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August 12, 2017 18:06

Baths of cast marble .The sizes and shapes of marble baths

Baths made ​​of marble
  • As manufactured marble baths
  • Advantages and marble baths disadvantages
  • Cast (artificial) marble
  • Application gelcoat bath
  • Forms marble baths
  • marble bath in the bathroom interior
  • Pricesin the bath marble
  • Installing marble bathroom
  • care bath marble
  • How to remove stains from the surface of the bath
  • Conclusion

marble bathroom, as well as any other item made of this noble material in the first placewe associate with ancient times.Marble sculpture masters of Ancient Greece and Rome, and to this day remains a model of harmony and beauty in art.

Antique style goes out of fashion for many centuries: it dresses in the Empire style, and building facades decorated with columns, and, of course, home furnishings, made of marble.But modern housing, unless it is a three-storey country house does not have enough free space to accommodate the marble statues and pedestals.But the place you can find almost always, good selection of sizes shapes and allows for a bath in marble.In such a bath

of antiquity lovers can feel the real Greek gods descended from Olympus!

As manufactured marble baths

If you decide to decorate your bathroom marble bathroom, then you have two options - a bath of natural stone and artificial.

marble bath

Natural marble - quite soft and pliable material that allows you to give it practically any shape (no wonder this is a favorite material of sculptors).Baths of natural marble baptismal font made by cutting from a single block of stone.This is done, though not by hand, and by a special computerized equipment.

Baths of marble manufacturing

Advantages and disadvantages of marble baths

The main advantage of marble bathrooms - it is their unusual and stunningly beautiful appearance. Like any expensive luxury item, a marble bathtub in the first place, an indication of the status of its owner, demonstrates his artistic taste and financial status.

Beautiful marble bathtub

Besides the fact that it is a great decoration of the bathroom, which is built around the entire interior, marble bathroom has excellent "technical specifications".

Noise - one of the major advantages of such a bath.The material from which it is made perfectly muffles the sound of running water, and therefore does not require additional insulation.

Another positive quality marble baths is resistant to high and low temperatures .It is not heated, not cooled and that is not unimportant, is not conducive to excessively rapid cooling water.

bathrooms with natural stone different resistance to the penetration of bacteria and help maintain hygiene in the bathroom.

Marble baths dignity

shortage in baths made of natural stone are only two, but very significant.The first - is the high cost of , afford a bath can not everyone who wants to.

The second disadvantage is that marble baths need constant care .During the operation of forming a plurality of chips and cracks at such a bath is why, from time to time, it is necessary to carry out its restoration.

Green bathroom made ​​of marble

baths made of marble light, turn yellow over time.In addition, the marble absorbs different dyes, which is why on the surface of the bath is inevitably formed stains from household chemicals and perfumes.

Cast (artificial) marble

Baths of artificial, or as it is called, cast marble is made of a composite material based on marble chips, synthetic resins and dyes.Bathrooms of this material on quality does not concede to the baths made of natural stone, and even have some advantages.

bath of artificial marble in the interior of a bathroom

such baths manufacturing technology enables a uniform material, without cracks and voids (which are inevitable if the tub is made of a single piece of natural marble).This makes the baths of cast marble, more durable and wear-resistant.

Application gelcoat bath

Gelkuot - a varnish that covers the bath surface of cast marble is still at the production stage. It is necessary to ensure that the finished product has become more resistant to external damage, dirt, temperature and humidity.In addition, the use of an external bath gelkuota defines appearance.For the production of colored bath need a color lacquer and bath, imitating natural stone - transparent.The combination of colored and clear gelkuota allows you to put on the surface of the bath intricate designs.


Forms marble baths

Marble baths are made mostly to order, so your future bath sketch, you can create your own.

It can be smooth, rounded lines and strict geometry;roughly treated prodolblennym boulder with a hole or polished modern jacuzzi.The choice is yours!

Beautiful marble bathroom
Bath marble gray
Bath of marble rectangular

When purchasing be sure to pay attention to the quality of marble processing. surface should be smooth and enjoyable.Chips and cracks should not be.

Baths artificial marble can boast a wide variety of shapes and colors than their counterparts made of natural stone, because the choice is not limited by what nature has given

can enjoy a bath in the form of a rose petal or the ancient font -your imagination is limited only by your budget.

marble bath in the bathroom interior

presence in the bathroom marble bath room "obliges" the rest of the interior to be her match. usual faceless tiles on the walls and plastic panels on the ceiling can not do, but the marble tiles and surrounded by everything from the floor to the ceiling, too, should not be, otherwise there is a risk to recreate the interior of some of the metro stations.Therefore, we need to find a middle ground.

