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August 12, 2017 18:06

Wash - Moidodyr to give : for the garden, the water heater and heating , how to make their own hands

Wash - Moidodyr for garden or garden
  • Features
  • Types
    • With heating (electric to a water heater)
    • Without heating
    • With a mirror
  • Materials
  • Forms
  • Dimensions
  • Manufacturers
  • Tips for Choosing
  • Where to install?
  • How to make your own hands?
  • Operation

washbasin with a cupboard, a sink and a water tank, which is called Moidodyr, is one of the most popular types of taps used in the summer cottage and garden.What attracts gardeners such a device?What are washbasins-Moidodyr?How to choose a ready-made wash basin of this type, and whether to do it yourself?Let's look for answers together.

Wash - Moidodyr the cottage


  • main features of basin-Moidodir are the presence of the shell, the water tank with tap, as well as stone-pillar.Some models have an additional mirror, shelves, hooks, and other elements.
  • water in a sink can be heated in the sun or heated using an electric heater.
  • cost of these basins is low, especially if the water is not heated in the device.But even among the models with water heating function can find a budget
  • Moidodyr to give attractive for its mobility, as it can be transported to any location, set in the country house, and on the territory of the site.
  • Due to the large range of possibilities and make a laver yourself, you can easily enter such a device in your landscape design.
Wash - Moidodyr for garden or garden with soap holders and mirror
White - wash basin Moidodyr the cottage with heated water


With heating (electric to a water heater)

This option basin-Moidodir more convenient to use when the cottage come and coolweather.Heating the water in the tank of such a device is provided TAN certain capacity.The tank is heated from 12 to 32 liters of water, depending on its size.All Moidodyr with water heating device has a switch-off function with an empty tank.

Wash - Moidodyr the cottage with heated water

Without heating

Moidodyr This is a structure of stone, shells and tanks, from which water flows.The minimum amount of such capacity is 12 liters.In the largest Moidodyr tank can hold 22-32 liters.Water is usually poured into the tank manually.

Wash - Moidodyr to testify without heating water

With a mirror

The main difference between this model cottage washbasins other is the presence of a mirror positioned above the sink.Under the mirror is often a shelf for detergents and toiletries.This Moidodyr easy to use and allows you to freshen up during their stay in the country during the summer.It is preferably set in a country house or on the porch.

Wash - Moidodyr for garden or garden with a mirror and two mounted soap holders


most common model suburban Moidodyr of plastic and stainless steel.They are especially marked in the table:

Material cabinets and sinks Moidodir dacha




The material is very light;

product easy to transport;


not very high quality cabinets;

Over time required to repair or replacement;

poorly tolerated by the cold


more durable;

endure temperature extremes, rain and freezing

more expensive plastic and weighs more

tank Moidodir too often represented by a plastic or steel tank.If such a washbasin to give do with their hands, most often to create thumbs rest on the wood.

The metal shell and a tank under the water to sink to the country - Moidodir


tank in suburban Moidodyr happens:

  • by Square
  • Oval
  • Flat
  • Rectangular
  • thickening

Stand in a sink can also have a different shapebut the most common rectangular and square models.

Rectangel tank under the water to sink to the country - Moidodir


main parameter is the width of the body among Moidodir sizes.Such sinks presents a large variety of sizes from 40 to 120 centimeters.Choose an appropriate model should be based on personal preferences and installation location cottage washbasins.As for the depth of cabinets, in most models, its value is 30-50 centimeters.

Narrow - Moidodyr washbasin width of 50 cm for the garden or the garden
Large - Moidodyr washbasin 120 cm to the country


On sale Moidodyr garden and garden of such manufacturers:

  1. Elbet. The company offers a series of devices for garden with heated water - Evbo.The numbering of the models shows the volume of the tank basin, for example, Moidodir Evbo17 tank capacity is 17 liters.Ins suburban basins of this manufacturer is called the low price, the ability to regulate the temperature, and to use the heater without connecting the device to the water supply.
  2. Aquatex. washbasins this Russian brand attracted concise design, simple installation and affordable price.However, the volume of the tank at the models of tanks Aquatex represented only 15 liters and 20 liters.
  3. Moidodyr. products of this manufacturer are distinguished by the presence of a coating of zinc or stainless steel, a rapid hot water, as well as protection against burnout.There is such firm washbasin more expensive products from Elbet, but the durability and quality of his above.
Wash - Moidodyr for garden or garden from the company Elbet
Wash - Moidodyr for garden or garden of brand Aquatex
Умывальник-мойдодыр для дачи или сада от компании "Мойдодыр"

Tips for Choosing

  • Before you buy a cottage-Moidodyr washbasin, decide if you need hot water.If you arrive to the country rarely and only in the summer period, the availability of warm water may be insignificant moment.
  • are going to buy a device in which water is heated, determine how much power the heater you need.Also, decide whether it is important for you to be able to change the temperature mode.
  • Another nuance in the selection of a suitable washbasin for the suburban area is the amount of the water tank.Owning a house, coming to the area and occasionally alone, enough tank capacity of 12-15 liters.If the summer at the cottage holds the whole family, in the sink regularly wash dishes, fruits and hands, the tank volume should be at least 22 liters.
  • wishes to establish in the country a budget option should look product with a small tank.Moreover, if heating is provided in the sink, the water in a small vessel will be heated faster.
Wash - Moidodyr broad cabinet with the tank to heat the water for the garden or the garden

Where to install?

Installing holiday Moidodir available anywhere in the garden or the suburban area where it is needed.His device has a water heating option, we need only take care to hold the cable in place of basin-Moidodir location.If desired, a washbasin and can stand in the summer kitchen, and on the veranda of a country house, and at the site.

Wash Moidodyr - heated water at the cottage or the garden

How to make your own hands?

Although ready-Moidodyr sinks to testify are inexpensive and presents a variety of models, a lot of gardeners and gardeners prefer to make such a device yourself.It's very simple, you just prepare the shell and the capacitance to volume, and make a stand.

sink for holiday washbasin can be purchased or applied in the old shell, which is used for some time in the city.Under cabinet Moidodir often adapt an old chest of drawers, table or nightstand.However, to make a stand from the boards is also quite easy.

as improvised tank Moidodir can use a bucket, a large bottle of water, a can and any other suitable container.Taking in a tank opening, it is inserted into the tap and fix it gaskets of rubber and nuts.Now we have to collect all the items together and do decor products to your liking.

Homemade washbasin - Moidodyr to testify
Wash - Moidodyr of rails to the country with their own hands


to using holiday Moidodir did not have any problems, it is important to follow these rules:

  • If the device will be on the street,above it should be equipped with a canopy.It is also important to take care of the wiring insulation.
  • Since Moidodir heating element will scale over time, each year buy a new anode and replace it only, not the entire system.
  • Do not switch the device to the network when there is no water in the tank.Make sure that the water fills the container above the minimum mark.
  • Care for the product made of stainless steel is easier, because you can use abrasive cleaners.If your Moidodyr plastic by such means should be discarded.
  • Avoid situations where water freezes inside the tank.It threatens to damage of the tank.
Wash - Moidodyr for garden or garden , its operation