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August 12, 2017 18:06

Methods for hardening of the body : the right methods and techniques , cold water , children

Methods for hardening of the body
  • Benefits
  • Technique
  • Types
  • Principles
  • Contraindications and limitations
  • Influence of age

order to fully work and actively spending free time, you need to monitor the health of theirorganism, undergo regular medical checkups and a healthy lifestyle.Hardening of the body plays an important role in this chain.Unfortunately, not all have the time and willpower to comply with these principles and maintaining the body in good shape.

Preventive techniques and regular exercise of protective functions of the body, a person manages much cheaper than treatment of disease.Regular exercise, tempering procedures and regular walks in the fresh air will help you save money on treatment and feel healthy and vigorous person.

Jogging in the winter woods


Hardening of the body - it is an effective method known to mankind since ancient times.

The basis of the method laid down procedures that:

  • mobilize domestic resources of the organism;
  • contribute to increase the resilience of immunity to external
    environmental influences.

Procedures to hardening of the body, may be different from the most benign to the extreme.Begin hardening must be careful and it is important to remember that the procedure should be carried out regularly.Hardening - a whole range of different procedures, which, in fact, clear and simple, but give excellent results.

Shower in the open air
Winter Swimming

Depending on your preferences and individual characteristics of the organism, you can:

  • take douches;
  • pour cold water;
  • take air baths;
  • walk barefoot;
  • engaged in winter swimming.
Walking barefoot on the grass

combination of hardening, exercise and massage will help your body to function properly, to resist seasonal viral diseases and significantly slow down the aging process.Tempering procedures normalize the immune and lymphatic system, improve metabolism, tighten the skin, relieve insomnia and reduce the negative impact of stress.

Exercise in the open air

To achieve the best results from the procedures carried out is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat right.But, even if you have bad habits and good nutrition - it's not for you, wellness methods contribute to the rapid conclusion of hardening of toxic substances from the body, than reduce the negative impact of the decay products of alcohol or tobacco.

Healthy lifestyle


Before you decide to start tempering procedures, you should consult with a therapist, get tested and undergo other tests.Making sure that there is no chronic viral diseases and can begin sparing procedure.

Remember the three main techniques postulate:

  • gradual;
  • systematic;
  • moderation.
Tempering air
Sunbathing by the sea
Pouring cold water in winter

Based on these principles, and the time of year, you can start hardening of the body, for example, in the spring and summer - it can be sunbathingswimming in the pond or sponging with cool water.

most appropriate way for the start of training - is an air bath or aerotherapy. necessarily accompanied by a decrease familiar to you ambient temperature active movement, but do not overdo it: If the street rain and the wind, you can work out, standing in front of an open window or balcony.

How to sunbathe

Sunbathing is also necessary according to the rules: start with 15 minutes a day and increase session time on a daily basis.

Adhering to this rule, you will not only natreniruete immunity, but also get a uniform and beautiful tan.Additional benefits of sunbathing - is to synthesize sunlight in the body of vitamin D, rarely found in foods.Vitamin D promotes the absorption of calcium in the human body, therefore, you will have healthy teeth, nails, bones, hair, and skin.

second stage tempering procedures can become hydrotherapy.

Water treatments are the most effective for mobilizing domestic hidden reserves.We all take a shower every day, so that he became not only hygienic, but also beneficial to health procedure, you can after taking a shower to wipe the body with cool water.After wiping a wet sponge rasteranie dry towel hardly anyone takes the discomfort, but the reward will be a burst of energy, cheerful and upbeat mood.

rubbing direction must coincide with the direction of blood flow in the body: chest, neck, back, arms, and then her hips and legs.But you know the measure, less than five minutes for the whole procedure.

After wiping the water will be for you the usual procedure, it is possible to pass to the feet contrasting douche. first alternate exposure to hot and cold water, every day increasing the temperature difference.This procedure is very helpful for people involved in heavy physical labor, and women, as it prevents the development of varicose veins and atherosclerosis.

After six months of regular exercise for tempering the body can begin the process of a contrast shower. Alternating water temperature change has a tonic effect on the body, activates the metabolic and other processes in the body.

Try to reduce the temperature of the water at the degree of once a week.As you become accustomed, increase the temperature difference of one degree in a few days.Within a few months of cold water can reduce the temperature to 15 degrees.

Sponging with cold water
Contrasting dousing legs
Cold and hot shower

On the rules of reception contrast shower and its effect on the body, you can read in our article "Douches - health and beauty."

Experts disagree on whether to carry out hardening of the evening useful. Someone water treatments can cause unnecessary vigor before going to bed, someone, on the contrary, give relaxation. solve the issue should be based on the reaction of the organism to a specific procedure.After the body has got used to the water temperature, you can begin to even more intensive method of hydrotherapy - dousing, and if desired, and opportunities - for winter swimming.Question

speed of the transition from a simple rubdown to extreme water procedures - only the individual case.Listen to your body, monitor their condition and health.You will feel yourself when you can plunge into the hole after the bathhouse or to run through the snow. Observe moderation and avoid hypothermia. This can lead to colds and frustrate hardening schedule, then have to again go back to the initial temperature, and go through the process again.

