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August 12, 2017 18:06

Hot Tub : selection of the best hot tubs

Hot Tub
  • therapeutic effect of hydro-massage treatments
  • Types whirlpools
  • manufacturing materials
  • sizes and shapes of baths with whirlpool
  • Basic and advanced features
  • Price range
  • producer Choice
  • Installation Tips
  • Rules
  • whirlpool foot bath with whirlpool
  • Care

whirlpool has long ceased to be a sign of luxury.If a few years ago about a bath could only dream, now you can easily pick up option that fits the budget and will be able to enjoy every day of Whirlpool.

hot tub is often called the "Jacuzzi" - on the brand name, the first publisher of a hot tub.

therapeutic effect of hydro-massage treatments

Whirlpool considered beneficial for health and helps to cope with stress and fatigue , which is why many resorts provide treatment services with the help of hydro-massage treatments.Buying a bath, you will be able to carry out such procedures without leaving the house.

a hot tub at home

Recently, a very popular use of the hot tub massage against cellulite and firming the skin.The jets of wat

er directed at problem areas, help burning fat tissue and improve body contours.

Types whirlpools

two categories of hot tubs can be identified depending on the massage mode.The first is the conventional bath , nozzles which are arranged in a side and the massage is done with the help of air-water jets.

The second category can be attributed combined bath .They differ in that they are used for another massage and air-bubble flow by using a different type of injector.It is believed that a more effective massage to health.

bath with whirlpool jets

manufacturing materials

Choosing a hot tub is important to pay attention to the material from which it is made.Total for sale can be found several species of material, and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Bathtubs acrylic

are among the most popular choices, as the lightweight material has a good level of strength and is very easy to care for him.In addition, a bath can be easily restored without the help of professionals.

The disadvantage is that this material can not be called a fairly cheap.

Acrylic bathtubs with hydromassage

Steel bath

usually very light, but their size and shape are always standard.

too high level of rigidity of the material and weak teplosohranyayuschie properties can be attributed to the shortcomings of these baths.But the low cost can be considered a good advantage in the selection.

Steel Hot Tub

Cast iron baths

are heavy, and their transportation - a rather complicated question.

Cast iron retains heat very well and serve their owners for a long time, but there are drawbacks - the term of service in the enamel bath from this material is limited to a few years, after which it will have to be given to the restoration.

cast iron bath with whirlpool

Plastic tubs

Recently, more common in stores.

The advantages of acquiring a bath only their cheap cost may include, but is much more minuses.

Bath plastic will not be long, for a few months, this material is scratched and lose their attractiveness.

hot tubs Plastic

sizes and shapes with hydromassage baths

sizes, shapes and colors baths with whirlpool vary within wide limits.You can buy a bath in black or red, round, rectangular, or other format, and absolutely any size.

Red hot tub

to standard apartments in old houses where the bathrooms are not very spacious, it is best to fit a bath classic shape and size, which establishes the minimum number of nozzles.

Hot Tub for a small room

A private homes or apartments of a new plan, you can use the hot tub larger than the standard, with increased width and a large number of nozzles.

Some hot tubs repeat the form of the human body, which makes the stay very comfortable in the water.Due to the fact that the bathrooms are deeper than usual, you can plunge into the water and get the maximum benefit and enjoyment of the massage.

Hot Tub , repeating the shape of the human body

Basic and advanced features

number of nozzles in the hot tub is a very important indicator.

considered a minimum set of 4 pieces, but using them may get a good massage, which is designed for the main areas of the body - the lower back, side torso, legs and rump.

In large size bathtubs number of nozzles can reach 14-16.

nozzles can be installed Additionally, for foot massage and cervical spine.

expensive models found in a special massage function of Shiatsu using small nozzles, which are additionally installed in the bath in an amount of 10-80 pieces.All nozzles can change the direction of water flow and have several levels of intensity that can be controlled by remote control.

addition of various amounts of the nozzles in modern hot tubs can be found a variety of additional features, which include aromatherapy, disinfection, lighting and others.

Hot Tub Shiatsu
Nozzles whirlpools
Hot Tub light blue

Whirlpool bath combined with aromatherapy is an excellent additional features that will help to cope with chronic fatigue or colds.

Bath hot big

Price range

Depending on your preferences, the cost of hot tubs can be between 20 and 70 thousand rubles .Bath standard shape and size will be cheaper than a bath of unusual shape and with an increased number of nozzles, for example, for the point massage of the spine.

