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August 12, 2017 18:06

Shower toptun : application , pros and manufacture their own hands a foot shower

Shower - toptun
  • Application areas
  • The principle of
  • Benefits
  • From what water pressure
  • depends Doing their own hands

Very often in the country or in a campaign issue daily shower becomes very relevant.To take water treatments, you should take a bowl and heat the water, and then manually merge the water.This option - inconvenient and problematic.A perfect solution taking a shower in nature will use the soul-Toptun.

Its main features are as mobility and regulation of the water supply via the legs.About Reliability is the fact that in the soul completely no mechanical parts.Even children unattended older can use this device, because it is completely safe.

Outdoor shower

Application areas

Shower-toptun (foot shower) can be used in any place, because it is easy to carry.He compact is placed in a small bag and corrugated hoses are twisted, and they do not lose their original shape and do not bend.In the campaign, at the cottage or on the nature of this shower will be a useful tool for taking water treatme


Shower-toptun can be placed on a normal suburban soul in the shower tent in a stationary stall or simply in the open countryside.Scope of the soul-Toptun extensive enough, because it allows you to receive not only a water treatment, but also provides an opportunity to water the beds at their summer cottage.The peculiarity lies in the fact that the length of the hose allows to take water directly from the well, if it is available on site garden.

Shower toptun scope

also shower toptun perfectly suited for car wash, windows, garden houses, paths and sidewalks suburban area, because the process itself is fast and convenient.It can be used even in the apartment, when turned off the hot vodu.Eto sanitary product will never lie without use, because it can be useful in many situations.

The principle of

To understand the principle of soul-Toptun, you must first understand the structure of the device. mechanism of this product consists of the following components:

  • rubber mat or rubber pedal;
  • valves;
  • water intake corrugated hose;
  • vodoprinimayuschy corrugated hose;
  • head-watering shower.
Душ-топтун "Степ"
Душ-топтун "Дождик"
Душ "Топтун" и душевая кабинка

corrugated hoses can be replaced with conventional tubes, but it should be ready in the near future will produce their replacement is necessary.They are characterized by a tendency to Quitting locations hose bending during transportation or use.

In the following video you will see the process of assembling purchased Toptun soul (the soul of the foot).

Preparation for taking water treatments using the soul-Toptun:

  • First you need to hang a hose with a nozzle at the right height, so that the nozzle is above you.
  • Place the rubber mat under the feet.
  • One end of the hose should be immersed in a container of warm water, which should be pre-heated.For containers, you can use the jar, pot, canister, inflatable pool or a bucket to put a large amount of water.
Fixed handshower handheld shower

You can now get on the mat and stomp their feet to run the water supply mechanism from the tank through a hose with a nozzle.Shower-toptun works on the same principle as a foot pump, so it is also called pneumatic.

especially the use of this device lies in the fact that his hands remain free for washing, and any time you can stop the water supply.This product perfectly simulates a full shower.


  • Easy to use shower mechanism. need only to dip the hose into a container with water and with a few steps on the rubber mat starts shower system - will pour water from a watering can.
  • save money. cost soul-Toptun market plumbing an average of 1,500 rubles, but the steady shower building in the country requires much more cost and time.
  • Versatility devices, because apart from the direct appointment of the shower, you can irrigate the beds, wash the car or in the period off the hot water supply will replace a full shower.
  • compact size soul-Toptun lie in its design, which consists of two hoses and rubber mats.
  • Mobility .Shower easily assembled and disassembled, allowing it to be transported without hassle in any place.
Functions of the soul - Toptun

What determines water pressure

water pressure in the shower-Toptun depends entirely on the human factor.Rhythm steps to create a uniform effect of water pressure.If a person stops, and then the water supply is completely stopped.

At first glance, it's not very convenient, but it helps to save water consumption.With such a device only 10 liters of water will be enough to thoroughly wash the whole body.Especially women like such a mechanism, as simple aerobics while taking shower helps to keep yourself in good physical shape, but also uplifting.

Shower room with shower - tent Toptun
Душ "Степ" на даче
Shower - toptun

Doing their own hands

mechanism of the soul-Toptun so simple that it can be made with your own hands.

To do this, you need to purchase a few items:

  • foot pump for motor vehicles;
  • rubber hose;
  • cork, rubber or wood;
  • plastic container with a lid;
  • shower head;
  • tube of plastic or metal.

manufacturing process of a self-made pump-Toptun:

  • Fill the container with water and put in the sun to heat.
  • The tube is necessary to make two holes with different sizes (diameter of one hole - 1 cm, the second - 2 cm).
  • insert the tube into the hole.Through the opening of larger diameter hose must reach to the bottom of the tank.
  • on the tube wear rubber hoses.
  • Attach foot pump to the tube diameter is less than that will deliver air into the container.
  • On a larger diameter hose is attached shower head.
  • Additionally, you can make a holder for a shower or watering can to use the materials at hand: a fence, wall or tree.
Factory shower toptun to testify

Design soul-Toptun ready for use.But you can try to improve it, because the human imagination has no boundaries.For example, a crane with a watering can to create a kind of pressure in the tank, even without working pump for some time the water will flow from a strong jet shower head.

Shower - toptun in fixed shower cabin

to taking a shower was more comfortable, you can bring someone else who will pump air into the system with the help of motor pump and then switch places.

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