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August 12, 2017 18:06

Shower : filter , massage .Features and tips on choosing

Shower Head purple
  • Types
  • Classification material
    • The shape
    • By type of fastening
    • Multifunction
    • By type jets
  • functions
  • system self-cleaning
  • Shower panel
  • Design
  • Tips for choosing

Ever since mankind began to closely monitor their own hygiene, the main way to maintain your body taking a bath was clean.However, with the advent of the central water shower has become more popular than baths.Now most homes have either showers or taps can be connected soul.Shower reduces the time for the adoption of water treatments, since, unlike the bath, you do not have to advance to draw water for him.An important is the choice of a suitable nozzle.In this article we will explain what types of attachments are and how to choose the best option for a shower.

Designer shower heads


It would seem that may be difficult to choose the right shower head?It's just a standard set, the same in all faucets.So think only those who have not visited in the shops selling sanitary ware.At the moment, there is such a wide choice of

tools and sometimes just scatter eyes.Below are the main types of baits that you can find on the market.

Round shower head
Square head shower
Unusual head shower

Classification material

Depending on the manufacturing material, the nozzle can be:

  • Metal. Such models are generally more durable and longer do not lose their original appearance.Their main disadvantage - is the weight.The metal tip for a long time on the weight would not last.In addition, if such a watering can fall into a tub of sufficient height, it can not just break off the enamel, but also to create a crack in the bathroom, if you are using a model made of acrylic.
  • Plastic. Most plastic baits performed under the metal.This so-called metallized plastic.Such models are multilayer and chromium at a glance indistinguishable from metal, but they are much lighter in weight.Since plastic - a material more flexible and malleable, plastic nozzle can boast a wide variety of different intricate shapes.

In some models, the metal tips, you can see the handle made of faience.However, such models are considered impractical.Furthermore, the use of porcelain nozzle significantly increases the weight.

Metal Shower Head

The shape

nozzles come in different shapes:

  • round;
  • rectangular;
  • oval;
  • square.

We are used to seeing in our baths round and oval tips.Models with sharp corners, look good in bathrooms, made in the style of hi-tech.Again, you can custom order a nozzle in the form of a triangle or any other geometric shape.

Round Shower Head
Rectangular Shower
Shower Head Square

By type of fastening

nozzles are fixed, manual, or represent a combined system.

  • Hand model - traditional and most popular type.They are attached to the main body of the mixer through a flexible hose.You can take a shower watering can in his hand, and send the stream to where you need to, at any angle and at any altitude.
  • Stationary models have less capacity, but provide, as a rule, the more powerful water pressure.Such nozzles have a larger diameter and attached to the wall or any other surface at a certain height and a certain angle.However, in some models, the inclination angle can be adjusted.
  • Combined systems - the so-called riser tubes.Their design includes a watering can on the flexible hose, faucet and upper stationary funnel.The advantage of such systems is obvious.In addition, these models boast an unprecedented number of different functions, which we describe below.
Fixed a combined system for the soul


First, our parents and grandparents enjoyed most simple nozzles, the jet of which can be compared with a jet of normal watering.The amount and nature of the water supply is only dependent on the diameter of the shower head and the number of holes in it, and the water pressure in the water.

Current models are well advanced in the choice of modes and options for modifications.Today you can buy a special nozzle with integrated button that allows you to select a combination of force and pressure jets of water.Some models are equipped with nozzles with various additional features: self-cleaning lime deposit, air ionization, the water concentration useful for the skin and other mineral elements.

Nozzle with tourmaline soul

At the same time referring to the jets

Most modern shower heads supports multiple operating modes, which are switched by rotating the shower head. Depending on your needs and mood, you can choose the pressure and the water supply mode that you currently will be most enjoyable.

