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August 12, 2017 18:06

Shower Alekseeva - hydromassage shower house .Contraindications , cons , installation

Shower Alekseeva
  • Features
  • Cons
  • Useful properties hydromassage
  • Contraindications
  • Additional tips
  • Additional features
  • Removing varicose
  • Cellulite removal
  • Setting his hands
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has long been known that water and water treatments favorably affect the human body, cleansing and healing it.Relaxing energy of water helps to relax, relieve fatigue, give vigor and cheer up.To showering procedure has been most useful to health, use a shower Alekseeva.


created hydromassage shower Alekseeva on the latest technologies of production of non-standard holes for water outlet.Special nozzles inside the structure are difficult conoid shape with a diameter of 5 mm inlet and outlet of 0.6 mm.Due to this, water jet energy is converted into kinetic energy, causing the water flow is reduced and the energy from flying jet increases.

Complete with nozzle are still two grids with different number of holes that allow you to change the nature of the water supply and carry out proce


  • dynamic gidropunktura - 19 in the nozzle holes;
  • relaxing massage - 61 aperture.
Standard set Alexeyev shower



  • shower Alekseeva is not very beautiful, so if you have a stylish and modern bathroom, it can not "fit" into the overallstyle.In this case, you can use a shower Alekseeva only during the procedure, and then put your stylish shower at his place.
  • sufficiently high price - in retail it costs about 4 thousand rubles..

Shower Alekseeva is available in the following colors:

  • transparent;
  • ivory;
  • silver metallic;
  • blue;
  • red.
Shower Alekseeva - color

Useful properties hydromassage

Whirlpool - excellent variety of massages, which practically has no contraindications:

  • He has a great curative effect on the entire body, including the skin, blood circulation and digestion.
  • water pressure from the tap nozzle is converted into tiny streams of water, which is especially useful for cellulite problems, varicose veins, arthrosis and IRR.
  • shower Alekseeva also reduces joint pain, for that water temperature should be 38 degrees.
  • after the first session of hydromassage you feel ease in the legs, you make the joints more mobile and start to "burn" fat.
  • In diseases of the musculoskeletal system shower Alekseeva positive effect on the problem areas, helping to remove pain and inflammatory edema.

changing water pressure, it is possible to achieve different massage effects from mild tingling to a powerful massage.

Opening Russian scientist ANAlexeyev made available hydro procedure, and now you can easily get rid of cellulite and improve muscle tone in the home.

Patented shower Alekseeva

Please note that massages and hydro treated, not all diseases.Most often they are prescribed in combination with other measures.


Main contraindications:

  • with abdominal massage - pregnancy, as well as stones in the gallbladder;
  • during a massage of the neck - thyroid disease;
  • high temperature;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • zone with skin lesions;
  • children up to 1 year.

about the possibility of using Alexeyev shower is best to consult with your doctor.Such hydro may be contraindicated in the presence of a specific disease, when massages are harmful.

Shower Alekseeva

Additional tips

can be purchased and additional nozzle, with which you can massage all parts of the body and perform the following procedures:

  • lymphatic drainage - 17 in the nozzle holes;
  • underwater massage - 1 hole;
  • shockwave therapy drip - 7 holes;
  • cleaning person - 7 holes;
  • hydro persons - 4 holes;
Shower Alekseeva - nozzle - hydro

2 nozzles for dynamic gidropunktury and relaxing massage, as mentioned earlier, are included.

Additional features

In addition to these advantages shower Alekseeva, it has still a lot of additional features that will be useful on the farm :

  1. air ionizer.The perfect solution for those who have a headache, or stuffy nose.Ten-work hot nozzle increases the amount of negatively charged ions in the hundreds of times, providing a therapeutic effect in the bathroom.
  2. Underwater massage shower.The maximum effect occurs in cool water jet massage in a warm bath.
  3. Easy care of the dogs.Instantly cleans dirty paws, making thus a useful massage.
  4. woollens delicate materials.
  5. Cleansing items with a ribbed surface.
  6. Washing a car engine.

Removing varicose

In the world there are many professions in which human activity is based on the daily staying on his feet.It is not important in the trendy store, or at the fair.Most swelling of legs, pain in the legs, varicose veins affect women.

People such trades recommended daily shortly before bedtime take a warm bath with hydromassage shower Alekseeva for 15 minutes in the direction of the foot to the thigh, while making circular movements.

further recommended massage in straight lines from bottom to top.

pressure water jets should cause you a pleasant tingling.In the course of the water massage the skin is heated, and the flow of lymph and blood circulation improved.

Shower Alekseeva

Cellulite removal

Cellulite - a significant problem for most women.To maintain the figure in good condition, they agree on many things.A perfect solution would be a shower Alekseeva, allowing to make anti-cellulite massage at home at any time.

Whirlpool much more productively than conventional massage as jets of water positive effect on the skin, activating the reactions at the cellular level.High power water jet stimulates the circulatory system.

Hydromassage shower Alekseeva designed for a lasting impact on the body in different modes, so its use can be continued even after the skin has reddened.

Setting his hands

Shower Alexeeva - a very affordable tool that helps you organize in any bath spa area.

is enough to replace the ordinary watering can shower head hydromassage. No additional devices need not be, as a shower Alekseeva works without a pump, from the usual pressure from the tap, which can be adjusted by changing the degree of intensity of exposure.

Shower Alekseeva home

Shower Alekseeva is made of durable plastic German company BAYER AG and has a special adapter to align with whatever the water supply system.

If you plan to use the shower Alekseeva constantly better to replace the adapter that is included on the metal.

Metal adapter for shower Alekseeva

views of experts

Recent advances in the field of hydrodynamics suggest that if the jet velocity above 11 meters per second, then formed the effect of cavitation, which is in contact with the body helps allocation of various forms of energy in the minimum size:

  • heat, which kills bacteria, but it activates the cells;
  • light, that promotes cell division;
  • electrical, which helps to improve all physiological processes;
  • sound, which stimulates the renewal of the body.

known that the jets of water, colliding with an obstacle, divided into tiny particles, which saturate space with negative ions.After 15 minutes of this soul number of negative ions increased several times, and the air is similar to one that has a mountain waterfall.

Shower Alekseev creates not only a pleasant experience, but also an excellent spa effect.


Most buyers are very satisfied with the result, but before you buy be sure to appreciate the water pressure in your home: under low pressure effect will be negligible. Rather, the effect will be, but it will achieve noticeable results impossible.

Also note that the effect is only in the complex, and regular use.During the procedure is easy to breathe, and the hydro-massage is pleasant.

recommend spending whirlpool abdomen procedures are not less than 1.5 hours after a meal.