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August 12, 2017 18:06

Installation of acrylic bathtubs

Installation of acrylic bathtubs
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  • Options
  • Room preparation
  • Materials and tools
  • installation methods rectangular bath
    • On
    • legs on a frame made of brick
    • on a frame made of plasterboard
  • Installation acrylic corner baths
  • With hydromassage bath
  • wall mounting

not long ago, the most popular and perhaps the only material for the manufacture of baths were cast iron.Now on the market there is a huge plumbing variety of options: in addition to the already mentioned cast iron bathtubs in stores you can find a bath of acrylic, steel, porcelain, Kwara (quartz alloy and acrylic), marble and even glass and wooden bath.The range is really impressive.


Customers increasingly opt for acrylic baths due to the following advantages:

  • variety of shapes and sizes (then as an option, for example, cast iron bathtubs are very limited), so there is a possibility to choose a batheven in the non-standard bathroom.
  • Light weight, which greatly facilitates their transportation, assembly and dismantling.
  • relative ease of installation, this may well cope and not professional.
  • Affordability - today it is probably the most inexpensive option.
Acrylic bathroom


But acrylic bath is not only of the advantages, disadvantages, it too is not deprived:

  • acrylic - the material brittle.The surface of acrylic baths can be easily damaged, so clean it very carefully, with special detergents.
  • Acrylic bath can completely break down under the weight of who it is.To avoid this, it is better to make a special form of the metal.
  • Another disadvantage of such a bath is that it is worse than that of other materials bath keeps heat.


Bathroom acrylic hydromassage

As already mentioned, you can set the acrylic bath and independently, without the help of professionals.To do this, you need only a little effort and try to adhere to our instructions.

To install the bath acrylic, we need the following:

  • drain siphon,
  • mounting frame (frame),
  • support legs,
  • various fasteners, trims and drills.

All this can be sold complete with a bathtub.But it is quite possible that the material you have to buy your own.Therefore, at the stage of buying a bath you need to pay attention to the related products and, if necessary, pick up the necessary accessories, which are most suited to your chosen bath.

Room preparation

Acrylic bath - a fragile thing, so before installing it, make sure that all the work on the decoration of the room in which it can be damaged (broken, scratched) is already over.

If the project bathroom handrails, headrests and other accessories are located in the immediate vicinity of a bath, they also need to install before you begin installation of the bath.

Before the start of preparatory work, ensure that the water supply blocked.

stages of preparatory work:

  1. First of all, we need to dismantle the old bath to break down the old sink, scrub flare connection of sewer pipes.
  2. Once cleaned sewage pipe socket, you must insert the corrugation and lubricate joints sealant based on silicone.
  3. After all the preparatory work was carried out, from the room you need to move all debris.

Materials and tools

To mount acrylic bath we need the following materials and equipment:

  • drill,
  • set of screwdrivers,
  • wrenches,
  • building level,
  • sealant foam,
  • meter building,
  • simple pencil or washable marker.

If you install a bath on the bricks, you must be reserved directly by bricks, cement and a trowel.

details on installation methods acrylic baths - in the next section.

installation methods rectangular bath

Installation baths

There are three ways to install acrylic bathtubs.

  1. Install bath on the support legs and the mounting frame.
  2. Install bath on the foundation made of bricks.This method is more laborious.
  3. combined.It involves the use of support legs with brick frame.

Installation corner bath we discussed in detail in another article.

on foot

Install bath on legs

bath If you selected a rectangular shape, it is perfect for the easiest installation by bath method, namely the installation of baths in the support legs.It should be remembered that, during this process, install the bath should be fixed to the wall.

