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August 12, 2017 18:06

Corner bath: acrylic , small, asymmetric , and other dimensions

Corner bath in a modern interior
  • Forms
  • Materials
    • Steel
    • Cast
    • Acrylic
  • Dimensions of standard corner baths
  • functionality
  • Asymmetric and symmetric
  • Manufacturers
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Installing
  • Conclusions and advice

If you are the owner of a small bathroom, the perfect solution would be the acquisition of a corner bath.In comparison with traditional rectangular tub, this type with a compact size can save space.Also, in addition, you get a great design element for your interior and feel for yourself how easy is to use corner bath.


Many believe that corner bath has the form of an isosceles triangle, one side of which is rounded.This view is erroneous.

Corner bathroom of irregular shape

Who sanitary ware market can find a corner bath a variety of forms:

  • triangular
  • asymmetrical trapezoidal polyhedra
  • one corner can be rounded or beveled.

Each model is produced in or right-hand version.Pay attention to this point, refer to consultants, to select correctly oriented bath.

Corner suite polyhedron

Corner whirlpool bath - a popular option b

ecause it allows you to create a home spa, where you can relax at any time.


Industry produces baths of different models from the most simple to design.Making the Sanitary Products unexpected forms made possible with the introduction of new materials into production.With a comprehensive product range and a large price range to buy a new bathroom can the buyer with any prosperity.

Depending on the material manufacturing all corner baths are divided into:


They are characterized by low cost, and useful life is about ten to fifteen years.Steel baths are not very much in demand, but, nevertheless, they always have on sale.

Steel corner bath


This variety of baths have long worked well thanks to the high performance, quality and durability.The service life can be more than 20 years.The only disadvantage of these baths is a lot of weight.

Find a cast-iron bath is not easy.This is due to the fact that for the production of such baths require large production capacity for iron smelting.Accordingly, the value of the cast iron tub is quite high, and mount it in, for example, the nozzle can not be hydromassage, as it perfectly conducts electric current.Moreover when installing a bathroom grounding required.Innovative materials in the manufacture of baths compete successfully on all quality indicators with iron.

Cast iron corner bath


Baths of this type are characterized by accessibility, and a large assortment of affordable price.Using acrylic provides the ability to produce products in a huge variety of shapes, colors and sizes.Operating life of acrylic baths approximately ten to fifteen years, more coverage be restored and you can always upgrade it without a large financial costs.Typically, a mixer supplied to the bathroom, but you can choose another suitable model.

Read more in the article about the acrylic bathtubs.

Corner acrylic bathtub

Try to choose faucets in the same store as the bath in order to avoid problems during installation.Additionally, you can buy in complete handle podgolovkom, blinds or whirlpool system.

If there is a whirlpool bath, the bath would be welcome for you, not only hygienic procedure, but will also promote relaxation and toning the body, which is very good for health.

Bathroom with hydromassage

Article about the hot tub will tell you all the details.

acrylic bath is an environmentally friendly product as acrylic can cause an allergic reaction and can not be a manifestation of bacteria and fungi on the surface of the acrylic.This type is characterized by low thermal conductivity, so the water cools slowly.

Dimensions of standard corner baths

By the standards of the triangular bath is often characterized by such dimensions as the sides range from 1.5 to 1.8 m, depth - from 0.48 to 0.65 m, and the total volume -no more than 400 liters.

Traditional corner bath length is no longer than 1.5 meters.But if the bathroom has a great space, the model range includes custom, which are large in size.

Custom corner bath

there is a huge number of dimensions of the corner bath plumbing market.You can purchase a modest model or a large enough size.Generally triangular bath may be from 0,9h0,9 m to 2x2 m. A popular size corner bath is 120 x 120 cm. And 150 x 150 cm.

If we talk about the "square" model, its dimensions are represented by 0,7 to 2 meters.

Rectangular corner bath

height of the different models is also diverse - from 45 to 80 cm

Inner dimensions much smaller than the bathroom outside, but it does not have a big impact on its comfort..

difference in size can play a significant role only for installation in small spaces when the roads every centimeter of space.For large areas important functionality and comfort, size and volume is not significant.The large bath can comfortably accommodate three people.

Free three people

There are special bath sitz baths.They are characterized by small size and have a special back.

Free seats

huge bath that involve placement of a few people, also have backed seating.In medium and large baths can be in two positions: sitting and lying.


Whirlpool positive impact on the health and well-being of the inner man.This feature is very popular among buyers corner baths.

In the struggle for the client manufacturers are trying to diversify the function of angular whirlpool bath and complement them:

  • remote control;
  • aeromassazhem;
  • color and chromotherapy;
  • aromatherapy;
  • adjustable power water jets;
  • soft headrests;
  • built holders of towels;
  • additional seats for taking foot baths;
  • water level measurement sensors;
  • function overfill protection;
  • automatic disinfection.

Acrylic Bathtubs same shape and models can be optionally equipped with hydro-massage.You yourself may choose the equipment.This feature virtually no capacity for simple models.But the more expensive models have not only the hydro and aero massage, but also equipped with special lighting, mixer, which simulates a waterfall and many other options.

Dimensions corner bath and hydromassage about are as sides - from 1,5h1,5 1,8h1,8 m to m, and the height is usually within 0.6 to 0.7 m .

Bathroom with waterfall
Modern bathroom with Jacuzzi

asymmetric and symmetric

Corner baths asymmetric and symmetric can be used in the bathroom regardless of its area.

Today there is a huge range of angular bath size, its standard length - 1.85 meters.

triangular bath will also help to use it for any one corner of the elements of interior space.For a small bathroom bath triangle is the perfect solution to the problem of small space, since it allows you to save a lot of area.

large number of models are equipped with corner bath built-in shelves and storage space for personal hygiene, which helps to optimize the space of the room and make it as functional and comfortable.

