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August 12, 2017 18:06

Tropical shower : panels , consoles , mixers , watering cans .Features selection and installation

Example rain shower
  • Types of shower systems
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    • Mixer with rain shower
    • Lake
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  • The interior bathroom
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  • Selfinstallation

Innovations in the field of sanitary ware production now allow closer to the tropics right into your bathroom, because with the help of a special system of the soul can create a simulation of tropical rain.Such souls for its resemblance to a tropical downpour called tropical.He is not just original and beautiful, but also has a therapeutic effect, because the water spray in a shower relax the body and help relieve stress.

Previously this kind of soul can be seen only in a sanatorium, a public pool or spa, but now the rain showers set in suburban homes and city apartments.

rain shower in the bathroom

Types of shower systems

Tropical shower presented several options of manufacture.


shower panel is suitable for both bath and for the shower (to her panel used more often).The panel is simple enough to install, thus expanding the funct

ionality of your bath or kabinki.Po its placement through a rain shower a shower panel is mounted ceiling and wall.

Plus device is a compound in the same housing of the mixer and a watering can. also in such shower panels often additionally installed nozzles for hydromassage.In many models, the panels have additional functions - lights, radio, thermostat, and others.

downside is the cost, because it is the most expensive option of a tropical shower.

Wall-mounted rainshower
Panel rain shower
ceiling shower


Shower-optimal cost and functionality.

rack universal, so combined with a shower and a bathtub. It is mounted on a wall post, which carries the watering can (from the usual, it differs by its size).

water in the watering can be supplied as a fixed pipe rack design, and flexible hose.

Shower- Shower

Mixer with rain shower

From standard mixer it is more watering (its diameter can be up to 250 mm).

Note that this option will not be able to provide you complete a rain shower due to a smaller width of the water stream (it does not cover the whole body). As in the embodiment with a reception, a flexible hose or a fixed pipe may be appropriate to the mixer.

with rain shower faucet


With shower heads conventional mixer can be done like a rain shower.This is the cheapest option, since you can buy a watering can and a hose attached to the existing mixer, but a real rain shower, he recalled only vaguely.



This type of soul as rain, referred to as the upper souls, as streams of water in the body often fall from the top, and thanks to the drip system, they presented no water flow, and soft drops.

distinguishing characteristic of accessories for watering the tropical soul is large, equipped with a special system that delivers water and distributes it. drops falling from a height of about 2 meters and create the effect of staying under a warm shower.

Tropical shower in the interior

geometric shape of watering can be different. Almost all modern tropical showers there is a special highlight.Many models also feature a shower control panel, which allows you to change the nature of the soul from the light rain to heavy rain.

Variety soul
Form rain shower
Form watering


Since this type of shower has a positive impact on the psychological state (relaxes, reduces stress reactions, removes anxiety), it is also calledshower of positive emotions.

The usefulness of a tropical shower

With the additional aeration of water in a mixer shower has a hydromassage effects. As a result, such souls improves peripheral circulation, relieves muscle tension, invigorates and improves mood.Due to the mild hydro-massage the skin after such a soul becomes firm and taut look.Separate the positive effect noted by highlighting the impact of a tropical shower.


A wide range of embedded systems with a different form of watering cans offers English company Otler. Models showers this manufacturer differ in the number of nozzles, overlooking watering, lighting, manufacturing material.For standard steel, glass or chrome system need to pay up to 50 thousand rubles, and construction with additional options (unusual design, regulation of irrigation regime, touch control) are more expensive.

Tropical shower Otler

most popular manufacturer of racks for the rain shower is a German company Hansgrohe. Its products are of the size and shape of watering cans.The metal racks can be purchased for 20,000 rubles, and a system with a thermostat, made of brass - for 70 thousand rubles.

Tropical shower Hansgrohe

panels tropical showers also makes the company Novellini.Their price is 60000-150000 rubles and is determined by the size, material and manufacturing complete set of devices.Most available acrylic and aluminum shower panels.The most expensive are the panel of high-tech, complemented by LED lighting, seat inserts mirrors, thermostat and foot rest.

Tropical shower Novellini

Note that the quality rainshower considered expensive sanitary equipment.If you see a low-cost version of a little-known company, you risk to acquire a semblance of a tropical shower.You will sell the usual watering for larger soul, which supplies water in the usual way (in the form of a jet without mixing with air), and because the rain effect is not obtained.

The interior bathroom

ceiling rain shower decorate the room, and can complement the beautiful interior of a bathroom.If an ordinary shower can be a piece of place in the interior, the rain, quite the contrary, will be stylish "highlight" of the room.

Shower in the interior
Tropical shower in the bathroom design
Shower system in the bathroom

preferable to mount a shower system in the bath large area. If the bathroom is small, is worth looking at this design of a tropical shower, shower, desk. Form watering selected on the basis of style - round is more suitable for classical interior and rectangular fits perfectly into the bathroom Nouveau or high-tech.

backlight can be selected as a harmonious addition to the texture and color of the walls, or as a contrast to the decoration of the room.Thanks to a light overflow bath design can be transformed and become memorable.

Shower - rack


Its presence allows you to receive not only from the rain shower physical benefits, but also aesthetic pleasure.Illumination of the soul is a built in LED panel. Since she has no connection to the mains, it is completely secure. backlight Turning is performed under the influence of water pressure in the shower.

Blue lights in the shower

choosing the color and adjust the backlight, you can perfectly fit a rain shower in your bathroom.The color change can be combined with a change of water temperature.In this case, including cold water (less than 31) will glow blue, while warm water (+ 32 + 38) LEDs will light pink and hot water (over 39) will give the red color.

Shower with illumination
Highlighting in the shower
Illumination in a tropical shower

note that the presence of illumination is not just a decoration, and can serve as a means of chromotherapy.Taking a shower with red illumination, you will improve your tone, become more alert and energetic.Water treatments in a green light to relax and help organize thoughts.Standing under the shower with blue backlight, you will feel the peace and forget about the acute problems.Going into the shower, which turns yellow, you can boost immunity and enhance brain function.Tropical shower with pink and orange illumination help in dealing with stress and improve health.

Self installation

After learning about the benefits of a tropical shower, and saw quite expensive offers well-known manufacturers of sanitary devices, you may see the idea - is it possible to do this on their own souls?It is, if you prepare well and think about everything. To produce rain shower with their own hands at home you need to buy a mixer, a watering can and a pipe. Installation can be carried out openly, but the best choice would be hidden installation.

begin to embody the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčinstalling rain shower house should be during repairs as necessary to do to Stroebe walls. cutting grooves in the center of the system is necessary to create a recess under the faucet.To this must be supplied Grooves 4 - are two pipes, lead-water to the mixer, is in one tube through which water will fall into the bath, and in another pipe is for supplying water into the funnel.

installing the necessary pipes in Stroebe (Concealed better use of polypropylene pipes or copper), then mounted watering and the lever controlling the mixer.You can then continue the repair work in the bathroom, in the conclusion of setting in place of summarizing rain shower walk-in shower (open) or a bath with curtain.