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August 12, 2017 18:06

Hot plate for bath and shower : types and tips on choosing

Hot plate in the bathroom
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Whirlpool - a pleasant and useful procedure, whichrelaxes muscles, relieves pain and has a therapeutic effect on the entire body.Once whirlpool sessions could receive only in hospitals or sanatoriums.With the advent of showers this procedure became available to anyone who can afford the purchase of this wonderful instrument.

If buying shower for you, for whatever reasons, can not, and get a relaxing massage at any time, still want to, look at the hydromassage panels, which went on sale recently.They are much cheaper than a full-fledged shower box and take up very little space.In addition, the hydro panel will certainly appreciate those who do not like the commercially available models of shower enclosures.In this case, you can build a shower cabin with his own hands, guided by their own preferences, and equip it with all the necessary equipment, including a hydro-massage panel.


One of the main advantages of this type of sanitary equipment, of course, is considered a therapeutic effect , which produces hydro.Regular treatments can strengthen the immune system, relieve insomnia, to fight diseases of the nervous system, improve circulation.The impact of water jets under pressure useful three injuries, varicose veins, stomach diseases, metabolic disorders.

Hot panel can be placed anywhere in the bathroom. If room size does not allow to install a shower cabin, hydromassage panel can be hung on the wall, just above the bath.Also, a hot plate can be a good solution for those who are not going to buy ready-made shower cubicle, and wants to build a zone for receiving the soul alone - it fenced off a brick wall, curtain or glass / plastic panel.

hot bar Benefits

Among the advantages of hydromassage panels can be called and their affordability. However, this advantage is relative, as some models of hydromassage panels are two to three times more expensive than the most unpretentious showers, equipped with hydromassage.


To a hot plate can function well, you need to plumbing fixtures in your home satisfies the two conditions, without which the purchase of this device does not make sense:

sufficient level of pressure in the water. Normal operation of the hot panel is possible only at a pressure of not less than two atmospheres (more tochnaz information is usually indicated in the product description).Unlike shower boxes, hydromassage panel is not equipped with a built-in pump, so water pressure in the pipes play an important role here.

presence of hot water. If your house has its own boiler room, or you live in a city apartment, you can skip this step.In homes where installed instantaneous water heaters with capacity of at least 24 kW hydro panel will also operate normally.If the house is set in the storage-type water heater, instantaneous water heater or power is insufficient, purchase panels for hydro have to forget.

Hot plate and its disadvantages

The principle of

Hot plate is a flat, elongated module that attaches to the wall in a vertical position. main instrument of action of this device - hydromassage jets (openings through which extend water jet).The number of openings and their location may vary from product to product.It depends on the quality and feel of the massage.Usually hot panel is present from 3 to 8 holes, arranged in several rows, which correspond to different parts of the body.Zone corresponds to the top row of the neck, the back - the average, and buttocks - the bottom.Some models are equipped with rotary nozzles, which can change the direction of water jets, providing a massage sensation of waves washing the body.

The principle of the hot panel
Jobs hot panel
The principle of a hot bath panel

Types hydromassage

The medical literature describes the following types of hydromassage: a jet, vortex, vibrating.With the help of a hot model can be conducted sessions jet massage, which is a point impact water jets under pressure to certain areas of the body. By type of impact hydro jet is divided into:

  • classic - moderate impact of water jets on the body, combined with the adoption of the usual soul;
  • invigorating - strong water pressure can help to gain power after morning awakening;
  • superbodryaschy - water jets massaging the body in different ways, have a strong tonic effect;
  • relaxing - calm nerves and help prepare for sleep soft massage with warm water jets.
Classic using the hydro shower panel
An invigorating hydromassage shower panel with the help of
A relaxing hydromassage shower panel with the help of


panels whirlpool are available in different configuration. Standard kit includes the module directly, controls and shower heads with a hose. In the expanded configuration may include a fixed head shower (which is also called tropical), shelves for storage soap and shaving accessories, LED lighting, seating and control for models with electronic control.Equipment hot panel is directly dependent on its value, so be prepared to pay extra for the presence of additional features, which include, for example, a cascade shower spray or aerated water.

Options hydromassage shower panel
Options hydromassage shower panel


Manufacturers hydromassage panels offer models with mechanical and electronic control.Digital models can be equipped with conventional buttons or sensor, some of them have included IR remote control.

recommends to stop the election on models with traditional control, since they, in the first place, are cheaper, and secondly, have a long service life.In case of failure of such a device will be easier to fix on their own, because the parts for them can be purchased at any hardware store.

hydromassage panel management


hot panel installation can be quite easy to make yourself.All necessary fasteners are needed for this, usually enclosed in the kit.Additionally, you may need sealant on silicone or acrylic-based, followed by promazyvat the junction elements.

By way of installation are distinguished wall panels and corner model for hydromassage. also commercially available universal panels that can be mounted anywhere in the bathroom.Installation differs only in some details, but in the main stages of it is the same for the different models.

Wall hydromassage panel
Corner hydromassage panel

first massaging unit mounted on the wall with a set of fastening elements coming in the kit.Then, after turning off the water supply, the device must be connected to the water pipes.To do this, use the details hidden leashes, which are also sold with a hot plate.If you connect a panel equipped with a backlit electronic controls, you need to take care about grounding and connect it to the mains.In this case, the socket and the transformer must comply with all safety requirements for electrical devices used in rooms with high humidity levels.

Installing a hot bath panel

Tips for Choosing

  • for the production of hydro-massage panels are commonly used stainless metal, acrylic or plastic.Decorative elements may be made of wood, glass or other materials.According to experts, the best option - a hydromassage panels made of aluminum, as the acrylic over time becomes indelible plaque and plastic is prone to wear and susceptible to mechanical damage.
  • choosing between the models equipped with a manual or stationary shower, it is best to stay at the last variant, as in using the shower head on a long, flexible hose, very convenient to wash a hot plate and the space around it.
  • When buying pay special attention to the quality of components, in particular, on the water mixing unit.Mixer from trusted manufacturers, using high-quality materials - is the key to a smooth and constant water flow, without which no effective massage.
Tips for Choosing a hot shower panel
Recommendations for choosing a hydromassage shower panel Bathroom