Marble bathroom interior bathroom

marble bathtub can become a part of that, which will determine the entire style premises.Depending on the appearance of the bath, it can be a classic, Empire or any of the ethno-style.Just pick the proper finish and appearance of the room supplement suitable accessories.Incidentally, the accessories can also be made of marble.Small figurines, vases, stands for toothbrushes - all this choice is simply huge in stores.

Big Tub prdmetov will be your pride and the way of absolute relaxation.For more information about large bath, its features and the installation you will be able to learn from our article about the big bath.

marble tiles

marble bathroom details appearance does not spoil.Book with a bathroom sink from the same material, they perfectly complement each other.Or pick up the marble countertops Furniture - matching or contrasting color.

Sink made ​​of marble in the bathroom

Usual sanitary acrylic and blends with the walls finished in marble.

Decorating the bathroom in marble

Marble tiles - perfect material for finishing bathroom, just can not stand it too carried away.

If you decide to lay flooring in the bathroom marble, be sure to buy special mats, as on the marble floor is easy to slip coming out of the bathroom.

Prices for baths made of marble

Marble bathroom - not a cheap pleasure. The price range is large enough bathtubs cost of natural stone starts at five thousand dollars, the cheapest bath of artificial marble can be bought at the price of acrylic or cast iron.There

and baths of cast marble with hydromassage.Read more about the bathrooms with Jacuzzi you can learn from our article about hot tubs.

Beautiful marble bathroom

bath cost of natural stone depends primarily on the material from which it is made. It is important marble deposits, coloring (more rare is more expensive), the size and thickness of the stone.Throw in the transportation and handling costs.

bath of natural Marble

Bath artificial marble is much cheaper.At its price affects the shape, size, the presence of additional accessories, in short, everything that usually determines the value of any interior.

bath of cast marble

Installing marble bathroom

Marble baths are easy to mount. They do not require special legs or frames, unless it is provided for design.However, the installation of such a bath is best left to professionals.

installation of marble bath

Most firms in the manufacture and sale of products in marble and are engaged in their installation.The fact that the special tools for working with stone is usually only professionals, but during the installation you may need to trim the edge of the tub or drill holes.

Marble bath installation

care bath marble

marble bath, especially made of natural stone, requires special and careful handling.

to bath as long as possible preserved color, it must be cleaned every day.This should avoid scrubbing sponges and (especially with metallic fibers) and aggressive detergents.

Many cleaners for sanitary ware are composed of acid, and abrasives which will gradually destroy the surface layer of the marble bath.For everyday care is quite a soft sponge or cloth and warm water.

important part of care for a polished marble bathroom. Producing it should be after cleaning using wax and turpentine.Typically, polishing baths use a piece of woolen cloth and a special polishing wax, however, you can do the usual.To make heighten the gloss polished surface already treated with turpentine bath.Usually just a few drops, but the more turpentine, the more glossy shine (just do not overdo it, the liquid has a very strong, pungent odor).

Care marble bathroom

Once or twice a week a bath made of marble should be cleaned means for the care of marble products.You can find it in any hypermarket building, or in a specialty store.

How to remove stains from the surface of the bath

Marble bath - a thing, though beautiful, but not very practical.It is like a living being, in need of constant care and attention.For example, the need to constantly ensure that on the surface do not appear stains from household chemicals, beverages, etc., because getting rid of them is sometimes difficult.

If the bath is made of natural marble, print spots will bleach.

Artificial marble as bleach can harm. bath of cast marble can be cleaned with a solution mixture of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. should pour dirt with this mixture and leave it for a day.

bath marble stain removal

heavier pollution, for example, traces of rust, it is better to remove the special means for cleaning marble products.


bath of marble could afford only the true connoisseurs of the beautiful things that do not spare neither the money nor the energy, nor the time to give it the proper care and a long time to keep it in its original form.But do not let that stop, for a marble bathtub for it all will pay handsomely to its owner.

marble bath in the interior

Beautiful, high quality bath in the corresponding interior is able to shake the imagination of even the most sophisticated audience.A stay in such a bath will give you with nothing comparable experience.