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August 12, 2017 18:06

Sink made ​​of natural stone bathroom : granite, marble , onyx

Natural stone sinks for the bathroom
  • Pros Cons
  • Types
    • Granite Marble Onyx
    • Travertine Basalt
  • Forms
  • in which design blends harmoniously?

Today the market offers a great variety of basins of different shapes, colors and textures.From so many different times, and the eyes diverge, but still choose the plumbing of your dreams is from what.Particularly selective buyers can be ordered from the manufacturer's unusual and individual sink made of stone.

For fans of natural materials, as well as for lovers of luxury, unique things fit shell made of natural stone on the pedestal.

Basins made of natural stone
Sink made ​​of natural stone bathroom
Natural stone sink

Each stone washbasin is always exclusive.Production of these products is a complex process, the whole work of art.Initially, from the basic rock mass separated part of a certain size, and then, with the help of special machines, the blank is sawed future product.Others, the most labor-intensive operations are carried out mostly by hand.

Exclusive natural stone sink


undoubted advantage shells made of natural stone are:

  • durability;
  • High strength;
  • functionality;
  • Environmentally friendly;
  • Adaptation to temperature environment;
  • long-term initial novelty;
  • Style and presentable;
  • rich texture.
Advantages of natural stone sinks for bathrooms
The advantages of natural stone washbasins
Advantages of natural stone sinks


Deficiencies in these shells a bit, but they are very significant.Firstly, the price range of such products is quite high and not everyone will afford.Secondly, their heavy weight, which sometimes hinders self-transportation, installation.And thirdly, the hygroscopic properties of certain types of natural materials complicates their care.

If you cons outweigh the pros, we advise to look narrowly at the shells of artificial stone.

Disadvantages of natural stone sinks


To produce washbasins natural stone is mainly used marble, granite or onyx.Increasingly they began to meet the product of travertine and basalt.

Types of natural stone sinks

Consider every rock in more detail.


This type is the most common material from the producers due to the relatively low cost of raw has a different color on the specifics of the composition.For example, the stone can be pink, pinkish-red or gray shades.The characteristics of granite are the most durable and long-lasting.They are quite resistant to water and chemicals, this is due to the simplicity of care.

Washbasins made ​​of natural granite stone
Granite sinks for the bathroom
Natural stone sinks made ​​of pink granite


Sinks made from this material will be a great option for a bathroom.Not for nothing is it more anciently were decorated palaces.Marble is not just beautiful, it creates a feeling of comfort and harmony, despite the cold shades.

material can withstand strenuous exercise, does not crack, it does not flake, which is important if you frequently use.But it is hygroscopic and therefore requires careful care.

Washbasins made ​​of natural marble stone
Natural stone sinks made ​​of marble
Marble sink in the bathroom


This luxurious and expensive material with a layered structure.It surprises with its variety of colors and shades - from pale yellow to brown with unique designs.Onyx is a semi-transparent (glass glitter) or can be completely opaque.

whose performance he somewhat superior to marble.Its hardness and water permeability is much higher.

Washbasins in natural stone onyx
Natural stone sinks made ​​of onyx
Onyx washbasin in the bathroom


This is another type of natural stone, from which produce plumbing fixtures.Travertine is easily processed, allowing you to get out of it a different shape of the product.It boasts a beautiful patterned texture.Maybe a light shades and dark.

undoubted advantage of this material is its durability, strength and low specific gravity.But the stone is sufficiently porous texture so heavily exposed to pollution.

Washbasins in natural stone travertine
Natural stone sinks made ​​of travertine


Common rock, from which are obtained strong and durable shell, and not only.Color products varies from gray to black, or greenish-black hue.

It's pretty hard, but at the same time, plastic stone.It is resistant to water and chemicals, and has sound deadening properties.

Washbasins made ​​of natural basalt stone


shells made of natural stone are always individual and of course vary in size, weight and texture.This material simply does not allow for the same type of products.Sinks are usually made of standard geometric shapes as a circle, square, rectangle or cone.Unusual designs are less common because they are made mostly to order.They may be in the form of bowl shaped or entirely monolithic.

Shell shape made ​​of natural stone bathroom
Rectangular sinks for the bathroom made ​​of natural stone
Unusual forms of natural stone sinks
Shells made ​​of natural stone bathroom
Shaped stone sinks for the bathroom
Unusual natural stone sinks

mainly stone products installed on tabletops or inserted in them.Themselves as countertops made of the same stone or a different material, and most often it is wood.

in which design blends harmoniously?

washbasins made of natural stone decorate any interior.Their unique natural patterns and magical energy will create a special world in your bathroom.And the original design solutions enable harmonious place, a stone sink in the bathroom almost any style.

Design a bathroom with natural stone sinks
Style bathroom with sinks made ​​of natural stone
A suitable design of the bathroom with natural stone sink
Interior bathroom with natural stone sink
Shells made ​​of natural stone in the interior