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August 12, 2017 18:06

Summer wash basin with heated water : with and without pedestal cabinets , stainless steel

Summer wash basin with heated water
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  • Important characteristics
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  • washbasin to give their own hands
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  • operation during the cold season
  • Tips for choosing

water garden often involves the presence of only cold water.But for the owners of suburban areas, wishing to use during their stay in the country and warm water, there is a remarkable output in the form of purchase and installation of suburban basin whose design allows heat water.


  • with warm water and wash more comfortable, and to carry out kitchen work.
  • water is heated very quickly.
  • washbasin with heating function is easy enough to install.
  • On the tank there is a control panel through which runs the regulation of water temperature.
  • choose a model with the small size, you can install a wash basin, even in a very small room.
Suburban metal washstand with heated water


  • cost of such a basin is higher than models without the ability to heat water.
  • is important to constantly monitor how much water is in the tank,
    as well as to prevent overflow of water from the tank under the sink (if draining into the sewer is not provided).


washbasin to give the chance to warm up the water represented:

  1. Immediately wash basin, which can be a plastic or steel.
  2. water tank, which can also be either stainless steel or impact resistant plastic.
  3. racks that do mostly of metal or pedestal.
  4. water heating element.
Summer wash basin with heated water


product is a small cabinet with a sink, above which is a tank.The water inside the tank is heated by the operation of PETN.Inside the cabinets installed capacity (basin or bucket), which is going to the water, but we can conclude the water into the sewer or sump, if necessary.

TAN for these basins are made from stainless steel.If you operate it correctly, heater service is five years or longer.It is important not to forget that PETN eventually formed a scum (the harder the water, the faster it will be).In addition, the heater can be damaged easily replaced.

Teng stainless steel sink for the cottage with heated water


There are such kinds of country sinks:

  1. pedestal. This is the most popular type of sink for garden, stand for which is made of particle board, metal or some other material.She fixed shell of steel or plastic.Type in this suburban sink very aesthetic.The advantage of such models is the ability to connect to the sewer.
  2. Without pedestals. It is located on the treated anti-corrosion agent support.Such washbasins endure changing weather conditions, so most often installed outdoors.Due to the metal frame structure of the product is very strong.
  3. Suspension. This washbasin is fixed to the wall, placing both in a holiday home and on the street.To drain the water set a bucket underneath.One of the advantages of this type of suburban sinks is their low weight.
Summer wash basin with pedestal with heated water
Suburban washbasin on a metal support with heated water
Summer Hanging wash basin with heated water

Important characteristics

For ease of use suburban sink, which may heat the water are important parameters such as the tank capacity and the capacity of the water heater.


tank for sale, you can find models, the volume of the tank which is from ten to thirty liters.The most popular cottages are considered to sinks in the tank which can hold 15-25 liters of water.

Buck holiday basin with heated water - its volume

power heating element

standard setting is 1.25 kW.If you need more power, then set heater with rates of 1.5 kW or 2 kW.Pick the heating element of such power that the water in the tank can be heated to 650C + + 50 about an hour.

addition in the water heater in the suburban sink may be the thermostat to turn on / off the device when receiving the desired water temperature.Besides, in case of lack of water inside the tank, all products are programmed to turn off.

The heating element holiday basin with heated water and its power

Popular manufacturers

products manufacturers such demand among the biggest buyers:

  1. Aquatex. heating device operates on these sinks of electricity, heating for 1 hour in a water tank (15 liters) to + 650C.Most models are made of wood, so harmoniously look at the cottage.Sink in the washbasins of this producer is made of stainless steel, so the design is different durability (is 7 years).Prices of products from Aquatex start from 2200 rubles.
  2. Alvin. washbasins from this manufacturer can come for a summer kitchen and garage.Mostly steel model presented different color designs.Washstands tank in such a volume of 20 liters.Behind Alvin sinks a hole is provided for connection to a drain.Duration of product service life is at least 5 years, and the cost - from 1200 rubles.
  3. Moidodyr. The washbasins of this manufacturer with a reservoir capacity of 15-25 liters can maintain the water temperature at + 550C.Prices on construction of Moidodyr start from 2100 rubles.Proper care product allows the use of such sinks to 10 years.
Suburban washbasin firm Aquatex with heated water
Suburban washbasin company Alvin with heated water
Suburban washbasin manufacturer Moidodyr with heated water

washbasin to give their own hands

If you do not like any one model basin heated atmosphere are on offer, there is always the opportunity to create aholiday washbasin with their own hands.

frame Making

frame should get tough and durable enough to be able to support the weight of the washing and the water tank.The shape of the frame can be very diverse.

  • First make a sketch of the future framework, which mark the location of important items.The best choice for a homemade frame called metal profile.Before connecting the profile of its elements should be treated with an anti-corrosive composition.To connect the frame members using welding or bolting.
  • If desired, the frame can be made of wood, because the handle bar much easier than metal.However, even the processing means of protection does not provide such a frame of long-term service.Just a few seasons, and it will have to be repaired or completely replaced.
  • Then pick up the material to be trimmed frame.Usually the choice represented plastic or metal sheets, as well as water-resistant plywood, but it is possible to pick up and other suitable materials.Optionally paneling decorated decor, which can not only affect the aesthetic appearance of the stone, but will be an additional protection.
Homemade cottage wash basin with heated water

drain Organization

Sink may be old (for example, if she stayed after repairs in the house), and new.If you bought a new sink, it is desirable to choose a product made of stainless steel because it is more convenient to operate and maintain.

addition sink should prepare a tube to drain (it can be normal or corrugated), as well as capacity, which will drain the water.If the site has a sewage system, you need to take care of connecting sink to it.

water tank can serve as an old canister from the plastic, the new ready capacity to volume, as well as steel structure, made by welding.Pay attention to the installation of the crane in a tank, using in its implementation of the sealant and sealing gaskets.Finally, set the heater power selected.

Water tank heated to the sink to the country


Holiday sinks with hot water is a safe device, since the heater provided them off when the tank is not filled with water to the minimum mark.

It is important to respect and such recommendations:

  • If you are away from the house, turn off the power of the washbasin.
  • Do not forget to follow the fullness of a tank, regularly adding water.
  • If the device is on the street, it is desirable to protect the awning.
  • When installed in a country house, check the wiring (if it will withstand the load of PETN).
  • Do not allow children to play with the device.
Summer wash basin with heated water and its safety

operation during the cold season

If you plan to use the holiday basin in winter, it is installed in the house, it is recommended to choose a model with a capacity of at least 1.5 kW (for a 15-liter tank).In another case, the device will rapidly lose heat, so getting warm water (not to mention hot) it will be difficult.

In the absence of the tenants in the country the machine must be disconnected from the power supply.

Wash basin with heated water for the country house

Tips for Choosing

  • Buying a holiday wash basin with hot water function, see the material from which it is made.If you need a product that can serve for a long time, choose a model with a rack or pedestal of metal or other water resistant materials.Buck of enameled or galvanized metal will last longer plastic.
  • Rate the desired capacity of the reservoir.If the country is home to a large family or you plan to spend in the country for several months, it will be more convenient to use a wash basin with enough bulk tank.Those who come to the country from time to time, will be enough and subcompact tank.
  • is also important to assess the capacity of the heating element.If you want to quickly get hot water, you will surely become a watch model with a more powerful Tan, but do not forget at the same time that such a washbasin require more electricity.
  • Find out what additional features the manufacturer offers.For example, there are models washbasins holiday, where you can maintain the temperature of the water, as well as programmed shutdown.
Summer wash basin with heated water