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August 12, 2017 18:06

Stone Sink Bathroom : species with worktop

Sink Stone Bathroom
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key part of the furniture bathroom is a sink.After all, it is most often used by members of the household and their guests.

These sanitary appliances can be installed either on the floor or mounted on the wall.And the materials from which they are produced, will cater to any taste.Despite all the advantages of ceramic products, the market appears more and more shells made of glass, wood, metal, stone.In this article we consider the last of them, namely stone.

Stone sinks for the bathroom

With its luxurious appearance and fashion for natural organic materials such sinks are becoming increasingly popular.Giving preference to the stone sink, bathroom with it will become not only a modern look embodies the wealth, but also create the right energy room, give a feeling of cleanliness and comfort.


To ensure the right choice, you need to know the advantages of stone sinks.

primarily valued for qualities such as:

  • High strength;
  • Moisture;
  • durability;
  • Hygiene;
  • rich texture;
  • delightful appearance.
Advantages of stone sinks for the bathroom
Pros washbasins in stone
Advantages of stone sinks


Deficiencies in stone sinks also are available, but not very much.This is a fairly heavy weight and high cost of the product.The last point is more about washbasins made of natural materials.Artificial can also be found at a very affordable price, especially as distinguished from those present could only a great connoisseur.It is also known that certain non-natural stone types are not resistant to mechanical damage and half consist of chemicals.

Disadvantages of stone sinks for the bathroom

have a natural material, there is another significant minus - is the complexity of care, but it is inherent in the surfaces that do not have cover special water-repellent finish.


now available for sale a variety of models of washbasins.

Stone products may also be of various configurations:

  • Round;
  • Square;
  • Conical;
  • rectangular;
  • Cylinder;
  • individual forms.

data also sanitary devices combined with tabletops are inserted or mounted on top of them, or set individually, by request of the owner.

Stone sinks for the bathroom
Stone Sink conical shape
Shaped stone washbasins
Rectangular stone sinks
Stone wash basin in the bathroom
Stone sink with countertop bathroom



texture sinks depends on the type of stoneIt is not always the material may be 100% natural.Most of them are made of acrylic stone or composite materials (consisting of marble or granite chips) with the addition of polymers (anti-cracking) and dyes (giving a wide range of colors).

also for production can use granite or agglomerate with the addition of the same synthetic binders.Despite this, the shell of the artificial stone is always a win-win and look very natural look.

Artificial stone sinks for the bathroom
Shells made ​​of natural stone
Basins made of artificial stone in the bathroom


of natural materials for the manufacture of shells are used mainly marble, granite or onyx.Become a popular and plumbing made of basalt and travertine.

Read more about them read the article about the shell of natural stone.

Stone sinks made ​​of marble
Onyx sink in bathroom
Stone granite washbasin
Sink made ​​of natural basalt bathroom
Stone sinks from natural travertine

suitable style bathroom

choosing a stone sink for your bathroom it is important that it is harmoniously blendedin the interior of the premises.Pre-designed room design will facilitate the task.

You can not go wrong, if you will give their preference to eco-style , which is made of natural materials and gives a feeling of oneness with nature.

Stone sinks in the bathroom with eco - style

Classical, art deco or antique style also suitable.They will exercise restraint, elegance and grandeur.

Stone wash basin in the bathroom classic
Stone sinks for the bathroom in the Art Deco style
Antique style bathroom with stone sinks

Stone washbasin irregular shape complements the bathroom design, made in an unusual style onto-art .It combines quality, aesthetics, naturalness and natural images - a style for the art lovers.

Colonial style is ideal for those who like exotics.This area allows you to combine the incompatible things, such as objects with cutting edge technology products made from natural materials.