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August 12, 2017 18:06

Installation of hot tubs and hot tub with his hands

Installing jacuzzi
  • What you need to know before installing the hot tub or Jacuzzi
  • Requirements room
  • requirements for water supply and sanitation, water quality and the power supply
  • Installation jacuzzi and spa
  • Connecting to water spabath
  • electrical connection
  • Connecting to a hot tub sewage network
  • Recommended use
  • Care

value bathtub in the life of any family is huge - that it is a place of rest and retreat after a hard day's work.And if you're a fan of quality relaxation, without the hot tub (jacuzzi) just can not do.However, before choosing any model, you need to familiarize yourself with baths and optional features.

What you need to know before installing the hot tub or Jacuzzi

All hot tubs have the same structure and consist of the following main elements:

  • pump;
  • water intake;
  • nozzles;
  • control system (pneumatic or electronic);

With pump equipment water flows through the intake to the nozzle, in which a mixture of water and air.The resulting mixture under pressure enters the ba

th bowl.That kind of nozzles determines the type of massage: aero or hydro.


aeromassazhem increases the saturation of water with oxygen, which has beneficial effects on the skin, muscles and the circulatory system of the human. Whirlpool can have a relaxing and invigorating effect, depending on the adjustment of the ratio of air and water.

whirlpool hot tub

more information, see our article about the jacuzzi.You will learn many interesting things!

nozzles are, for example, bottom, side, foot massage or back.Some hot tubs are equipped with a drainage system, thanks to the circulation of water in the bowl is without interruption.In addition, the Jacuzzi can be equipped with optional accessories with which you can enjoy music or a favorite movie.Also, the number of additional features include a therapeutic effect light (chromotherapy), smells (aromatherapy) and oxygen (ozone).

Spa - a spa bath

to the room

Requirements Before installing a Jacuzzi bathroom need to prepare.In the room to finish all repairs, including cladding, as well as to remove all debris.

very important that finishing works were carried out taking into account the availability of places distributing water, sewer and electrical networks, as well as the possibility to remove the bath without breaking the finishing materials.

Jacuzzi in the room

It is also necessary to align the floor and provide adequate ventilation in the room where it will be located a hot tub.

In accordance with the installation location, shape and size of the future to make the bath liner of tap water to the mixer tap and drain, hold and install power lines socket having grounding.

installed jacuzzi

Sometimes jacuzzi put in the yard of a private house.Buy a model with a special coating and learn as much as possible in the climate conditions in which you live.

Jacuzzi on the street

requirements for water supply and sanitation, water quality and the power supply

To connect the pump jacuzzi required:

  • electrical network with a voltage of 220V,
  • three-wire power cable,
  • breaker,
  • tripping device,
  • ground
  • voltage regulator (if desired).

Electrical wires section should be at least 3 mm.

, which is connected to the hot tub, the pressure should be less than 5 atmospheres and water without impurities, or if it should be equipped with filters to purify water
whirlpool pump

Water supply network.

and desirable to put pressure reducer.

Sewerage must have drain holes with a diameter of 4 to 5 cm. Details of these requirements will be discussed below, and now stop directly at the facility.

Installation jacuzzi and spa

To avoid damage, the protective film for a bath is not recommended to remove the installation. While moving to the place of its installation can not take up the pipe, nozzle, pump or other elements whirlpool system - this can damage them.Can only be taken for framing.

When installing the bath to adjust the support legs so that its sides are horizontal.This is easily verified by means of a spirit level.

Then you need to set the frame or brackets that will keep the cup, without them it will sag.By the way, on this basis we can determine goodness of the bath itself - the more legs it needs, the less she is strong.

After installation, the space under the bath is closed with decorative panels, which are included.At the same time leave uncovered the distance from the floor for ventilation hydromassage equipment.It is usually 20-30 mm.

No need to plug the board bathroom tiles, as otherwise you will not be able to dismantle it without damaging the lining of the walls.

installing hot tubs
Installation of decorative panels for hot tub
Jacuzzi without frame

Connecting to water Spa

Technical parameters baths are designed for operation in its water supply system with a pressure of 4-5 bar.However, it is recommended to install an additional pressure reducer for greater reliability.

Jets Jacuzzi are very sensitive to the quality of the incoming water, so a prerequisite to connect is to install filters coarse and fine cleaning. This will protect the system from costly damage.It is rarely any citizen of our country can boast the quality of tap water.

Pipes better to bring as close as possible to the water consuming devices.Here it should be noted that they do not block access to the nodes of pipe joints and baths.It is very important to revise or repair if necessary.

Connection to water Spa

drain in the hot tub a higher drain sewage at a distance of about 10 cm.

Installation and connection of the mixer to the water supply at the hot tub does not differ from the installation and connection of ordinary baths.The only difference is that the taps have hot tubs installed directly on the bath itself, and not on the wall, like a simple.System "drain and overflow" in such baths are usually made of semi-automatic: the drain valve is opened with the knob located on the overflow hole.

