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August 12, 2017 18:06

Sinks with a pedestal in the bathroom : floor , corner and suspended variants

Sink with pedestal bathroom
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Materials
  • Popular sizes
  • Types
    • Suspended
    • Corner
    • With a mirror
    • with baskets
    • with compartment
  • Manufacturers
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The primary requirement for the bathroom is its functionality.During this meet various cupboards, floor and wall cabinets, monoblocks, laundry baskets, hanging lockers and wash basins with pedestal.Recent devices have long proved themselves and have already considered traditional.They are so versatile, that are suitable for various sizes of bathrooms.What is more noteworthy data devices?What materials are used for their manufacture?Which configuration can they be?Consider these and many other questions in this article.


Despite the fact that this type of furniture is used in a humid environment, it has some merit.


  • moisture resistance of materials;
  • durability and reliability washstands;
  • variety of models (which allows you to install the equipment, even in the smallest bathroom);
  • stability of the con
  • space savings;
  • rational use of space under the sink.
Advantages cabinets with sink


Deficiencies in these products a little bit, but they are still there.

  • If there are problems with plumbing fixtures, cabinet with sink may hinder troubleshooting.
  • Floor structure will impede cleaning underneath.
  • Some models are difficult to install.
Disadvantages sink with cupboard in the bathroom


the production of shells with a bedside table using different materials. With regard to washbasins, they in turn are made often made of faience, porcelain, majolica, metal, rarely of stone and glass. These products are doing in this case overhead.

very same cabinet can be made of a different material.Let us consider each of these in more detail.

wood or chipboard

Basically there is such tables because they are environmentally friendly and have high strength.For moisture resistance and durability of their necessarily laminated or impregnated with varnish.

Wooden cabinet with a sink in the bathroom


This is a good, practical option for cabinets in the bathroom.Such material will not be afraid of any humidity or temperature changes.The only thing he is very picky about the careful care, as due to its low strength can be formed small scratches and cracks.

Plastic cabinet with a sink in the bathroom
Sink with pedestal made ​​of plastic for bathroom

Combined model

In this case, the combination of glass with the above materials.Glass, for example, may be an insert, shelves, doors or cabinets.These products look very original.

Sink with pedestal of the composite material
Combined models of cabinets with sink bathroom
Sink with pedestal of the composite material in the bathroom

Popular sizes

all manufacturers adhere to the standard sizes in the manufacture of furniture.This also applies to cabinets for bathrooms. Their width varies from 30 to 150 centimeters, and a depth of 34-55 cm height of the product usually do not lower than 80 cm, the limit of this quantity -.. 98 cm

Of course, the dimensions of cabinets with a sink can be a completely different format. These products are easy to produce individually, according to customer specified standards.The customer, in turn, must be very careful approach to this case .First, clearly define the place where the furniture will be installed.Secondly, defined in advance with the size and shape of the shell.And, thirdly, all parameters vymeryat future product to ultimately obtain the desired result.Of course, you need to be confident in the integrity and performance of products, so it is better to apply to the audited company.

Popular sizes of cabinets with sinks for the bathroom


Today market offers a fairly wide range of sanitary equipment.Washbasins with pedestal can pick up on even the most demanding taste.

Floor devices appear to the purchaser in a wide range of configuration and design.They are durable, stable, reliable and easy to install, so they are more likely to use the bathroom.

gaining increasing popularity, and other products.Let us examine them below.


Very comfortable and versatile device.They fit harmoniously into any bathroom interior.Parameters have such furniture is, of course, very different, but the form is only geometric. advantage of these devices is that they do not occupy space on the floor and thereby expand the space visually, it is also easier to clean the room.

It's worth noting that the suspension cabinets with sink is mounted only on the solid wall, which must withstand the weight of the product and its contents.It is not necessary in this case, forget about the strength and durability of fasteners, since the weight could eventually turn out higher than expected.

