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August 12, 2017 18:06

Douches : how to make and receive , benefit and harm , slimming

Cold and hot shower
  • General information
  • Benefits
  • Hours
  • procedures Harm and contraindications
  • Rules reception contrast shower
  • Slimming
  • Children
  • Tips doctors

Douches- is one of the most popular and available methods of hardening the body, comprising body turns pouring hot and cold water.

The maximum water temperature should be about 45 degrees, and the minimum - up to minus twenty degrees.

Douches - a procedure more pleasant and safer than other types of hardening, for example, pouring ice water, or walking barefoot in the snow.With a contrast shower you can start those who dream of one day become a walrus or to dive into the snow after a bath, because even the healthiest body difficulty will take such extreme procedures without prior training.

General information

Douches has a mild tonic effect on the body, so it can be recommended as wellness facilities for young children and the elderly.If you do so in compliance with all recommendations, a few procedures will be noticeable beneficial


Douches for kids

Alternating exposure to hot and cold water has an effect on the entire body.After one treatment you will feel the unprecedented rise of energy, and if you start to take a douche regularly, you will notice that your immune system will become stronger, increase the body's resistance to various diseases, chronic pain will be less trouble, in other words, you will become a healthier person.

Douches - Health & Beauty


Douches has a beneficial effect on all the vital processes in the body.

  • The first temperature difference affects the skin condition: aligned its color, it becomes more toned and elastic.With the help of a contrast shower can even gradually get rid of cellulite.
  • This is a great way to teach the body to quickly adapt to changing temperatures, without unnecessary stress and energy costs.
  • Influence on the cardiovascular system of the person is to improve blood circulation, strengthen the walls of blood vessels and capillaries.For example, a contrast shower is one of the most effective ways to prevent varicose veins.
  • It helps regulate the endocrine system, ie eliminates the problems associated with hormonal disorders.
  • cope with stress, bouts of depression and apathy, insomnia, back fit and in good mood - all this is possible thanks to its extensive influence on the human nervous system.
  • Many weight loss programs include mandatory use of a contrast shower, because it helps regulate metabolism.
  • For older people special value lies in action on the musculoskeletal system: regular procedures train the muscles, joints and tendons.
Douches - the way to health
Douches - a positive effect
Douches slimming


procedures There are no clearly defined rules about what time of day is best to take a contrast shower.It all depends on the person's lifestyle, the state of his body and on individual preferences.Thus, athletes usually take a contrast shower after every workout, that is, several times a day.For them it is a mandatory procedure, so douche has a relaxing effect on the muscles and cleans the pores from dirt and sweat.

can take a contrast shower in the evening, but not before going to bed and a few hours before bedtime, otherwise it is likely that this restorative procedure will prevent you from sleep.It is better to do it as soon as you return home from work or school.This will help to quickly rearrange themselves with the business at home way.

Douches in the morning gives energy boost that lasts the whole day.However, people with diseases of the heart and blood vessels to move better water treatment at a later time.The fact that a few hours after waking up in the heart works more quiet time than during the day, and an abrupt change in temperature will load with which it will be difficult to handle.

Evening shower
Douches for athletes

harm and contraindications

As with any other method of hardening, douche - is not a panacea and, in some cases, not only does not lead to recovery, but it may causegreat harm to the body. Although the health effects on the body is obvious and proven many times, there are a number of diseases in which a contrast shower is strictly contraindicated:

  • any cancer;
  • hypertension;
  • cerebral vasospasm;
  • other diseases of the blood, heart and blood vessels;
  • any inflammation;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases, such as acute tonsillitis, an attack of pancreatitis and some others;
  • elevated body temperature;
  • during the critical days;
  • during pregnancy and lactation

Rules reception contrast shower

How to take a douche?Follow our advice - and all will turn out.Before you proceed directly to the tempering procedure, first wash your body with the help of sponges and soap or shower gel.This places the dust and dirt particles to penetrate more deeply into the pores, when the skin is to steam.

How do douche:

  1. start douche need with warm water.Let it for a few minutes until they get warm.
  2. Then move on to slightly cool water.Turn it no more than one minute.
  3. Then again for a few minutes, turn on the warm water.Alternation in total - about 6 times.
Douches for vigorous morning

first time, the temperature difference should be small. necessary to give your body time to adapt. week later you can start increasing the temperature difference.

During the procedure, slowly lower the temperature of cold water, going from cool to icy.

temperature of the warm water increases the more cautious - just hot water, but not boiling water.The main thing - do not get burned.

For one procedure is necessary to change the temperature of water about six times.At this residence time under hot and warm water to be two to three times greater than that under cold water.

Cold and hot shower

one minute cold shower should account for two or three minutes of hot.

During the procedure, try at least a little to move, rotate, move his limbs.Aim the stream of water to different parts of the body.Complete reception contrast shower with warm water to close the pores.After water procedures rub well the body with a towel or sheet.This will help you quickly get warm, enhance blood circulation and provide a little massage effect.

Hot showers
Cold shower


As mentioned above, the douche can provide you with good support in the fight against excess weight.Its action in this case is a two-way:

  • effects of sudden changes in temperature in combination with massage jets of water breaks subcutaneous fat.
  • "pulling up" the skin, avoid stretching the skin as a result of drastic weight loss.

Lymphatic drainage effect of a contrast shower will be stronger in combination with additional cosmetic and therapeutic treatments, such as massage, body wrap, and others.

Slimming - Cellulite and lymphatic drainage effect of a contrast shower

Some of these procedures can be performed right in your own bathroom, as many baths equipped with hydro-massage, and some models of shower enclosures offer a whole range of different treatments: infrared sauna, steam sauna, aromatherapy and chromotherapy.

On the other hand, douches affects the internal organs, which are involved in the processes of digestion. Therefore, the correct application of contrast soul is able to speed up the metabolism.

important to start water procedures only on an empty stomach.


Childhood is the most important stage in human development.Everything that happens in this period, has an impact on his entire life.This also applies to a healthy lifestyle: its foundations must begin to vaccinate a child since its birth.Many pediatricians agree that the start of tempering procedures can be first months of life.But it should be done very carefully, first consult with your doctor or health nurse.

Douches for the little ones

For the youngest children the best method of hardening - is an air bath and a walk in the fresh air.Water treatments should be started at an older age, about five to seven years.If the child is weakened, suffering from chronic diseases, better give up dousing with cold water and a contrast shower as long as the body does not get stronger.

Hardening of children

The best time to start to familiarize the child with water procedures - this summer.Instead of a contrast shower you can try to start sponging.The water temperature during the first procedure should be about 30 degrees, and every week is necessary to reduce its degree.Duration of treatment should not exceed 2 minutes.If the first few weeks of wiping does not impact negatively on the health of the child, you can start to take a contrast shower.At first, the water should be warmer than the wiping.Next you need to gradually lower it to 15-20 degrees.

Tips doctors

  • Before starting the procedure be sure to consult with your doctor.Do not forget to tell him about all of your existing diseases.
  • Douches can be taken only when you are completely healthy.Wait until then, until the symptoms disappear cold or exacerbation of chronic diseases.
  • Everything should be done gradually.Do not start water procedures dramatically.For starters, for two to four weeks, just spend a few minutes every day in the shower a comfortable temperature.
  • procedures should be regularly and systematically.Douches should be taken at least once a day, but better - two.
  • Start pouring down, slowly rising up.Poured all parts of the body except the head.Sudden change in temperature is bad for blood vessels and scalp.You can pour head separately, less contrast on the water temperature.

If you follow all of the recommendations, the douche will be for you a real source of health, vigor and vitality.

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