Upon reaching the critical point of water level, it begins to overflow through the drain hole, which is located below the handle.Of course the connection is made using a flexible liner for water.The length is taken in view of the possible movement of the bath to the wall at a distance of not less than half a meter.

In conclusion water pipes are placed taps with thread diameter of 1/2 ". When work is important to monitor the tightness of connections, if necessary, using the pads.

Connection to water Spa

Electrical connection

Connecting Power Spa

As is known, water - current conductor, so connection of the power when installing bathtubs with hydromassage is the most challenging job and requires special care, skill and strict compliance with electrical safety requirements

Before the installation must be shut down site which will.. work carried out socket to connect a jacuzzi should be positioned in such a way as to prevent the ingress of water is better -.. completely removed from the bath in addition, it should be grounded in it (so-called "earthing-pin").

Connecting the hot tub power

The package may include a hot tub and a switch that can also connect.It must be installed with the same requirements as the socket, and also be grounded.

outlet (or switch) to the electrical shield is connected via a residual current device and a safety automaton.To connect to the mains using a three-wire cable with three colored wires.

Yellow with green wire is grounded, bluish - zero, red, brown or white - phase.These colors are fixed international standard, so confusion is excluded.

When connecting cables to the hot tub power cord grounding must be connected to ground, phase - a phase and zero - zero.

For protection from sudden power surges that can cause failure of the electrical jacuzzi, it is recommended to install surge protectors.

Surge Protectors

Connecting to a sewage network Spa

To attach the hot tub to the sewage drain communications used with holes 4-5 cm in diameter. It is convenient if the sewer pipe will be located in the floor or wall.In the latter case, the distance from the floor should not be greater than two centimeters.

At the final stage of the hot tub siphon drain is connected to a corrugated pipe.After attaching the tub to the communication, it is necessary to verify all connections for leaks.To do this, fill the cup with water and carefully inspect the seams.Then you need to seal the abutting space jacuzzi to the walls.The water is drained from the bowl only after curing of the sealant.

Accession to the sewage network Spa

Recommended use

After installation work is necessary to fill a bowl with water so that the whirlpool jets were below its level, and bring them into operation by pressing the remote control power button.

water pressure and direction are regulated nozzles nozzles.Before switching equipment it would do well to check their opening.To this end, the nozzle must be turned counterclockwise until the very end.In order not to splash water room bathroom, injector tips should be directed downwards.

whirlpool pump must not operate for long periods without water circulation - it is fraught with it overheating and the flow of the pump shaft. If you purchased a bath with lights, then turn on the last of the empty cup can not.The fact that water is the cooling element and allows the lamp to overheat.Turning the backlight bath, in which there is no water, can cause skin burns human skin, as well as the deformation of the bath.

If during operation any problems, read our article about the hot tub repair and jacuzzi.Before buying also suggested identify problems that may arise, to make the right choice spa.

pump jacuzzi

Work system whirlpool hot tub designed for water temperature no higher than + 50 ° C.


to hot tub lasts you a long time, you need to follow certain rules.

The wash acrylic bathtub?For cleaning it is strictly prohibited all abrasive cleaners, as well as products containing acid, alkali, chlorine and other harsh chemicals.

Bathe your pet and put it hard objects, especially sharp edges, too, is not necessary.All this can cause damage to the surface.

To care only use soft sponge or cloth and gel cleansers.To remove water and sediment can use folk remedies.For example, it is possible to moisten the sponge with 3% solution of acetic acid or citric acid.

care Jacuzzi

If, however, on the surface of your bath formed small scratches, they can be sanded with the fine grains (M9800-1200), and then apply a paste for polishing cars to restore luster.

To prevent rust stains, after each use of the bath is necessary to wipe dry with a clean, dry cloth.Better if it will be of linen, woolen fabrics are not recommended.

Every one or two months, the hot tub requires disinfection.To do this, you need to add a bath filled with 1 cup of disinfectant, which can be purchased in stores for the sale of bathtubs, and turn on the pump for 2 minutes.This time is sufficient to fill all the water system zones.Then you need to turn off the whirlpool and drain the water in the hot tub after 20 minutes.During this time the pipeline system cleansed of microorganisms.After re-loading cycle drain the water in the bowl, you can use the bathroom.

fine grain sandpaper

If you have "hard" water, the whirlpool system at least twice a year cleaning is required.Procedure such:

  • fill the bowl with water temperature of + 40 ° C, to pour the detergent (about 2 grams of funds to one liter of water) and turn on the pump for a short time;
  • pump is shut down, the water drained from the bowl;
  • fill the cup this time with cold water and turn on pumps for 2 minutes;
  • turn off the pump, drain the water, and the hot tub wash as usual.

procedure of cleaning and disinfection is not recommended together, since the mixing of the two fluids may cause damage to the hot tub equipment.

As you can see, nothing complicated.Call yourself whether professional or install a bath - it's up to you.I hope this article will help you make the right choice.

care agent hot tub