final stage of work

When drying the surface is best to use an ordinary hair dryer, rather than building.It will be safer for you and provide the best conditions for the restoration.It is also recommended to pave the floor around the tub newspapers or PVC oilcloth as possible contamination of the floor surface in the process.The vertical part of the walls in contact with the surface to be protected from pollution - masking tape.

Finished bath covered with acrylic enamel

is not recommended to dilute the mixture to bath enamelling other chemicals, such as rastvoritelem- this layer will thin and of poor quality, which will reduce the performance of the resulting coating bath.