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August 12, 2017 18:06

Sink - lily : the arrangement of the washing machine , the size of Uni , Mini , Quattro , installation

Sink - lily
  • Pros Cons
  • Features
  • Popular sizes and models
  • Features selection
  • Which washing machine is suitable?
  • installation rules

Every year on the market there are hundreds of plumbing solutions for the bathroom, designed to make our lives more convenient.The shell, which is installed on the washing machine, is no longer a novelty, but to really appreciate it only now.Today, more and more people are thinking about making a new way to organize the space in the bathroom, make the room more ergonomic.And that means it's time to get rid of the old, dysfunctional and cumbersome plumbing and look to more modern and elegant models.

Sink-lily - is an example of how to efficiently use the space in the bathroom. This design was made for a small bathroom, which in our homes is still the majority.Even in the closest possible to the bathroom to find a place to install a sink, thereby ridding the kitchen area from the clutter of excess household appliances.

Sink - lily on a washing machine


  • main advantage of lily-she
    ll is that it can help to release in the bathroom area, which would deal with the washing machine.
    thus freeing space can be used to install other plumbing or furniture, for example, a bidet, a shower or a small cabinet for toiletries.
  • sink above the washing machine still looks quite original.If you pick up the equipment, harmoniously match the color and style, then this design is perceived, primarily, as an unusual design decision, and not as a necessary measure in order to save space.
  • Choice lily-shells is very diverse.They differ in functionality, shape, dimensions and materials of production.So you can accurately find the shell that it is perfectly fit into your bathroom.
Advantages of shell - lilies
Benefits - lilies sinks


  • Those who already holds a shell-lilies, note the inconvenience associated with the inability to come close to the sink.For many it causes enough discomfort when making daily hygiene.
  • If the user is still able to come to the sink is close enough, it may be that he accidentally touched the washing machine controls legs or abdomen.If the unit is turned off at the same time, nothing terrible will happen.But clicking on the running "stiralka" buttons can cause unpleasant consequences.If
  • size sink and washing machine are selected properly, there is a danger of falling water splashing on "stiralku" and to an electrical outlet, it can cause serious problems.
  • Not every washing machine can be installed under the sink-lily.For this purpose, suitable only small-sized models, which produce not all manufacturers.
  • sink, water lilies need a special flat siphon.If that is not attached to the sink, then you have to buy it on their own, and the search may take some time.In addition, horizontal drain requires special attention, as it quite often form blockages.
Disadvantages - lilies sinks


  • Sinks for mounting under the washing machine is available with two types of drain.Draining of the first type is located directly above the washing machine and is considered a fire hazard.A second type of fire in terms of preferred: it is placed behind the washing machine.
  • As the lily-shells are manufactured under the washing machine, they have a non-standard form.The bottom of such models wide and flat - so that it can fit a large enough unit underneath.
  • The plumbing stores dominated model-lily shell without holes, designed for the mixer.This is due to the fact that in tight spaces much more expedient to establish a common bath mixer and washbasin mixer or mount on the wall above the sink.
Features - lilies sinks
Sinks - lilies and their features

Popular sizes and models

  • «Quatro" - square-shaped sink size 60x60 cm Made of earthenware with enamel coating resistant to abrasion..Draining biased towards the wall, tap hole in the heart.
  • «Uni-50," "Uni-60" - the standard shell with rounded corners, having a size of 60x60 cm and 60x50 cm respectively.Material - enamelled earthenware.The hole for the mixer is in the center, and plums - as close as possible to it.There is an overflow.
  • «Victoria" - a compact shell the size 60.5h59.5 see distinctive feature is the location of the tap hole -. It can be installed on the left or right of the sink.It comes with a soap dish made of faience.
  • «Light» - flat shell size 61h60 cm This model has no tap hole..Drain dismissed as close as possible to the wall to be able to bring all communications for a washing machine.
  • «Elegants" - a simple model for small washing machines.Its dimensions are 62h60 cm. The hole for the installation of the mixer is not provided.Drain hole offset toward the wall.
  • «Lux Light" - shell standard pitch size 62h60 cm Equipped with single tap hole and overflow..The drain hole is located near the mixer, which provides the convenience of summing up of communications.
  • «Deal." - Big enough size model 63.5h57 see mixer can be set to the left or to the right of the sink, and in the opposite corner mounted soap dish made of faience.The drain hole is shifted as close to the mixer.
  • «Bolero" - a beautiful round sink to be mounted in the corner of the bathroom.Its dimensions are 60h64 cm. The hole for the mixer is located in the left corner, next to it is drained.
  • «Mini" - a miniature sink for the smallest of washing machines.Dimensions cm 64h50. The standard rectangular shape allows you to set this model anywhere in the bathroom.There is a hole for the mixer and overflow.
Раковина-кувшинка "кватро"
Раковина-кувшинка "Юни-50"
Раковина-кувшинка "Диал"

Features selection

choosing the sink, which will be installed on the washing machine, you need to follow a few simple rules, and then the resulting structure will beconvenient and safe to use:

  • Sink-lily should necessarily be broader and deeper than the washing machine.The difference must be at least 2 cm, and preferably, if the indentation is at least 5 cm.
  • Despite the fact that the horizontal drain tendency to form blockages is preferable to select "lily" with such type of drain.Cheaper to carry out regular preventive blockages, than to repair the flooded water washing machine or change the wiring.
  • If possible, buy a model equipped with a drain hole.So you will be able to save their own and neighbors' property from flooding.
  • should also take into account the presence / absence of the tap hole.There is no strict recommendations, it all depends on your individual preferences.
Tips for Choosing a shell - lilies

Which washing machine is suitable?

As we have said, not all models of washing machines can be used for installation under the sink.They need to meet two basic requirements:

  • order during washing and hand washing arose least possible inconvenience, the height of the washing machine should not exceed 70 cm Depth
  • washing machine - it is no less important factor..The smaller it is, the more comfortable would be a sink-to-use water lily.Depending on the size of the sink, you need to choose the depth of the machine from 34 to 43 cm.

Do not think to find a washing machine, which will meet these requirements and at the same time cope with the task will not be easy washing.Manufacturers of household appliances have long learned to make modern compact models with a sufficiently large volume of the tank.

Washing machine at the sink - lily

Terms installation

Set-lily shell is made in the following order:

  • Conch try on the installation location and is applied to the wall layout.
  • The wall drill holes.
  • With the help of bolts fix brackets (for mounting bolts to leave a gap of 5 mm).
  • Conch-lily mounted on brackets, aligning horizontally.
  • Assemble the drain siphon and connect it to the drain.
  • drain hose washing machine is connected with a special tap siphon.
  • Connection compacted using a clamp.
  • Connect corrugated pipe to the sewer.
  • With metal hook, sold complete with a sink, mount the device to the wall.
  • fasteners are tightened with screws and dowels.
  • Bolts spin until it stops.
  • The rear part of the shell is coated with sealing compound.
Terms of installation , water lilies sink
Installation - lilies sinks
Installation of water lilies sink