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August 12, 2017 18:06

Repair and Jacuzzi whirlpool baths with their own hands

Repair of hot tubs
  • main causes of breakdowns
  • General rules for repair
  • Eliminating blockages
  • Eliminating shallow and through cracks
  • mixer Replacement
  • fault injector
  • preventive care facilities for cleaning and disinfecting

Hot tub, better known to all as "whirlpool bath" (named after its first company-producer) - is extremely useful for health device that allows you to relax, get rid of the feeling of fatigue after a hard day and make up stamina.

You can choose one of the types of massage:

  • hydro (water streams);
  • air massage (air bubbles);
  • turbopul (combined version).

The main objective is to achieve a whirlpool muscle relaxation and total relaxation. In such devices, the relaxing effect is achieved by supplying water through the nozzle or air under a certain pressure.The holes in the nozzles are the most "problematic" sites - parallel to the spine in the lumbar region, in the legs.

hydromassage bath

main causes of breakdowns

device is equipped with a whirlpool sophisticated equipment, for whic

h to care and maintenance work regularly.But, in spite of the regular procedures, from time to time failure still occur.

most common root cause of damage is considered to be a blockage. Its sign can be called labored draining.

negative impact on the operation of the equipment and provide product integrity violations surface - cracks, chips and scratches.

bath surface integrity violation

Another common root cause of failure is considered poor water quality , eventually leading to the formation of lime scale in the equipment pipes.

Another common cause of failure removal jacuzzi are chemicals.According to the rules of operation forbidden to use detergents when running hydromassage as chemicals getting into the nozzle, can disable them.That is why bathe in a Jacuzzi with soaps and shampoos can only be turned off when the whirlpool system.

In some situations, failure reason is failure of one or more nodes equipment.Often break aero-compressors, pumps and cisterns.

broken pump

General rules for repair

If the period of warranty repairs came to an end, and your product is out of order, do not rush to call the master.The fact is that in many situations hydromassage device can be subjected to in the home.All you need to do - is to calculate the true cause of the failure.

bath unit

Most often clogged and other breakdowns exposed cartridge. Typically, in this case it is enough just to clean, but may be required, and replacement.

not strong water pressure, most likely indicates that the dirty filter system. order to further verify the pressure power should be open all the faucets in the house.

If the product is out of order, and for its repair was required to change some of the details, it is essential that defective parts were fully compatible with the specific model and manufacturer of your hot tub, or your product almost serve however a long time.

water in the hot tub

Eliminating blockages

Usually, bath stops working due to blockages. devices with disinfection system to remove blockages and prevent them in the specially designed hole poured the cleaner to clean the hot tubs.By going through the pipes, it washes away all the dirt, sending it down the drain.This saves the device from damage.On devices without disinfection system to clean the blockage can resort to a cleaning tablet, thrown into the water during the bath operation.In areas with not very high-quality water to carry out such a procedure will take at least 1 time in 2 months.

To prevent the occurrence of blockages, it must be remembered that the product should not be exposed to hair, threads, fibers and other foreign materials, as over time it always leads to clogging.

Eliminating blockages

Also we must not forget that only specific solutions and tablets can be used for cleaning acrylic products.

Eliminating shallow and through cracks

Modern product for hydromassage are made of acrylic, amplified by the use of resins and fiberglass.The thickness of such baths is 7-9mm, and the choice of repair method is determined by the seriousness and depth of product damage.To determine this we need to understand how to make your bathtub, that is to look at the cut of its board.Housing Jacuzzi mm coated acrylic is made of plastic, in the opposite case, it is made from a single sheet molding.

for repair, you will need:

  • liquid acrylic;
  • adhesive tape;
  • sandpaper;
  • drill with a thin drill bits;
  • Bulgarian grinding.

Shallow cracks

As a rule, modern Jacuzzi equipped with everything necessary to eliminate many types of failures.For example, if you have a hot tub, made by casting or spraying, the set for repair is a specialized structure for this type of fault.

If your product is molded from sheet to retract the cracks will be enough liquid acrylic.This product repairs should be carried out in strict accordance with a certain technology.First, you need to crack slightly expanded the composition can penetrate into the interior.With fine nazhdachki to do polishing the edges.Then you need to prepare a mixture.Before its application the damaged area should be thoroughly degreased.Excess solidified mixture should be removed from the surface of the product using nazhdachki.At the end of this section it is necessary to repair sand.

shallow crack

through cracks

In this case it is necessary to perform more complex repairs.First, we need to prevent the possibility of expansion cracks.To do this, on both sides of a crack drill a hole using a thin drill.Then the surface should be completely free of grease.Then you will need adhesive tape, it is necessary to stick to the outside of the product, and then repeat the above procedure.

repair through cracks

Replacement mixer

reason for the change of the mixer, as a rule, is a failure of the cartridge. Sometimes this element is quite a good clean.If this did not lead to the desired result, the replacement is inevitable.At the same time it is necessary to buy exactly the same cartridge.Before installing the brand new parts must be well cleaned landing "nest", removing the scum and wiping it dry.

Replacement mixer

fault injector

happens that jacuzzi reasons of failure is the failure, rather clogged nozzle.For such a situation, characterized by power reduction of water pressure.To fix it you need to twist the cap and delicately clean the inner surface with a soft cloth and water from the accumulated dirt.

clogging of nozzles

preventive care facilities for cleaning and disinfecting

market funds for whirlpools offers a huge number of different formulations for the care of their surface. With their selection should be guided by considerations of environmental security and safety for human health. When used any means for cleaning and prevention need to strictly follow the enclosed instructions in terms of dosing, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises, accidental damage to the product surface and the emergence of allergies.

care for the bathroom

Everyday care Jacuzzi involves rinsing the surface and wipe soft cloth.It is forbidden to use cloth nappies, hard sponge and ordinary detergent.

Every month you need to pursue a more serious procedures, including disinfection and thorough cleaning. For this article you need to fill with water to a level above the location of the nozzles at the top of a few centimeters, then dissolved in water, a special disinfectant in accordance with the instructions.After preparing the solution you need to run the pump for a while, then turn them off and wait for about 20 minutes, and then drain the water.This procedure is necessary to spend twice, and after the 2nd times to remove and clean the filters, and then paste them into place and wipe the product with a dry soft cloth.

care agent

once a year is required to carry out deep cleaning bath with a 7 percent solution of acetic acid.This solution allows to prevent the occurrence of limestone deposits, and thus it is absolutely safe for the acrylic surface.

Glubrkaya cleaning is performed in a certain sequence:

  • connect the pumps for 30 sec .;
  • leave the water in the hot tub for 10 or 12 hours;
  • pour water;
  • again fill the whirlpool with water and re-connect the pumps;
  • again drain the water, rinse the product surface and carefully wipe.