Install bath on the support legs includes the following steps:

  1. To begin the floor in the bathroom is necessary to lay some softening material shocks, such as a packaging film.Next, we turn over the bath upside down and try on her assembled mounting frame.The guide frame assembly is generally indicated at what space it is necessary to comply.
  2. Then pencil or washable marker to note the holes for fasteners (it must be remembered that the frame is not fixed closer than 17 cm from the bottom edge of the bath or sink).Next Label drill holes approximately 0.6-1 cm deep and 0.3 cm in diameter.
  3. After installing the mounting frame support legs are starting to mount.To do this, on the studs with a thread is screwed accompanying details - the adjusting nuts, fasteners and plastic stoppers.Thus collected legs bath is attached to the frame and fasten the lock nuts.Thus it is necessary to see to it that the feet get the same height.
  4. tries on a bath together with the already assembled frame with legs for the future installation site.With the rules and spirit level are trying to arrange the entire structure horizontally.When the correct position is found, again remove the bath with the mounting location and install the fastening straps, making sure that the spacing between them coincides with the width of the bath rim.
  5. Set the bath at the place allotted to it and connect to water and sanitation.

on a frame made of brick

If complete with bathroom no mounting frame and support legs, the support necessary for a bath can be a structure made of bricks.This installation method is perfect for acrylic baths also because acrylic baths are very light and fragile, and brick pillar will help make our design more robust and sustainable.

Brick frame for bath

to start carry out necessary measurements and built of brick frame width in half brick.When the frame construction do not forget to provide an opening for the door to secure the access to the siphon in case it becomes clogged.It is also necessary to provide a gap between the brick foundation and the bottom of the bath.The gap that we then fill with foam, will give a snug fit to the base of the bath.

bath is adjacent to more tightly as possible, dial it with water.

Where the bath is adjacent to the wall, install the mounting plate.

can do without them, but in this case will need to lay down a special form of the frame, in which the bath will rest in the bowl, and it requires professional skills.

on a frame made of plasterboard

frame plasterboard looks stylish, nice and neat.It fits perfectly into any interior.

first put in place a bath, which will be mounted under the frame.

Bath , under which will make a frame made of plasterboard

This frame is made of profiles, aluminum rails and moisture-resistant drywall.Before work is required to measure the length and width.Frame stiffening ribs are ustanavlyaivatsya depending on the data values.

The framework for a bath of aluminum rods and profiles

After making frame drywall raskraivajut into pieces of the desired size and attach it with screws.

The frame of the bathroom drywall

Next box finished with those materials that were used in the decoration of the room.

Finished frame for the bathroom plasterboard

Installation corner acrylic bath

Despite the fact that the corner bath seems more cumbersome than familiar to us is rectangular, when properly installed, it can significantly save space in the bathroom and, in addition,, looks unusual.

Corner acrylic bathtub

If you chose a corner acrylic bath, be sure that the angle, which will be mounted bath, is 90 degrees (such as the angle of all models have corner baths).So before you spend painting and decorating, the walls need to do as much as possible flat.

process of installing corner baths acrylic virtually no different from the process of installation of rectangular bathtubs.

for mounting a bath apply both of us discussed the above method:

  • on
  • feet on the brick.

However, we must bear in mind that when installing a corner bath in the legs should be applied special mounting frame and adjustable feet that must be packaged along with the bathroom.


Acrylic hot tub installed in the same way as the acrylic tub without such features.But arranging the wiring for connecting the whirlpool, you need to be very careful.So, must be grounded electrical outlet to which will connect Bath and be sure to provide the location of the outlet.It should be as close as possible to the control unit, compressors, pumps.

Installing hot tubs discussed in detail in our other article.

Acrylic Hot Tub

baths Wall mounting

for fixing acrylic baths to the wall, do the following:

  1. Before you install bath in the legs or on the frame, lay it on its side and attach the pipe.To connect pipes outdoor siphon.
  2. After the bath is installed on the foundation, seal the gap between the wall and the bathroom.You can use a mixture of gypsum plaster or a special sealant that will provide more and waterproofing your bath.
  3. Top, reliability and aesthetics, glued plastic moldings.
Bath Wall Mount

After the installation of acrylic baths do not forget to ensure its stability and integrity.To do this, fill it with cold water and make sure there are no leakages.Questionable place sealant to treat the plumbing.

Processing bath sealants

At the end of the work.Pleasant water treatment!