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August 12, 2017 18:06

Shell console ( with legs ) : the choice of how to make a bowl on two legs with his hands

Sink console
  • Features
  • Materials and colors
  • Installation
  • How to save money and make the sink on two legs with your hands?

Who does not know the truth about what is new - is well forgotten old?Sink on two legs, which our contemporaries have seen except in old movies or books about the pictures "Moidodir" is once again in vogue.All kinds of styles, models, materials and colors - that's the main difference between this type of bathroom furniture from their predecessors is very similar.

console Sink
Conch Shell with wooden legs
Conch Shell with wooden legs

Traditionally, the production of shell-consoles are leading Italian and French manufacturers.

Italian shell console
French sink console
Conch Shell in a classic style


outer shell console resembles a table or dresser.

sink console that resembles a table

functionality - that is the main feature of the sanitary unit: design can be equipped with all kinds of shelves designed to store cosmetics, body care items, or any other necessary details.

sink console with shelf for towels
sink , a chest of drawers for storing accessories

Bowls such shells can be single or double.They form the imagination - from the smooth oval retro designs to r

igorous and elegant quadrangles in high-tech style.For a small bathroom will be a real boon corner sink.

In addition, this type of shells occupy a relatively small space, and therefore, are ideal for both large and for small bathrooms.

sink console with a porcelain bowl

Materials and colors Materials

bowls performance varied: you can opt for a glass container, porcelain, marble, ceramic or metal.Flowers similar plumbing devices - the most unexpected.The most popular among buyers enjoy the dazzling white, luxury gold, discreet bronze, coal-black and chrome cup.

Sink - console gilded decorative stand
designer sink console


When installing the sink on legs fixed to a wall or just put on the floor.

wooden shell console
Sink stone

Sink console - virtually limitless source to translate your wildest design fantasies: from classics to minimalism.No matter what style of design you prefer, your bathroom will look fresh, bright and spectacular.

sink on legs with his hands
Washbasin in the style of high-tech

How to save money and make the sink on two legs with your hands?

Washbasin in klasscheskom style are quite expensive.Alternatively, you can make a similar design from:

  • embedded shells
  • countertops drywall, finished mosaic, artificial stone
  • feet (ceramics, polyurethane foam with reinforcement);
  • exterior balusters (optional).
Drawing - how to make the sink on legs in a classic style

frame countertop is made of steel tube of rectangular cross section 28h25.Outside the frame is mounted on the plastic PVC 8mm with glue and screws.The bottom of the screws on the mount is not necessary.Pre-cut holes in the plastic under the sink.

With mortgages elements made framework assembly to the wall and placed on the base of the profile frame 60 mm.At the bottom of the table top mounted socket.Stone countertops installed last.Next is lined with ceramic tiles.

Sink console legged with their hands