Bathing in winter

Remember, the effect of hardening persist for months in the case of a long break will have to start all over from the beginning.Therefore, regularity and continuity of employment - the success and well being.


The technique is based on the hardening effects on the body by cold or heat, as well as the alternation of these impacts.

basic beauty techniques - is its accessibility.Sun, air and water, accessible to everyone.You only need to desire compliance with the recommendations of doctors and some free time.Having to do, people not only become healthier, but also trains will power, character and learn to enjoy the simplest things.

Regular exercise can help you avoid costly visits to spa treatments, and you will look better than after a course of cosmetic measures.

Mom and daughter in the sauna
Russian sauna
Infrared sauna

man anciently familiar artificial heat sources - baths and saunas.

addition to the quenching effect of the temporary temperature increase, a good therapeutic effect is healing massage brooms.Those who, for some, medical grounds contraindicated exposed to extreme high temperatures, it is possible to go to the hammam or infrared sauna.

Believe me, you will enjoy, get rid of stress, and a gentle soap massage to take care of your body.Curative effect of these procedures is not as clear as on the bath with a dip in the icy water bowl, but a stable and pleasant.

Soap massage in the hammam

Besides all of the above, in efforts to hardening of the body may include a proper diet, daily routine and a good rest.

Healthy sleep


There are several important points that should be followed during hardening.

  • gradually - one of the most important principles. order not to harm the body, it is best to start with small fluctuations in temperature and to accustom themselves to the cold very gradually.Reduce the temperature better than one degree a week or more.You should also refer to the physical exercise, gradually increase the load, focuses on aerobic exercise.High loads on unprepared muscles, do not give any effect, but pain and can cause harm to the body.
Aerobic load
  • Individual approach - no less important part of the course quenching.Each body has its own peculiarities, and they need to be taken into account to achieve the best results.You can consult with specialists about recommended loads and methods of hardening.
  • systematically. Failure to do so could negate all the efforts to tempering.As the body gets used to a certain discipline in behavior, to interrupt classes for more than a month is not recommended.Weaned body can give unpredictable reactions.If such a break occurred, then it would be better to go back to the beginning.
  • complexity .This concept includes the activity not only one kind of tempering, and a variety of exercises and procedures.A positive attitude can significantly improve the efficiency of healing and rejuvenation.
Positive attitude to health

Contraindications and limitations

Hardening contraindicated for people with chronic diseases by:

  • cardiovascular system - defects of valves, coronary artery disease, hypertension, angina pectoris, after heart attack or coronary cardiosclerosis;
  • airways - sinusitis, asthma, tuberculosis
  • vision - conjunctivitis, glaucoma
  • organ of hearing - chronic and inflammatory otitis
  • Endocrine - diabetes, thyrotoxicosis
  • sexual and urinary tract - cystitis, pyelonephritis, diseases of the prostate,adnexitis
  • nervous system - neuritis, polyneuritis
  • gastrointestinal tract - colitis, peptic ulcer and cholelithiasis, hepatitis and cholecystitis
  • some skin diseases
  • after suffering head injuries, the presence of extensive scarring and burns.

As you can see, the list of contraindications extensive and there do not all diseases, so be sure to first consult specialists and check the condition of their health.Age restrictions for employment hardening does not exist.Naturally, the training system and the loads will depend on age.

Influence of age

The sooner one comes to understand that the hardening - a very effective way to make their lives healthy and harmonious, the better.With regard to children, then ideally you need to start hardening in the first months of a child's life.The little man all the body is configured to form relationships with the world and its immunity obtained at birth, quickly adapt to new environmental conditions.

Air treatments for infants
Water treatments for the little ones
Walking barefoot on warm sand

When hardening kids respect for moderation, consistency and gentle treatment - a fundamental rule of hardening, as the skin of a child is more sensitive and thinner, and the bodyweaker than that of an adult.

very useful to start hardening the baby with air procedures.When changing the child leave without clothes for a few minutes at room temperature.This procedure is done 2-3 times a day.Required fresh air.We must see to it that the child was dressed for the season, not Kuta baby.

Hardening of children

After half a year can add to the hardening of sponging. damp soft cloth or sponge rubbing the body, and then wipe dry with a child.After a year, when the baby starts walking, the easiest to attach it to tempering with a simple walking barefoot on cool surfaces, then feet pounded sure to enhance blood circulation and dress in warm socks.

With two years you can move on to more complicated procedures - douche and sunbathing. It is important to make sure that the child was not in the sun without a hat, and on sunny summer days, from 12 to 17 hours of the day.In winter festivities helpful accompany active games with 3-4 years you can put the baby on skis.

Kids Ski
Bathing in the summer with the whole family
Hardening teens

Post hardening is never too late. any age child can develop a simple procedure under adult supervision.The older a person is, the more restrictions can be removed.Teens are already quite capable of hardening to the same extent as adults.Try to warn boyish teenager and explain the importance and the need for systematic and action sequences.

We hope that this article will help you begin to harden and make your body stronger, more viable, to prolong youth, to defend against stress and bring harmony in the mental and physical condition.