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August 12, 2017 18:06

Shower for dacha : heated , summer , from electricity , shower -bag .Shower with your hands

Shower Tub
  • Choose place
  • Designing
  • Construction
  • Installation
  • Finish
  • Making the shower with his hands
    • Heated by the sun
    • Heated from the mains
    • portable shower bag

Shower in the country is useful and necessary buildings, but often the joy of warm water treatments are given to those vacationers who are on holiday or working on the site in the summer on hot days.However, the reality is not necessarily limited to showering only in warm weather and give up water treatments on cold days.All cottagers available hot water in the shower, which would bring them comfort during washing in any weather.

Choose place

first task in building the right holiday spirit - the choice of location.It will affect the functionality and comfort of use of the shower.

Since water procedures is contraindicated in any draft, place the shower should be protected from the wind.Even if the hot water heater you are going to provide all the same to look after the stall sunny place.So the water will heat up faster a

nd less at night to cool.

Shower in a sunny spot

to shower worked fine, it is important to ensure good drainage and disposal of wastewater. summer load is always increased, because the drain hole is better to do a minimum volume of 1.5 m3 (optimally to make a hole twice the volume of the tank with water).The easiest way to generate the sink, digging a hole under a future cabin.But this is not always a practical option.Most make a depression from which inclined pipe sewage disposal in a compost pit or septic tank.To facilitate the diversion of water from the shower, it is best to put on an elevated plot.

Shower on the hill


To build the country soul should develop a project.It is not too difficult but important task for arrangement of the soul.

height shower often choose from 2 and a half to 3 meters, so it was convenient to wash the man's head and raise his hands. Space booths should be enough for an adult - at the closed door he should be able to easily tilted and rotated.Minimum dimensions of booths - one meter by one meter.

Space booths should be enough for an adult - at the closed door he should be able to easily tilted and rotated.Minimum dimensions of booths - one meter by one meter.

Example of the soul

is also to provide a place where there will be things, clothes, towel, water protected.This dressing room still requires about 0.5 m2 of space.As a result, the most suitable to the size of the practice of the soul in the country is 1.9 meters by 1.4 meters.

Shower with changing room


To design the shower was reliable, it can provide pile foundation in it.To apply it 100 mm diameter tube of metal or asbestos.Under them in the land of the holes are drilled so deep that the pipes towered above the ground by 15-30 cm.

frame soul can be made from any material.Often it is used for timber or pipe made of cast iron.Rama preferably be collected separately by connecting it with the long bolts.You will need quite a strong skeleton, because it will be a tank with a water capacity of at least 200 liters.

Shower of a metal frame

separation between the shower and the compartment for clothes is to set a high threshold and hang the curtain of waterproof material, such as films.The door to the shower should close tightly enough, preventing drafts.To the door due to the constant influence of water is not jammed, set the seals on it.If you wish to use the shower in the cool period, insulated booth.Often, for this use styrofoam.

Shower compartment for clothes


capacity, which is water, is mounted above the cabin.In order to save it can be a standard 200 liter drum volume.You can also purchase a used / have a tank.Before installing the tank mounted tap and set the water faucet with spray nozzle.For the pouring of water in the tank is used the pump or tank connected to the water supply.

Optimal water supply plastic pipes. should also provide for the regulation of the amount of water in the tank, setting level, or adding to supply sanitary valve system.

Buck shower


Outdoor upholstery soul in the country can be carried out with sheets of plywood (resistant to moisture), slate, clapboard, MDF, film.

to shower fit into a coherent picture of the suburban area, the outer lining, it is desirable to choose, taking into account the landscape.

Siding soul
Interior finish soul
Design Option soul

To finish the soul needs an attractive and practical materials, necessarily resistant to moisture.

Interior decoration is most often carried out with plastic wrap.It is attached to the shower wall rails.Also good is a tree-lined, treated with linseed oil, and varnish.Often the cladding panels used inside the soul of a thin plastic or linoleum.

to improve soil drainage near the shower is recommended to plant the plants that grow in damp conditions.It and beautify the area around the shower, and become an obstacle waterlogging area.If there are financial possibilities, in the suburban soul can use modern technology, new and interesting design solutions.

Doing their own hands souls

scheduled installation soul in the country, you will have two ways - buy ready variation or the creation of the soul with his own hands.

Construct a shower at the cottage with his hands just enough.You do not need expensive materials, as suitable for the construction of improvised materials such as plywood, slate, iron, plastic, and others.

cope with the creation of the project, the device of the foundation, arrangement of drainage, collection of soul frame, mounting systems, water supply, as well as finishing works are also quite real self.

Having studied all the major issues to create the soul of the country, it is the power of their own hands to make the original structure, which will decorate the cottage and can be used in the hot season, and at other times of the year.

easiest option soul: cabinet is mounted on top and flank with water and a shower.The water inside the drum will be heated by the sun.Read more on.

Shower with your hands

Heated by the sun

To get warm water for water treatment in the hot weather, the easiest option would be painted a dark color barrel.Its bottom mounted tube with a tap or a hose and valve.A similar installation can be used even without the arrangement of the cockpit shower.Barrel, heated by the sun, is fixed on a cab with no roof.

disadvantage of this option is only one water heating - warm water will have only on sunny days. problem can be solved by installing a solar water heater.In such a device, the water can be heated and on cloudy days and in cold weather.

Shower with solar heating

Heated from the mains

for heating water using a tubular electric heater (TEN), it is important to monitor his work, turning off when the water temperature is acceptable.Installation of heating element can be carried out independently or to purchase a tank, in which he had built, especially if you are not familiar to the mains.It is also important to check the reliability of your electrical wiring to heater could work several hours without a problem.

tanks with heating element are metal or plastic. They can be different amounts - with more water in the tank, it will heat up more slowly.Sales have bins corresponding to the standard sizes of roofs showers.They have heating elements and devices that turn off the heating element.In the tank can also be remote controlling the operating mode of PETN and water heating.This tank is mounted temperature sensor and a safety switch.

Plastic tank for the soul

For the cord, it is important to ensure reliable grounding and insulation.It is preferable to choose a plastic tank, since it is possible degradation of water quality due to rust or flowering.If there is no water in the tank, the heater is not included, because it can overheat, which will cause breakage and subsequent replacement of PETN.

Shower with electric tank

The design shower heating can also be used titanium.This one-piece tank with metal casing, the bottom of which wood or coal is burned, causing the top of the water is heated.In this case, an additional tank is needed to obtain the desired temperature of the water (cold water).

The advantage of using titanium is simultaneously heated shower facilities. To extract all the benefits from the installation of titanium, it is important to remember the fire, the chimney and ventilation.This option is more likely to choose heating and shower, located in the capital structure.

portable shower bag

This shower is inexpensive and relatively simple option for questioning.It simply exploit, because this bag can be hung almost anywhere, even without a shower stall.Inside the bag is filled with cold water, heated by the sun.Also in the shower bag can be filled with already heated water.Often, the amount of such a soul is 20 liters.

Shower - portable

Such a portable shower can be a water heater capacity of up to 2 kW.For pumping water into the bag-shower uses a pump to lift water up to 3 meters. Such a device can also be used for different holiday needs, such as car washing or dishwashing.The device is simply connected to the water supply and turn on the power grid.