Hanging cabinet with a sink in the bathroom


Ideal for a small bathroom. These tables occupy minimum usable area , without cluttering the space.However, they quite roomy, and even allow you to hide unwanted communication.

The only drawback is the complexity of models corner mounting. When installing a pedestal requires clarity and precision - the angle of the bathroom wall connections should be equal to ninety degrees without deviation, or equipment simply will not rise properly and will have to correct the irregularities.

Corner cabinets with a sink for the bathroom
Corner cabinet with a sink in the bathroom
Corner sink with cupboard in the bathroom

With a mirror

Without doubt mirror in the bathroom just need, and if it comes to furniture, ita big plus, which saves money. Modern "Moidodyr" have an attractive appearance and not inferior to other models of sinks with cupboard.

Cabinet with sink and mirror in the bathroom

with baskets

very practical if there is a cabinet with a sink laundry basket.It can be either built-in or installed in a separate compartment.This solution is very advantageous for those who do not want to clutter the space with unnecessary things.

Cabinet with sink and laundry basket in the bathroom
Sink with pedestal and built in laundry basket in the bathroom

with compartment

Those who seek to free up space not only in the bathroom, but also in your linen closet, for them uniquely suitable cabinet with sink having drawers.There is and can be stored all kinds of accessories and items for the bathroom that are sure to please any owner.

But it must be remembered that the poor ventilation in the room towels, for example, will be wet.

Sink with pedestal having drawers in the bathroom
Sink with pedestal has a box
Bedside table with drawers and a sink in the bathroom


market represents a set of cabinets with sinks for the bathroom.In commercially available products as the Russian and foreign. Among the latter stand out countries such as:

  • Finland (TIMO stamp);
  • Germany (company Valente and Villeroy Boch);
  • China (Godi);
  • Italy (brand Antonio Lupi and Labor Legno).

Import model, of course, attracted by its status, but the range, and most importantly the quality of domestic samples is not lagging behind.This is due to the fact that many of our manufacturers use only the best materials, fittings and accessories from renowned German, Italian, Finnish marks.As well as working for an upscale modern equipment. However, despite this, the cost of production is much lower than abroad.

Sink with pedestal bath from popular manufacturers

Tips for Choosing

purchasing stone for the bathroom with sink, do not neglect the following recommendations:

  • perfect product appearance - the longevity guarantee, so before you buy, make sure there are no stains, dents, cracks and chips;Choose
  • such devices, fittings and components which are made of metal, chrome and better, but not made of plastic, or a year you will first disappointment;
  • Tumba must be easy to operate.The more it will support the constituent elements, the better;
  • And of course, do not forget to design and construct tables with sink match the overall design of the bathroom.
Tips for Choosing a sink with cupboard Bathroom
Recommendations for choosing a stone sink


It would seem, bought furniture and set - no problems, but there are some nuances that are not necessary to get round.

  1. The first thing to do is to think in advance space for a future purchase, to bring water and sewer pipes.In the future, it will easily locate plumbing.
  2. making measurements and determining the area under the cabinet, make sure that the surrounding area will not interfere with opening flaps, doors or products.
  3. If purchased equipment disassembled and its installation you are going to make yourself, take care of the necessary tools.Typically, in addition to screwdrivers, wrench, FUM tape and sealant longer you do not need.But if basin mixer bought separately, then immediately procuring siphon and liner for hot and cold water.
  4. To assemble cabinets under sink necessarily comes with instruction, to understand that will not be difficult.However, during the assembly follow the reliability screwed screws to further not have to travel double the work.
  5. Mixer with hoses is best set up to accommodate the sink to a permanent place.With siphon can also do.
  6. turn off the water supply before installing the right equipment.
  7. If the furniture is attached to the wall for safety and soundness, in advance, prepare the holes in the places where the bolts are screwed.
  8. When all the work will be done and the water supply is connected to the sewage system, can only test the functionality of all components.
Installing cabinets with a sink in the bathroom
Rules sink unit with cupboard in the bathroom