Moreover, not the most important role in the formation of the cost of playing manufacturer.The cost of domestic manufacturers of bath will be much cheaper than a similar model, but made abroad.

On average, for the purchase of acrylic baths is necessary to prepare a budget in the range of 15-40 thousand rubles, but the cast-iron baths price starts from 20 thousand and can be up to 50 thousand.The steel bath can be purchased for around 10-30 thousand.

Hot Tub Illuminated

producer Choice

hot tubs were first produced in Germany, and followers took as the basis of their expertise and technology to continue to produce on their own way.

now a leader among manufacturers of such baths is considered firm Jacuzzi , producing a model of economy class, at an affordable cost and high-end bath, the cost of which can be called transcendental.

Jacuzzi Hot Tub

Behind them is the company Villeroy & amp; Bosh , which recently began to offer its customers the bath of the new material - Kwara, considered in their properties safer acrylic.

Hot Tub expensive

Among the Russian manufacturers can distinguish firms Triton and Radomir , and among foreign companies are considered the most inexpensive Chinese hot tubs, for example, from the company Apollo .

Hot Tub large

Installation Tips

is not to say that the hot tub requires special rules for installation, but there are some nuances that have to be observed.First of all, before you install have to be sure to put a water filter, as ordinary tap water is very detrimental to this technique.

Before purchasing the bath do not forget to make sure that its size is not greater than the width of doorways and elevator in the apartment, otherwise you just can not bring it.Also, you should check and wiring in an apartment or house, as in most cases to install such a bath is necessary to change the old wires.

Installing a hot bath

Despite the fact that the bathroom is usually included detailed instructions how to install, better to entrust this task to the professionals.In this case, you get a warranty on the work performed, and you can be sure that the installation has been performed properly.

Rules hydromassage

At first glance, all is not as easy as it may seem, and if you like to lie in the bath for several hours, in this case, will have to reduce the time spent in the bathroom, and be sure to explore recommendations that are necessary formaximum benefit from the whirlpool.

For those who plan to use the hot tub for the first time, it is advisable to start the procedure to 10-15 minutes later time it will be possible to constantly increase.


If the evening of massage can last 30 minutes at a water temperature of about 40 degrees, the morning should last up to 10 minutes and the water should be cooler, about 30 degrees.The selected temperature of the water during the entire massage should not change.

If you use the hot tub more than once a week, for the skin after the procedure, it is best to use a moisturizer.

Do not take a bath immediately after eating, it is best to wait a while.Just do not use the whirlpool before retiring.If you have heart disease, before whirlpool treatments is best to consult a doctor.

Hot Tub

foot bath with whirlpool

If the bath is not included in the shopping list for the next time, you can replace it with the purchase of foot bath with massage jets, with which you can relax tired feet and spendmassage of the reflex zones on the feet to improve health.And if you add in the foot bath, aromatic oils or salts, such a procedure will bring even more fun and useful.

Foot Bath - hydro

In some models of bathrooms for the legs are built extra features such as bubble or inkjet and other types of massage, splash protection, water heating and magnets or infra-red lamps, which improve circulation and provide a general strengtheningeffects on the human body.

Points on the feet for hydromassage

Hot foot bath can be purchased at a price in the range of 1,000-10,000 rubles, depending on the number of additional functions and the manufacturer.

But do not forget about the fact that such foot bath can not be used if you have varicose veins or diseases related to the nervous system or legs. In addition, caution is to use a bathroom pregnant women and prior to use it is desirable to consult with your doctor.


To bath lasts you a long time, you should observe certain rules of care:

  • Wash whirlpool can only mild special cleaners and brushes for gentle cleaning, which can not leave traces and tearenamel.Read our article about what to wash acrylic bathtub.
  • can not carry out the usual hygiene procedures using conventional shampoos and shower gels, experts recommend using only those tools that are specifically designed for such baths.
  • Do not forget about disinfection, which will help prevent odor and infection.Disinfect the bath is best after every seventh or eighth session, it is possible and more often if you find it necessary.
Hot Tub Care

Before purchasing a hot tub look how to repair the spa and read about what causes breakdowns happen.It is better to know immediately about possible problems.

If you are interested in how to make a hot tub, watch the following video.