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August 12, 2017 18:06

What a cast iron tub is better: how to choose a cast iron bath

The cast-iron bathtub in the interior
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Cast iron bathtubs can be called a classic.They began to be used for sanitary good of man long before the production of steel and especially of acrylic bathtubs.Of course, steel and acrylic significantly pushed iron plumbing market.Their main advantage in the manufacture of baths is light weight of the finished product and a variety of forms.However, cast iron bathtubs to send early retirement.Their application is relevant to this day.


Baths made of cast iron, have a wall thickness of 6-8 mm.Of course, because of this bath significantly gaining weight, but this thickness is a guarantee of a number of advantages over the acrylic or steel fixtures.

apparent advantage of cast iron baths is their strength.Due to the properties of cast iron and an impressive thickness of the walls of the bath of cast iron are not deformed, not afraid to

shock and accidental dropping heavy objects.Such bath with proper care of the enamel can be literally for centuries.

bath of cast iron production Roca

Cast iron has a high thermal capacity.Due to this property, water in the iron bath for a long time retains temperature.In addition, the cast iron tub is quiet enough at the water pouring and rings as steel.By the properties of heat preservation and noise reduction with a bathtub made of cast iron can be compared only acrylic model.

cast iron bathtub on legs

Stability .When properly installed, a qualitative basis by virtue of their large mass of cast iron bathtubs are very resistant and do not require additional support, as is the case with steel baths.

is worth saying a few words about the shortcomings of cast iron baths.Firstly, by virtue of refractory material, cast iron tubs not differ variety of shapes and sizes.Secondly, cast iron bathtubs are heavy (from 120kg), which significantly complicates the process of delivering a bath in the apartment and its installation.

A cast iron bath with a pattern
cast iron bath , hidden wooden screens
cast iron bathtub

small cast iron bathtub

Outset that found in the plumbing shop cast-iron bath is small in size is problematic.Young called the bath of cast iron with a length of 120 or 130 cm and a width of 70cm.such products acquire for small bathrooms and is set along the short wall in order to save living space.

small cast iron bath


standard and the most common are the cast iron bath is medium in size.Dimensions of such baths are as follows:. Length of 140-150 cm and a width of 70 cm Installation mid-size bath is great for those who do not have a spacious bathroom, but likes to soak in a warm bath.

The photo shows Spanish production bath Roca Haiti medium size 150h70 cm.

cast iron bath medium size


longer be cast iron bath length 170, 180 and 185 cm and a width of 70 or 85 cm .Large cast iron bath - acquisition of expensive, and is more suitable for installation in private homes with a spacious bathroom.First, bring a bath in an apartment high-rise building is extremely difficult because of its heavy weight.Secondly, a large bath of cast iron will look better in the spacious room, as a central element of the interior.

Large cast iron bath - it's not just big, heavy plumbing.Installed in the bathroom, it will emphasize the sense of stability and confidence.And, of course, in such a familiar bath water treatments are incredibly comfortable and pleasant.

The picture you can see a model of a cast-iron bath Atlantida, dimensions which make up 208h100 cm and depth of 66 cm to overflow.

What a cast-iron bath is better to choose?

When selecting a cast-iron bath has a number of important aspects that are worth paying attention to, regardless of dimensions.

quality enamel.Be sure before you buy make a thorough inspection of the enamel surface of the bath within the iron.Not allowed:

  • Scola
  • Cracks
  • detachment
  • Smudges
  • Uneven thickness of the enamel
  • presence areas differing in color

Ideally enamel should be shockproof with coating thickness of 1 - 1.2mm.If you find any of these defects, it is better to abandon the purchase of defective bath.Plumbing, covered with enamel easy to clean, is not afraid of using special cleaning agents.But any marriage cover the operation will only increase.Cracks and chips will grow and darken, shortening bath service.Smooth glossy enamel is a sign of high-quality products.But because of the iron processing difficulties may be mild undulation cover.

stylish cast iron bath
Shock resistant cast iron bath
large cast iron bath

Standard color of the bath of cast iron are shades of white and beige are allowed enamel light snow and a blue tone.

second important parameter - the quality iron.The thickness of the walls of the bath should be at least 5 mm.Rate the quality of the casting can be on the outer surface of the walls.It should be no potholes, chips, excessive roughness, mounds.

Best of all, if the outer side is covered with powder paint.Such bath receives additional protection, it is easier to care for and acquires exceptional aesthetic appearance.