  • Rain - standard and most common type of jet.Water drops on the body gradually from a small opening in the nozzle under low pressure.
  • Soft dissipation - a mode in which particles of water mixed with air bubbles.Due to this confusion, you do not feel on the skin of the water jet itself.
  • Variostruya - mode, which is a cross of the two above-mentioned types of jets.
  • Monostruya - dense stream of water, which is supplied from the nozzle under high pressure.This mode is ideal for contrast shower and dousing with cold water.
  • Water fog - one more particular embodiment of the soft dissipation.Your body is like dense steam envelops.
  • Waterfall - view of the jet, which is used most often in the nozzles that are attached to the ceiling.Water creates a dense veil, like a cascading from great heights.This stream is well invigorates and helps to keep yourself in good shape.
  • massage jets used, usually with a special massage showerheads.With such a jet, you will be able to follow the figure and maintain muscle tone and your body's tissues.

These are just the main types of jets.Meanwhile, some manufacturers have found their elite plumbing, exclusive development in this area.In some nozzles combined mode is provided in which the various jets follow each other at certain time intervals.

Options jets in the shower nozzle


The main function of any shower heads - a uniform supply of water in the form of several jets.However, there are hidden nuances. Functions supported by a majority of nozzles:

  • switching between multiple types of jets;
  • saturation of water with air in a "soft dispersion" mode;
  • setting pulsating jets of high pressure massage.
Soft jet dispersion
Monostruya shower head
Combined shower with tropical rain function

However, there are a number of additional functions:

  • presence thermostat allows you to control and maintain the required precise temperature of the water;
  • reducing valve will be useful for those who frequently change the water pressure in the water pipes;
  • water filter softens hard water coming from the central water supply system;
  • flow limiter makes it possible to reduce water consumption and reduce expenses for payment of utility bills.
Shower with thermostat with touch panel

There are quite unusual extras.

example, some showers, among other things, established a radio that turns on automatically when it receives a signal from a sensor located on the nozzle.

Once you turn on the water, in a bathroom sparkle with calm, or, conversely, invigorating music.Furthermore, there are special attachments for children.They are made in the form of various fairy-tale characters and animals.These tips help to distract the attention of the baby directly from the washing process, which not all children like.

Shower head with radio
Shower - cloud
Shower for children

self-cleaning system

Many mixers today installed a so-called self-cleaning system from limescale.It's no secret that the tap water in our taps is very hard and contains a lot of impurities.Therefore, over time the hole in the nozzle clogged.

Thanks to special silicone small tabs inside the holes, touch no longer eats into the nozzle, and it is easy to remove by simply wiping the nozzle with a cloth with any detergent.

Shower panel

Another innovation is the development of high-tech and multi-functional shower panels.They usually come with showers premium.Recently, however, such panels was possible to buy separately and install in the normal heart.

The main advantage of such panels - is the presence of a control panel with which you can manage a variety of additional functions.So, how big is your functional shower panel, directly affects its cost.

Shower panel


showerheads variants of design so much that is impossible to list them all.First and foremost it is worth noting the variety of colors.Although, as we have already mentioned, the majority of today nozzles made of metal or materials imitating him, chrome on various models give different effects.

You can find models of nozzles with different covers: bronze, brass, chrome, gold, copper, nickel and others.Some models have a colorful enamel or powder-coated in various colors.As far as style accessories, the choice here is also great.There are models made in retro style, in an Art Nouveau style, high-tech and others.

The design of the shower head
Design solution for the shower head
Crystal chandelier with shower
Shower head in retro style
Детская насадка для душа "кошка"
Душевая насадка "снежинка"

Tips for Choosing

Summarizing all the above, we can drawfollowing the results:

  • When selecting a suitable, you must first determine your shower head with the handheld, fixed or combined shower you use.
  • is then necessary to determine the production of materials: metal or plastic.
  • Only then you can proceed to the selection of a particular nozzle on the basis of aesthetic and design considerations: what form will head what color, what style it should be sustained and whether this style is combined with the other fixtures in the bathroom.
  • After you will select for themselves a number of possible options for nozzles, pay attention to the ratio of their advanced features and quality with their price.Only carefully weighing all the pros and cons, you can pick up the shower head, which you will always be comfortable to take a shower and that will bring the most benefit to your health.
Unusual Shower Head