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August 12, 2017 18:06

Sinks made ​​of artificial stone for the bathroom: acrylic , agglomerate form

Artificial stone sink
  • Advantages Disadvantages
  • Types of materials
    • Gres
    • Composite stone agglomerate
    • Acrylic Stone
  • Forms
  • Which interior fit?

an important part of any bathroom is a sink of course.It can be made not only from earthenware, majolica and metal and even glass or wood.And what about the stone sink, for example, made of artificial stone?This is a very good option, which has more advantages than disadvantages.Many give preference to this type of shells, and now you know why.


Plumbing made of artificial stone equipment are products of modern technology.

advantages of these popular products to date are:

  • resistance to abrasion and impact;
  • durability;
  • Thermal stability;
  • Moisture;
  • Hygiene;
  • absence of seams;
  • Easy to care for;
  • unusual shape;
  • wide choice of colors;
  • good alternative to natural stone in the price and weight.
Advantages of artificial stone sinks for the bathroom
Advantages of artificial stone sinks in the bathroom
The advantages of artificial stone sinks


Despite the advantages of these shells, some of them still do not meet the above requirements.

products acrylic stone , especially glossy, easily scratched.In this connection, it is recommended to choose them in bright colors, and non-uniform, so that damage by any chance they do appear, not very conspicuous.Manufacturers also are assured that such trouble without much difficulty restored on the spot.But not everyone wants to spend the extra money and time.

washbasins from sinter stronger, but because of the low plasticity of the material there is a possibility of its deformation in the form of microcracks, which can immediately be noticeable, but in the future will serve as the main reason for the formation of large cracks or worse cleavage.

Disadvantages shells made ​​of artificial stone

Also worth noting, if the surface of the agglomerated stone gloss, it is best not to use abrasive cleaners, so the appearance of the product remained sparkling and new.

common drawback of all kinds shells made of artificial stone - it is the content of a considerable number of chemical elements that are used in production.However, the manufacturers claim that they are not all so harmful, as it seems, therefore, it remains a matter of choice only for the buyer.If you it guards, look for the bathroom sink made of natural stone bathroom.

Types of materials

The composition of the artificial stone consists of a variety of natural and synthetic components.The resulting mixture of them is subjected to thermal and mechanical treatment, whereby the material is formed of various types, but having substantially the same characteristics.He homogeneous surface is obtained an ideal, smooth and completely non-porous, which ensures hygiene and water-repellent properties.

are the following types of artificial stone:


This artificial material produced by molding and firing a homogenized mixture of substances.Weight belozhguschihsya consists of clay, quartz, kaolin, pegmatites, water and feldspar.During the processing of the crystal structure of the stone takes on the properties of which are made sinks, countertops and wall products.The color palette is very diverse.

Products from a ceramic granite is very durable - up to one hundred years of service, if you do not expose them to heavy wear.

Sink made ​​of artificial stone granite
Artificial wash basin made ​​of ceramic granite
Porcelain artificial sink bathroom

Composite stone

material quite diverse.Many manufacturers have their own proprietary recipe of raw materials.The most famous composition composite made from granite or marble chips with synthetic binders.This stone has no seams, easy to clean because of its non-hygroscopic surface.

Sink made ​​of artificial composite stone
Wash composite in bathroom
Sink made ​​of artificial composite material for bathroom

Some products of this type of stone stand out for their somewhat artificial appearance.

Bathroom Sink made ​​of artificial composite stone ( cast marble )


agglomerated stone made from a stone crumb of different rocks.This may be marble, granite or quartz.To improve the quality of the feedstock is added sand or glass particles, and pigments, for a variety of textures.The connecting element of polymeric resins act.

This material looks quite natural, texture is smooth and cold.It does not absorb odors, it does not change over time, the color texture and resistant to the active chemicals.Sinter is quite difficult to process, so the products made of it do not have a complex configuration.

Sinks sinter bath
Artificial stone sink sinter bath
Washbasin artificial agglomerated stone
The shell of the agglomerated stone bathroom
The sink in the bathroom of the agglomerate

Acrylic Stone

In the production of plastic stone used minerals, acrylic resin and pigmentspigments.The mixture of components is laid out in the form of hardening, after which the finished material is subjected to further processing - shaping.

Acrylic looks very similar to natural stone.From his best qualities distinguish the sound absorption capability, hygiene and chemical resistance of the active agent.

Artificial Stone Sink Acrylic
Sink made ​​of acrylic stone
Acrylic artificial stone sink


Artificial stone allows us to produce shells of any shape.The choice of a design depends on the type of stone, as only some have pronounced plastic properties.In this case, nature would be the best source of inspiration and a role model.

Sinks made ​​of artificial stone
Unusual forms of artificial stone sink for the bathroom
Artificial stone sink
Forms made ​​of artificial stone sinks for the bathroom
Sinks made ​​of artificial stone materials
The shape of shells made ​​of artificial stone

When choosing the form of the product should be aware of the location of the liner pipe.

Which interior fit?

Basins made of artificial stone decorate any bathroom.For example, the elegant shape plumbing items will naturally look in every bathroom, massive geometric rather than the product.According to the architects, interior decorate a simple and clear form than fanciful.

offer you a small overview.

The interior of the bathroom with a sink made ​​of artificial stone
Sinks made ​​of artificial stone in the interior of the bathroom
Basins made of artificial stone in the interior of the bathroom
Artificial stone in the interior of the bathroom
Artificial stone sinks in bathroom interior
Sinks made ​​of artificial stone in the interior bathroom
The design of the bathroom with a sink made ​​of artificial stone
Artificial stone sinks in the bathroom
Suitable interior bathroom with sinks made ​​of artificial stone

With information about the features shells made of artificial stone, you wisely approach the choice of plumbing, weighing all the "pros" and "cons".And do not forget to claim warranty on purchased goods.