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August 12, 2017 18:06

Overhead sinks for the bathroom : on the countertop , cabinet , forms

Waybill sink
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Materials
    • Tree
    • Glass
    • Stone
    • Metal
    • Sanitary ceramics
  • Forms
  • Dimensions
  • Tips for Choosing
  • Installation
  • connection to the sewer
  • Prices

bathroom design greatly affects the emotional mood of the person.And sink here is one of the most important decorative elements.

The market offers many models of sinks, and make a choice sometimes is not easy.Of course, it is necessary to start with the specifications of devices.What is the criterion in this case will be decisive for you?First of all it should be their reliability and durability.Of course, the importance and function of the product, as well as its design, the significance of which every man for himself defines itself.That such figures correspond to the overhead shell, which further will be discussed.

data washstands can be whatever shape, but they are only installed on top of any flat surface, like a bowl on the table.Let's see what they are remarkable.

Waybill sink


Overhead sinks have many advantages

over other types of sinks.

Namely, they are:

  • significantly saves space, as it does not take up much space, unlike conventional shells;
  • versatile in terms of installation, it is possible to install anywhere in the bathroom;
  • easy to connect to water and sanitation.
  • them without any problem can be placed on a comfortable plane for you, whether countertop, cabinet, locker, or even a washing machine;
  • if the surface on which are placing the dispenser, there will be more, it will serve as an additional place for improvised things, which is very convenient.
Advantages of overhead sinks for the bathroom
Advantages overhead shells


defining overhead shells advantages and disadvantages should be noted that, judging from the technical side, to be honest no.But note that most of these basins do not have mixer hole, and this is a big drawback.Therefore, before purchasing Consider where you install the valve - to the wall, tabletop or anywhere else.

Disadvantages of overhead shells


Today many tend to bring something rare in your life, unusual, new.Plumbing fixtures from the usual earthenware, majolica, porcelain now increasingly compete with products made from natural stone, glass, wood and metal.For manufacturing overhead shells also use these non-traditional materials. consider each of these in more detail.


would seem that this is the worst possible material for the production of this equipment.But this is only at first glance.Thanks to modern technology union wood and water became harmonious and stable.This is due to high-quality treatment of wood with special antiseptic agents and water repellent coating varnish. Firms guarantee unlimited service life and also look very stylish these shells.

There are models made of special wood, which by its nature is highly resistant to decay, hardness and water resistance.But keep in mind that the price here is much higher.

Waybill sink tree
Waybill sink solid wood bathroom
Wooden invoice sink in bathroom


There just sinks today do not meet this fragile-looking material.A variety of forms and colors are simply amazing.Although the glass and seems fragile, in fact it is not.Many of its features are constantly improving, some species even immune to scratches.Part of glass sanitary ware available on the market, made of laminated glass, the other - from the tempered glass.The stability of the last to mechanical stress and sudden changes in temperature is very high, keep this in mind when purchasing.

The main drawback of these models - the need for constant care.Due to the contact with water on the surface remain divorces and smudges, so it is best to choose frosted glass or patterned.Although there producers have taken care - some products have a special coating, through which water droplets roll off immediately, taking with it the dirt and limestone impurities.

Glass sink bill
Waybill sink made ​​of glass


Waybill sink can be made both from natural stone and artificial.Last fully mimics natural materials and allows you to create products of any shape and color.It is most often used ceramic granite and acrylic, as more and more into use include sintered composite materials.Each type has excellent wear-resistant properties.

For the production of natural sinks are mainly used marble, granite, onyx.These materials have a rich texture, excellent toughness, but at the same time difficult to care for, have a lot of weight and significant cost.

Stone overhead sinks for the bathroom


Do not think that the metal dispenser - it is simple-and cheap option for a bathroom.In the hands of wizards and ordinary stainless steel is able to turn into a stunning art object.For production use as brass, steel, nickel, copper or bronze.They can be matte, semi-matt or shiny, but in any case, each of them looks in its own respectable, elegant and refined.

downside of such basins is gulkost filling with water.To avoid this, the inside cover of rubber.Also, to support the purity of the product with a smooth surface requires careful maintenance in order to avoid scratches.

Metal sink bill
Waybill sink metal

Sanitary ceramics

It uses all the usual pottery or porcelain.Standard white sanitary ware has long established itself for its durability and ease of use, but it is deprived of personality, not having received the most modern way.However, until now in demand, thanks to the practicality and an affordable price.

Waybill sink faience
Porcelain sink bill
Invoice ceramic sink in the bathroom


No object plumbing does not differ by such a variety of forms, as the sinks.Most of them are represented in the form of a circle, oval, square or rectangle.Sinks with such a modification will suit any decor, and this is due to their demand in the market.

Popular forms of shells overhead bathroom
Form of invoice for the bathroom sink

Of course, the configuration overhead shells is not limited to simple geometric shapes.Manufacturers are increasingly pleased with his original ideas.But it is worth considering that, for example, water dispenser in the shape of a flower, will require a special environment in the bathroom.

Waybill sink irregular shape


When choosing sinks need, first of all start from the very size of the room.If a lot of space, the large sinks and freestanding furniture, will naturally be more preferable.Such devices are generally made to order, according to the presented customer standards. However, there is a standard overhead shell size:

  • Small - width of 40-55 cm and 12-35 cm depth;
  • Average - the width of 55-75 cm and 35-48 cm depth;
  • Large - width 75-120 cm, depth 48-61 cm
Dimensions overhead sinks for the bathroom

Tips for Choosing

to new invoice vanity paid off in the future, it is advisable to stick to simple recommendations before purchasing:.

  • First of all, thoroughly check the devices.They should not have any defects such as cracks and chips, this is the first sign of longevity;
  • avoid traumatic situations, especially if the family has children, the shell shape is desired without sharp corners;
  • defined the product configuration, make sure that the dimensions do not exceed the allowable you;
  • Faucet should match the height of surface-basin.The deeper the instrument, the higher the valve must be installed.
Tips for choosing the invoice for the bathroom sink


installation of this type of shell is relatively simple and does not differ from the installation of other basins.The most important thing right cover liner and drain system.

When installing observe the following steps:

  • washbasin installed on the surface of a small hole made in accordance with the diameter of the neck of the siphon tube;
  • Then drain hole cup to attain to the level to make a pass in the countertop and glued with silicone, which makes sealing structure;
  • now put himself siphon and always checked the density of connections;
  • Next to the sink faucet is set and the attached hoses to it;
  • If the water dispenser is not the case under the faucet, the faucet is placed on the countertop or wall.The latter option would require additional hardware to mount the mixer on the hidden type, hiding all communications.

connection to the sewer

Waybill sink, as well as any other necessarily connected to the sewage system.This is standard procedure, where water dispenser installed a siphon to drain the water, and a siphon tube output and inserted into the sewer hole.If suddenly the pipe diameters are not the same, use the transition sleeve.Once the connection is made, all connections are checked for serviceability of the work.


present you the review of prices for overhead shells from different manufacturers.


porcelain, earthenware, majolica

(in rubles)


(in rubles)


(in rubles)


(in rubles)


(in rubles)

Germany 4000 10,000 60,000 30,000
India 4000 15,000 40,000
Spain 3000
Italy 5000 25,000 from 75000 30,000 20,000
China 1500 2000
Russian 1700
US 4000 60,000 60,000 13,000
Switzerland 3000 19000

popularity every year sinks Surface type only increases.This is due to its features and specifications.In addition, these sinks are compact and easy to operate.

Prices for overhead sink bathroom
Purchase invoice for the bathroom sink