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August 12, 2017 18:06

Washbasins in the bathroom : a cupboard , mirror , hanging and angle ( 30 photos )

Wall-mounted washbasin in the bathroom
  • Is there a difference between the sink and the sink?
  • Types
    • Tulip
    • pedestal
    • Suspended options
    • Corner model
  • Forms
  • Materials
  • Popular sizes
  • How to determine the right size?
  • Sample prices
  • Tips for Choosing

Making the bathroom plumbing elements are selected with great care.One of the major among them are the washbasin.Properly chosen, the metal object, earthenware, stone, glass or marble, can be successfully combined with other fixtures and furniture.The range of sinks from current producers rather extensive.How is such an accessory and it is important to consider when choosing?

Wall built- in countertop wooden wash basin in the bathroom

Is there a difference between the sink and the sink?

washbasin called device whose function is to supply water for washing.Shell is one of the varieties of plumbing fixtures.

Although the purpose and operation of these accessories are similar, but they do exist, such differences:

  • Wash appeared much earlier shells and was a crane with a tray, which merged consumed water.
  • The washbasin comes cold water.
  • While sink used mainly for hygienic procedures, using sinks can also draw water.

Now these concepts become the most related, and in the understanding of most people, they are synonymous and refer to the same thing.

Wash glass on one support leg for the bathroom
Red hanging porcelain washbasin
White washbasin in a blue bathroom


washbasins A suitable model is selected based on various factors, in particular on the basis of the size of the bathroom, its layout and decoration.The first determined the appearance of the device and the method of its mounting.

Washbasin on a stand made ​​of natural wood


This type of sink is the easiest to install and use.Its design consists of two elements - of the basin and pedestal."Tulip" is usually fixed to the wall using silicone or studs.

note that today Washbasin became less popular due to the possibility of replacing it more comfortable and functional hanging or built-in models.The advantages include the low cost model, but the quite large size can be called one of the most significant drawbacks basin "tulip".

Белый умывальник "тюльпан" на контрастном черном полу ванной комнаты
Washbasin Bathroom


This option basin is also called "Moidodyr".It is a combination of plumbing and furniture, which increases the functionality of the model.At the same time as the wash basin may crash into the curb (inserted into the countertop opening), and imposed from above, and stand there as a floor, and more convenient for cleaning the wall model.In the cupboard under a sink can not only store all sorts of accessories that should be in the bathroom, and mask with the help of unsightly communication.

Подвесной умывальник "мойдодыр"

Suspended options

Such sinks are durable and very original.They often choose everything for the bathroom in style hi-tech.In cases when you need a luxurious option is usually selected from a stone model, and for the more modest interior more suitable glass and ceramic sinks.For fixing of such models is important to choose high-quality brackets.

Suspension rectangular washbasin in natural stone
Hanging wash basin made ​​of natural wood

Corner model

Small corner washbasin is an excellent choice for an oversized bathroom.It allows you to fill the space in the corner, which is almost always free.In these basins usually porcelain or screen, or a support leg.

Corner hanging wash basin in the bathroom
Built-in washbasin in a corner cabinet wood
Small porcelain wash basin in a small bathroom


cup-shaped washbasin of ceramics, glass, stone or metal enjoys today well-deserved popularity.This plumbing is not combined with a mixer and does not take up much space.Bowl it can be oval, round or square, and selected on the basis of the room furniture.

Surface yellow-white wash basin in the form of lemon
Round invoice washbasin glass bathroom
Ceramic washbasin unusual shape

Choosing bathroom washbasin flat, you will be able to save the space of the room, because this model is well aligned with the furniture or washing machine.The disadvantage of washbasins with a flat shape will be a large amount of spatter.

Flat wash basin made ​​of natural wood
Flat rectangular wash basin made ​​of artificial stone

original model, suitable for futuristic and upgraded interior, a washbasin with a curved shape.Due to the eccentricity and uniqueness of this form of the device becomes the main decorative interior detail.

The original bathroom washbasin


classic material for modern washbasin is ceramic.Many manufacturers also offer models of other materials.Their features and advantages are presented in the table:

Material washbasin



major advantage of glass washbasins - lightness and grace;

are made of high-strength glass, so these sinks have a high cost;

There are matte and glossy;

may have any form;

In such washbasins easily accumulated limescale, so they require constant maintenance and time-consuming


most popular material for sinks;

Submitted Sanitary Ware (more affordable, but less quality version) and Sanitary porcelain (more expensive but higher quality due to the long roasting);

material is eco-friendly;

Caring for such fixtures is easy;

product is heavy;

Such washbasin different fragility


original and refined version of the basin;

Differs short operation and increased demands for care

artificial or natural stone

have a material high durability and high resistance to chemical and mechanical stress;

Stone sinks are mainly represented by models of overhead;

are characterized by high cost and heavy weight


is quite expensive;

special needs (more thorough and time-consuming), because it has a porous structure


Durable material with a high resistance to external influences (shocks, chemical and thermal impact);

For such a washbasin is easy to care;

Wide range of products with different colors and different forms

Stainless Steel

very affordable, durable and reliable material;

At these washbasins can be scratched when cleaning drips and drops of water;

also differ noisiness use

Black washbasin unusual form of a composite material for bathroom
Hanging washbasin in natural stone in the bathroom
Rectangular washbasin for bathroom in black marble

Popular sizes

The larger size will have sinks, the more convenient is it to usebut do not forget about moderation.The minimum size of the device, occurring in our stores, a washbasin 300 mm wide, and maximum - 1200 mm.The most popular is called washbasins with a width of 400 to 700 mm.In depth models are distinguished by their size in the range of 250-600 mm.

Round steel washbasin hanging on the countertop of natural stone

How to determine the right size?

Choice sink size in the first place will affect the value of the bathroom space.We often put up with the small size sink to accommodate indoor washing machine, shower, laundry basket and other items.

Surface wash basin with a pattern for the bathroom
White rectangular washbasin in the bathroom

However, selecting the most compact model of a width of less than 400 mm, you certainly will be able to install it in a tiny bathroom, but use a wash basin on a daily basis in the home at allnot convenient.This oversized washbasin increasingly choosing for office, cafe, shopping center, to be able to wash their hands.

If you have the opportunity to establish a large bathroom "Moidodir" more than 700 mm in width, be sure to use it as the comfort of use of the basin will be much greater.

Large stone washbasin built- in furniture gray bathroom

Sample prices

Cheap washbasins presents Chinese model, an affordable price and attractive appearance, but it was short-lived service.In the mid-market are presented sinks domestic producers, many of the models that can please and purchase availability and relatively high quality.

greatest value different Polish, German, Italian and Czech sinks.Their benefits are called high quality and availability of the product warranty, as well as the ability to find an accessory with an individual design.

White round ceramic sink for the bathroom with a list
Black rectangular invoice washbasin Bathroom

Tips for Choosing

going to buy a wash basin, you must first decide on the size and design of the desired model.

More important to take into account such nuances:

  1. quality of the material from which made the laver.It is important that the selected plumbing was no surface defects.If you buy a ceramic model, inspect the molding in place the crane installation.
  2. Availability overflow.Despite the fact that the overflow spout found today in most modern models of washbasins, Sales there are still instances without overflow, so care can not hurt.
  3. manufacturers.Select it on the basis of the planned purchase of your budget, but it should give preference to a recognized and trusted companies.
Tractor-mounted washbasin in natural stone