A cast iron bath with a black outer coating
cast iron bathtub
cast iron bath with colored outer side

quality service water treatment may also pay attention to the depth of the bath. depth counted from the bottom to the overflow.The standard is considered to be a distance of about 32 cm. But often cast iron bathtubs have a depth of 40-46 cm to the overflow.Of course, it is very nice to take a bath in water bowl so deep, when the body is fully immersed in water.

A couple of nuances that deserve attention when choosing a bath of cast iron - is its price and quality of components. When installing iron font is not allowed to use low-grade support elements or drainage system .And no matter how low the price tag was attractive, should seriously think over the quality of products and the problems that may result in the purchase of the bath, do not meet safety requirements.

security guarantees water treatment bottom with anti-slip coating.

cast iron bath with anti-slip bottom

Unusually looks bath of cast iron in the legs.

Cast iron bathtub on legs

cast iron roll-top bath is perfect for you if you want to make a bathroom in a classic style.

Feet bath discussed in detail in our other article.Read and choose: they are easy to make your bath design special.

The cast-iron claw-foot bathtub in the classic style


There is a stereotype that the best is cast iron bathtubs imported, but to date, and domestic producers can offer a decent model, not inferior to European quality.

So most affordable among the cast-iron baths good quality produce at the factory in Ulyanovsk "Plant TouringĀ» .Our history begins in 1961.Since that time, the plant equipment and technology has changed, so, in 2005 the factory produce bath on Japanese molding technology in a vacuum.But the quality of products remains consistently high for more than 50 years. specialty, is a three-layer application enamel that allows the bath durable and reliable coverage.The greatest love among ordinary customers for excellent quality and reasonable prices has won a series of "Nostalgia".For example, the cost model "Universal" standard size 150 * 70 cm and depth of 46 cm in the range of 12,000 rubles.

cast iron bathtub nostalgia

Another Russian enterprise for the production of pig iron baths - is JSC "Kirov Plant".It was created by decree of Empress Elizabeth back in 1745 (!) And is considered the oldest.But the plant following the modern technologies.So, bath at the Kirov plant cast on the German line that provides a guaranteed 25 years of service products.Another advantage of the Kirov bath - is a special enamel with silver ions that contribute to decontaminate water.Today, in series production are 9 models of cast iron baths, including a bath and compact "Baby" length of 1.2m.

Kirov cast iron bath baby

When casting many modern models of cast iron bathtubs are provided head-space for mounting handles. Elite models are equipped with hydro and aero massage.

Cast iron hot tub

Cast iron baths Roca

among European manufacturers of the most popular are cast iron bathtub Spanish firm Roca. Baths for Roca brand produced more than 100 years, and today, the company brings together about 50 factories located around the world.Despite the fact that this premium bath, their price is relatively low.For example, the value of the bath Roca Continental is in the range of 17-18 thousand rubles.Also popular are the models of bath Roca Haiti and Roca Malibu.Although a number of assortment, which includes about 40 models, there are also costly bath, which cost starts from 40 and may exceed 100 thousand rubles.

cast iron bath Roca Tampa

Another Spanish manufacturer of cast iron tubs - the company Novial .Manufacturing was founded in 1967, and since then, casting technology and molding iron and enamel coating products are constantly improved.The exceptional strength of the coating is achieved by firing baths in an infrared oven.Spa Novial well represented in the price categories: bath-baby Susan will cost about 10 000r, but for a luxury model Susan Delux length of 180 cm, equipped with aero and hydro massage system.We'll have to shell out not less than 60 thousand rubles.

cast iron bath Novial Lux Socorro

Besides the above listed companies can be found in stores and baths made of cast iron production Italy (Artex), Finland (Timo) and China (Goldman).

Please note that, regardless of the brand manufacturer to the choice of the cast iron tub is approached with the utmost seriousness.Be sure to carefully inspect the condition of the coatings in the store to check the availability of all components.Bath can get defects such as due to manufacturing defects (no manufacturer is unable to provide 100% abnormal situations) and during transport.

All prices are as of the end of 2014.

The cast-iron bathtub in the interior

for selection of imported iron bath carefully check the completeness of the set of legs and mounts for them.Some models may be installed only with the quality "native" components.

cast iron bathtub


By the diversity of cast iron baths are not the best competitors plumbing acrylic.But the bath of cast iron is still valued for their durability and ease of care and constant feeling of comfort and stability that they provide.