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August 12, 2017 18:06

Circular shower : indications and contraindications

circular shower
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Water treatments are known for their curative and preventive action for a long time.Constantly improving, they began to be carried out using modern equipment to bring the most benefit to patients.And one of the very useful and pleasant procedures related to water, include this type of soul as circular.Its different sources is also called a needle for a large number of water jets, similar to needles, as well as a Swiss shower.


Hydrotherapy started to use during the time of Babylon and ancient Egypt.A major role in the implementation of hydrotherapy played by Hippocrates, and in Russia - Peter the first.If we talk about the circular soul, its creation has affected the development of the soul of Charcot.This very popular hydrotherapy became the basis of a Swiss shower.Now both treatments are available to patients of any resort or resorts.

Where to spend

procedure Sessions circular shower offer now and in the hospitals, and in the SPA-salons.

great demand for such procedures noted in people who want to carry out the correction of problematic areas of the body (to eliminate cellulite, excess weight).Also, like a shower available in the home, if you set gidroboks equipped with the necessary equipment for the circular shower.

circular shower


procedure is very useful, because it affects not only the skin, like a normal shower, but also in the subcutaneous tissue, muscle tissue, as well as some internal organs. Due to such a profound impact the tone of the body increases, the skin is smoothed, the regenerative processes in it are beginning to take more active.Exposure to water with a strong pressure also activates the metabolism, stimulates cell metabolism and removes toxins.

Sessions circular shower are recommended for stress, insomnia, obesity, hypotension, neuralgia, as well as problems with the musculoskeletal system.All of these diseases are effectively treated through increased blood circulation, accelerate metabolic processes and greater access of oxygen.

Circular shower slimming

also circular shower enhances the body's defenses, strengthens the immune system, stimulates the production of interferon. This means that the procedure is preventative for bacterial and viral lesions.Through restorative effect sessions circular shower improves emotional state, relieve irritability, regulate sleep.It is because of such souls are often prescribed for fatigue, stress, depression, chronic fatigue, IRR in the initial stage.

procedure attracts athletes and people who want to lose weight.In this case, it is sure to complement a healthy diet and exercise.

Use circular kind soul also actively used in cosmetic practice. In particular, such a procedure is included in the package of measures to fight against cellulite.All problem areas are subjected simultaneously to the local effects of water, whose temperature varies between 25-35 degrees.Trickle of water are fed under a pressure of 1.5 atmosphere, and because they are very thin, it is in the nature of acupuncture massage.

All effects are combined and dramatically increase blood circulation.

Warm water relaxes the tissues and blood vessels, and when the temperature drops and pressure increases, resulting in their tone, improving the access of oxygen. This leads to intensification of metabolic and regenerative processes.The result will be a higher elasticity of the skin, less severe manifestations of cellulite and stretch marks, normalize the work of sebaceous glands, cleaning the skin of dead cells.


Although the procedure is different circular shower beneficial effect, it is recommended not to all, as it has a number of contraindications.Under what diseases and pathological conditions such souls will be for you an undesirable option of hydrotherapy?

Among the restrictions include:

  • cutaneous manifestations of allergies,
  • asthenic conditions,
  • exacerbation of diseases of the digestive system,
  • fever,
  • benign tumors and oncology,
  • acute phase of any infection,
  • epilepsy,
  • respiratory pathology and urogenital,
  • skin diseases,
  • pregnancy.

impossible to conduct sessions Swiss shower with alcohol intoxication and during the critical days.Dangerous such kind soul and serious diseases of the cardiovascular system.It prohibits people who have a pacemaker is, as well as hypertension.

How and where the procedure takes place?

Often, this type of shower is offered in hospitals, where they spend the replacement therapy and use different methods of hydrotherapy.The basis of the impact of the Swiss soul is a combination of mechanical and thermal factors, when the body is sent to the water from all directions in the form of thin jets.

circular shower

Due to the heat influence muscle tone and metabolism increase, blood circulation is activated, the tissues get more nutrition.This influence also has a calming and analgesic effect.Through the influence of the cold first vessels constrict, followed by their expansion and the blood flow is accelerated.These contrasting effects of a positive impact on microcirculation and vascular pressure.They stimulate cellular metabolism and are complemented by the influence of mechanical factors.

procedure takes place in a small box, where patients are encouraged to enter, wearing rubber boots and stripped down to swimsuits.By Boxing perimeter arranged metal pipes with a plurality of small holes.When a person comes to boxing, paramedic includes water and adjusts its parameters (pressure, temperature).Further pressure continually increases, and the temperature, on the contrary, reduced.In the first minutes of relaxation in the body is dominated by the processes, and then the nervous system comes to tone.

One session of the Swiss soul can last 5-20 minutes.Its duration is influenced by the testimony, and the desired effect.When the water ceases to flow into the box, the procedure is completed and the patient comes out of the shower and changes into dry clothes.He can feel the more frequent heartbeat or dizziness, so hurry to leave should not be.It is best to sit in the institution for 5-10 minutes, until the condition normalizes.

often circular shower prescribe a course of 7-14 treatments, and the interval of the sessions is determined individually by your doctor.For the recovery of such courses are held twice a year, but it is advisable not to assign this procedure the water in the winter, so as not to increase the risk of disease, since the body may be steamed and cold.

Circular shower for girls

sent to the water treatment is advised in 2-3 hours after a meal.It is also desirable immediately after the circular shower there (it is recommended to wait a few hours).If a session is assigned to the cosmetic purpose, it is often a shower taken daily or every other day.Home

circular shower

It is worth mentioning that the circular shower can be taken at home, if you buy gidroboks.

Setting the home of the Swiss soul is popular in Western countries, where the doctor comes to the house and monitors the implementation of the procedure.We better go to the medical center and SPA-center to hydrotherapy program was administered individually, and all sessions are conducted under the supervision of an experienced health worker.

Circular shower house


design for circular shower is a complex system consisting of many small tubes that are placed in a circle. Through these tubes and water is supplied at a sufficiently high pressure.The power of the jets can be changed, as well as their temperature, and these changes cause the appearance of a good therapeutic effect.The peculiarity and the main difference between this procedure from the shower Charcot is the impact immediately on the entire surface of the body.

Since the water jet forms a very thin (not for nothing that another procedure is called a needle shower), a patient during this procedure the water in the body there is tingling.It may initially be unpleasant, but tolerable.Testimonials show that as the number of sessions on this tingling many even enjoy and call it soothing.

water falling on the body in the form of thin jets that effectively influences the points, which are called biologically active.And because such a procedure is considered similar to acupressure.Its effect is the activation of the immune system, as well as the launch of regenerative processes in the body.