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August 12, 2017 18:06

Ascending shower : indications, contraindications .Effects on the body and the device

Ascending shower
  • therapeutic effects on the body
  • Description
  • procedures
  • device
  • Indications and contraindications
  • home treatment conditions

Improvement via water treatment is very popular nowadays.The benefits of hydrotherapy has been found even in antiquity, when the water felt invigorating and healing.Treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of disease through water so popular because of its affordability and simplicity.One of the most popular types of patient hydrotherapy is a douche.The essence of such a hydrotherapy jets impact on the body of water, whose temperature and pressure range.Shower in a kind of hydrotherapy is circular, rain, Scottish, Charcot, and other needle. We will focus on this version of the local soul as ascending souls to learn about its features, the action on the body, testimony to this local per capita, as well as the possibility of carrying out at home.

therapeutic effects on the body

Unlike other types of hydrotherapy, a Vichy shower, contrast showers and such, se

ssions of the rising rate of the soul is not used in cosmetics and for medicinal purposes.

It is prescribed for the treatment, prevention and recovery of diseases of concern to urology and gynecology.Such a procedure may be administered at any age. In particular, children with the help of the crotch soul can be treated with enuresis and elderly patients ascending shower is often prescribed as a treatment for sciatica.

Regular sessions of the soul accelerate healing with the inflammation in the pelvic region.Since the foundation of the procedure is the massage effect of jets of water under pressure, the sessions of the crotch soul improve blood circulation and strengthen the muscles of the area.

Rising douche is a variant of the local therapeutic shower. It is also called crotch, because the soul of this feature is to direct water jets on the perineum.


procedure the patient is seated on a special seat with holes, with the jet of water a certain temperature (15-40 degrees) and certain pressure (1.4 atmosphere) are directed to the bottom of his body, what is the reason the name of the soul - upward.

Such souls affects the pelvic organs, so it is most often given in the following practices:

  • proctologic;
  • gynecological;
  • urological practice.

The use of this type of soul as a result of massaging effect of water improves blood circulation in the pelvis and promotes faster get rid of the inflammation.

Ascending shower for women

Change pressure water jets of up to 4 atmospheres and temperature between 25 and 40 degrees Celsius, a different effect on the patient.

If the water temperature will be + 25 + 36 degrees, the effect of the rising soul will be invigorating.In inflammatory diseases, more preferably a high temperature, so the water is heated to 37 + + 40 degrees Celsius.

procedure usually appointed course, as well as other types of hydrotherapy.Ascending shower can be carried out in a day or every day, completing one course of 10-20 sessions.One procedure crotch soul lasts on average from two to five minutes.

When the soul of the rising male patients should be sure that the water jet is supplied under pressure, did not get to the scrotum.

for the treatment of sciatica and lumbar sacral area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis type of shower is a procedure combined with hip bath.In this case the procedure applies not only to the crotch, and at the sacro-lumbar region.

Ascending combined shower nozzle on the sacrum and lumbar region , and the collar


setting for the rising soul is represented by a special stool that has a ring-shaped seat.It established a special massage sprayer, equipped with regulation of the angle of inclination of the water spray.

first set point of the procedure, and then offer the patient to sit in the seat (if it is a man, then you need to make sure that the seat protect the scrotum).Water is supplied from the grid to the rain shower, which is mounted so that its opening facing up.

Ascending shower

If the shower is assigned to the patient-a woman, it is a shower bidet , so it can also be used as a local gynecological baths.The design of the shower is a faience cup with integrated shower riser and an outlet at the bottom.It closed this hole, it is possible to use the device as a tray for different gynecological procedures.

Recall that this type of recreational and therapeutic shower is hot and warm, when the goal is redness and heat the perineum and pelvic organs (for example, proctitis or inflammation in the treatment of female genitalia).

also rising douche can be cold and cool, if the action procedures directed to reflex stimulation and irritation of the skin in the crotch area to affect the innervation of the centers (for example, in some embodiments, impotence).

perineal shower with a low temperature and shows for hemorrhoids, when the goal is a cooling effect.Water temperature affects the duration of the session:

  • if a warm shower, the procedure lasts 4-6 minutes,
  • during cold shower effects are often stopped after 2-3 minutes.
Types rising soul

Indications and contraindications

The main indications for the procedure are presented such abnormalities and problems:

  • impotence, prostatitis (appointed by cold shower);
  • atony sphincter, rectal fissures, chronic constipation, hemorrhoids;
  • incontinence;
  • proctitis (spend a warm shower);
  • gynecological disorders, including menstrual problems and infertility (appointed by a warm shower).

specific contraindications to the procedures there, but ascending shower is not appointed in cases where hydrotherapy never held.For example, it is heavy diseases of internal organs, bleeding tendency, high body temperature, infectious diseases, cancer pathology, skin diseases, hypertension 3 degrees, tuberculosis.

perineal shower

Home Treatment

outset that the procedures of the rising soul is to perform at home, if there was no prior consultation with a specialist.Only a physician should determine what should be the duration of the ascending souls and what water temperature you need to perform the procedure.

At home, for this type of shower use a shower hose, directing the water jet on the perineal area.