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August 12, 2017 18:06

Wash to give : a pedestal and without it , and without heating , how to make their own hands

Wash to give
  • Types
    • With heating (electric to a water heater)
    • Without heating
    • Street on
    • desk with pedestal
    • Without pedestals
    • Moidodyr
    • From plastic bottles
    • Gardeningand garden
  • Stainless steel or plastic?
  • Where and at what height to set?
  • How to make your own hands: the most simple ways

Water garden is one of the most important tasks for a comfortable stay at their summer cottage.Therefore the choice of sink to the country can be called a topical issue for all gardeners.What could be the holiday washbasin?Of what material is best to keep an eye wash basin, which will stand at the cottage?I can not buy a ready option, and make their own hands?Consider these questions in more detail.

Street washbasin to give


Heated (with electric heater)

This washbasin is modern and very convenient to use option.Due to the heating element in the country you get warm water at any time.It is often chosen to be installed in the country house, especially if the wash basin will be used in the fall and winter.The

average volume of the tank in such washbasins - 15-20 liters.It is most often plastic or metal.

Washbasin cottages with heated water

Without heating

sinks of this type is mounted on the outside and is used in the summer hot weather, when the sunlight heats the water in the tank itself.

Wash for questioning without heating water

Street on the rack

This washbasin is a water tank mounted on a metal rack.Set this option suburban basin is very simple - foot pressed steel beam at the bottom of the rack, then its horns are part of the soil.As a result, you can opt for a model of a place on the territory of any country site, even among the beds of potatoes and raspberry bushes.In such a reservoir basin usually placed 8-15 liters of water.

Street washbasin at the front to give


This option is very respectable suburban basin, which in addition to the sink and tub with water and has a special wardrobe.Package holiday washbasins with a bedside table can be quite diverse.In some models provides a mirror, in other - the hooks for towels.This sink can be a very simple tap for cold water only, and the mixer (if you plan to connect the product to water).

Get this washbasin can be anywhere in the country, but it is preferable to place under a canopy to the furniture suffer less from temperature and humidity changes, as well as sunlight.This type of sink is often selected for installation on the veranda or inside the country house.If the model is oversized, in summer it can stand on the street, and when the warm days come to an end, be transferred into the room.

Summer wash basin with pedestal

Without pedestals

This is the simplest model basin, as is only a plastic barrel water tank, which has Clamping nose.The device is hung on the blackboard, hammered into the ground or on the wall, and beneath it is installed bucket, which will drain the dirty water.

water is poured into the tank must be manually and when its supply is exhausted, will have to pour water into the container again.This tank can be round and rectangular, and the tap valve can be present instead of the pressure nozzle.Volume average holds 10-15 liters of water.

Blue plastic wash basin for questioning


so called holiday washbasin in the construction of which has a sink, a bulk tank and cabinet.This functional model, easy to use and in a holiday home and on the street.Despite the existence of tables, Moidodyr easily transferred.Inside the cabinets put a bucket into which water is going to be used.Since the model provides a sink, in a convenient sink to wash your hands, utensils and fruits.

Wash - Moidodyr to testify

From plastic bottles

This type of holiday can be done independently sink, cutting off the bottom in large bottles and connecting it to the arch or a tree.Poured into a bottle of water, you can open the lid a bit or make a hole in it to get a jet of water under which you can wash your hands.

Wash from a plastic bottle to give

to garden and garden

Such sinks are outdoor devices are not connected to any water supply nor sewerage.All such designs there is a tank in which water accumulates.Install a washbasin in every corner of the garden, or suburban area.Choosing garden and country sinks is very diverse - from the most basic models of suspension made by the hands, to chic design development.

Homemade washbasin with a simple washbasin to give
Homemade washbasin to give
Plastic dispenser ( WC) to give

Stainless steel or plastic?

These two materials are most commonly used for the production of cottage washbasins.The choice can be based on your personal wishes, however, note that the stainless steel product is more durable and reliable.Besides, when a wash basin falls accidentally from plastic, the probability of damage is much higher than the device when falling from a stainless steel.

Wash stainless steel to give
A plastic wash basin for questioning

Where and at what height to set?

The first step is to decide whether you want to install the wash basin in the holiday home or put it on the street.Outside mount a plumber easier, because they do not need to connect the wash basin to the water and take care of the sink drain.

However, if you plan to stay in the country and in cold weather, it is necessary to think about installing washbasins inside the house.The compromise is to buy Moidodir, which can be held in the summer on the street, but as soon as colder, move the device into the house.

If your washing sink provided, in the most convenient location is its height in the range of 83-90 cm from ground level.

Wash basin ( water dispenser ) to give its location

How to make your own hands: the most simple ways

If you are approached, none of the finished version of the washbasin or want to do for myself something of their own, you can easily cope with this task on their own.The simplest kind of cottage washbasins can be suspended from a plastic bottle, which we mentioned above.

By the same token, you can use other improvised containers, which are often found in the country - plastic or metal cans, barrels, cans, buckets.Choosing a place for home-made basin, make a hole in the selected container.On both sides of the hole attach the rubber gasket, install the crane, and then tighten the nuts.

Do not forget about water abstraction.If you do not want to put under sink capacity, which will collect water or sewage runoff into the cesspool, simply pour in the place of installation is enough gravel basin through which water will go into the ground.

Wash your hands to give of wooden barrels

You can also get a modern and practical model cottage washbasins, if you act on this plan:

  1. Buy a special water tank, as well as a sanitary fittings.
  2. Pick the sink, taking into account the desired size and design.
  3. Buy the materials from which the chassis to connect the tank and bowl.Most often, the frame made of metal or wood.Planned to do a wash basin with pedestal, it is possible to adapt the old desk or dresser for him.
  4. Buy materials needed to take stock of water to the sink, as well as to connect the drain.
  5. Gather together and get home-made, but high-quality cottage washbasin.
The framework for the future of washbasins to testify
Homemade washbasin to give
Wash your hands to give