Bathroom with shelves and a holder

sizes of these tubs range from 1.20 to 1.85 meters, which makes it possible to choose the option that is best fit for your bathroom.Very useful is the fact that they have both left-hand and right-hand version, which greatly helps to carry out installation and connection.

Different manufacturers offer a range of sizes baths.For example, the company produces symmetrical Ravak home page baths: 1,3h1,3 m 1,4h1,4 m 1,5h1,5 m, number of asymmetric much more: 1,7h1,05 m 1,4h1,05 m, 1,85h1,05 m 1,5h1,0 m 1,6h1,05 m 1,5h1,05 m 1,7h1,1 m 1,5h0,75 1,6h0,75 m and m.

Asymmetric bathroom 1,56h1,2

Variety of sizes allows you to set a triangular bath in the room almost every area and not to sacrifice the pleasure of taking a bath in favor of the installation of the shower enclosure.


Before purchasing a corner bath should be familiar with the list of quality manufacturers to get a good product that meets all the parameters.

most reliable manufacturers of sanitary equipment, which shall be respected in the domestic and European market of sanitary ware - a Duravit, Inspiration, Ravak, Gruppo Treesse, Kolo, Appollo, Teuco, Kolpa, Albatros, Doctor Jet, Hatria, Paa, Aqua, Balteco, Spring and BluBleu.

Bathroom Love by Ravak

received well-deserved popularity of the brand Italian, Slovenian, Latvian and Chinese production. But the most popular and expensive are, of course, corner bath with Italy.They are characterized by high quality characteristics, practicality and unique design solutions. Italian bath always give any bathroom a luxury room, elegance and originality. In Europe, these baths are often placed directly in the bedrooms.

Bath in the bedroom

Basically the manufacturer's warranty period on the triangular bath acrylic - five years, and has additional details can succumb to replace, within ten years.


Corner tubs have earned an excellent reputation among customers.But in addition to the advantages, they also have some disadvantages.Let's see in more detail.

advantages of using a corner bath are:

  • beautiful part of the interior.Bath is able to embellish any bathroom, as well as to make the originality and uniqueness in
  • room design fashionable and luxurious bath in great demand among owners of large apartments and private houses.Indeed, in the large room can be set not only the baths of various modifications, but also mini-pools
  • usability. Located diagonally bowl allows you to purchase a greater volume of the bath, as a result of taking a bath will be comfortable time of transmittal.
Bath Mini Pool


disadvantages of using the following:

  • insignificant space saving. most small size of this type of bath is 0,9h0,9 m. If, for example, to take a bathroom in the "Khrushchev," that such a bath will take virtually all the space.You can talk about saving space, if you install a rectangular model, one corner of which is chamfered.
  • pricing policy. Corner bathtubs are usually more expensive than usual.For the pleasure is worth paying - this rule applies to the acquisition of a corner bath.
  • high sensitivity to detergents. When caring for a bath can not use abrasive cleaners and abrasive sponges, which can compromise the integrity of the coating
  • Hostess hard to wash corner bath, as its dimensions are wide enough, and to wash it, you want to get into it with his feet.About what to wash acrylic bath, read our other article.
  • increasing water consumption.Average capacity corner bath is between two hundred to four liters of water.Therefore, a long time will have to wait until the water in the tub will be typed as well as the volume of water used will increase significantly.

order not to have to wait a long time filling the bath, you can optionally buy a waterfall faucet.

Yellow bathroom interior
Bathroom in small space
waterfall faucet


should measure the angles and evenness of the walls before installing.They should be straight and have an angle of ninety degrees.If there are irregularities on the walls, this disadvantage should be removed.If the walls present a tile and its installation is not respecting the accuracy of angles, it is necessary to be prepared that the installation corner bath will not adhere to the wall evenly.So to start, choose the future bath and plumbing, and only then proceed to the repair in the bathroom.

Installation bath design can be carried out in two ways:

1. Installation on a foundation that is prepared in advance.

2. Installation on legs and metal brackets.

Bathroom on arms and legs

Before installation unpacked new bathroom should be more than a day in the room and adjust to the ambient temperature.It is necessary to determine the place of a bath installation.The floor must be smooth, which is measured using a level.If the installation is carried out of steel or acrylic baths, its height can be corrected to tighten the legs.

for mounting a bath on the base must first be put to its walls, make sure that all surfaces are joined precisely and only then proceed to the formation of the base.To do this, use bricks, blocks or cement.

Podium for corner baths

After laying the foundations should wait for one - two days , so that it is properly captured and then implement bath installation.

The installed bath, connect it to the power supply, sanitation and water. and produce control systems all run - fill the bath and check for leaks.If there is nowhere to flow, everything is correct.

If the bath is not tightly adheres to the wall, the wall should be sealed with silicone sealant , and then it is all close with a special tape or use a plinth for a bath.

Skirting Bathroom

Conclusions and advice

When buying a steel bath should pay special attention to its installation. It should be secured tightly and steadily , to create less noise.

Bath on the podium

Standard corner bath is about 1.5-1.6 meters, size is almost the same as a rectangular tub, but its volume is much higher.In a corner bath can just fit two people and feel comfortable.

When buying bath should be taken into account that it can be right-handed and left-handed, and asymmetrical and symmetrical, its sides may be the same or different.During the selection of the bath also take into accout, where the drain.

Corner bathtub on legs

Before purchasing the bath room to be measured, to determine the shape and size of this product , to know which model is suitable for you and your bathroom.On the eye to determine the size is impossible, since the visual bath seems a lot more than can fit your room.And remember that a rectangular tub design takes up more space in the room than a corner.