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August 12, 2017 18:06

Built-in sink for a bath , overhead on the countertop

Built-in sink for the bathroom
  • Advantages
  • How to choose?
  • Materials
  • Forms
  • Species
    • Overhead
    • Sinks, built-in
    • furniture washbasins-Moidodyr
  • Types of mounting
  • manufacturers and brands
  • Prices

Sink is almost the most importantelement of the bathroom.It is this element determines how practical and aesthetic will be your Bathing room.Today especially popular recessed sinks for bathrooms, presenting a washbasin, which should be set to any item of bathroom furniture.

about the benefits of the types and how to choose the right kind of a shell, we will cover in this article.

Built-in sink for the bathroom


  1. takes up little space.Moreover, they can be installed on any existing furniture (cabinet, countertop, etc.) in the room.
  2. Nightstand hides under the sink drain and pipes.
  3. depth form allows you to quickly sink not to pollute the surrounding space and furniture, which is bowl-sink.
  4. Integratable quickly and easily.
  5. looks stylish.Wide range of different shapes and design allows you to choose a bathroom interior design
  6. No need to mount them on the wall makes the installation more convenient, as it does not spoil wall decoration of the room.
Built-in sink for the bathroom
Beautiful built in sink for the bathroom in the interior

How to choose?

Selecting built-shells made from my own taste and your own preferences, available budget, the room sizes and, of course, the interior of the room.

correctly selected embedded shell must meet the following conditions:

  • sink must match the selected or existing furniture, you are going to build in the sink.It should be approached, and the size and style.
  • In addition, it must be suitable in size and style, and to the very bathroom.
  • It is desirable that it be made of durable material that served as washbasin long.
  • It is imperative that the plumbing accessories suited to the sink.

Also, verify before buying methods sink attachment to immediately buy required to install devices and materials.

Observing the above conditions, you can buy a beautiful shell, which is convenient to use and the service life of which is large.

Built-in sink


Built-in sinks are made of many different materials, but most commercially available sinks:

  • porcelain;
  • earthenware;
  • glass;
  • marble;
  • acrylic;
  • of artificial stone;
  • copper and brass;
  • wood;
  • of polymers.

faience and porcelain shells are classic , but if possible, it is better to buy a porcelain sink.Since porcelain porous material is less than earthenware and has a smooth surface.In addition, porcelain is not affected by dirt and leaves no traces of rust.

embedded porcelain sink

Sinks glass look very nice and stylish, but they are prone to divorce, so they often have to wash and wipe.

colored glass embedded washbasin
Glass sinks embedded
matt glass embedded washbasin

products marble are the most expensive, in addition to a marble sink trap dirt.

built in marble sink

Acrylic shell considered naiprochneyshimi and light.There are many forms of acrylic sanitary units, decorated in various styles.The only disadvantage of acrylic is considered its exposure to scratch, but they can be eliminated through specific paste and grinding process.

Acrylic built in sink
Acrylic built in sink

washbasins made of artificial stone, as marble look as beautiful and expensive.In addition, they do not require special care, and to their cleaning suit any detergent.

Built-in sink made ​​of artificial stone


Today the market of sanitary devices presented shells of various shapes and configurations.So what better to buy wash basin: rectangular, square, round, half-round, oval, angular, or asymmetrical (non-standard)?

Form basin, especially, should be suitable to the character of the bathroom:

  • rectangular sink - bathroom attribute Simple business nature.They mostly are suspended.They are fixed in the floor and the wall.They can be integrated in the furniture and on it.You can buy a shell length of 40 to 120 cm. Rectangular sinks often have rounded edges, thus avoiding injury.This is a safer option for families with small children.
  • Square shells give brevity, simplicity and rigor of the light design of the bathroom.They also are overlaid, embedded in furniture and stand-pedestal.
  • Corner washbasin to save space in the bathroom.

addition to the above forms of shells, there are double sinks with bowls, which often take on this in large families, oval and other forms of design.

Rectangular built in sink
Invoice built in sink
Built-in sink


There are three types of embedded sinks:

  • invoice;
  • built;
  • sink-Moidodyr.


Today, these sinks are very popular.They are often found in the form of a large bowl or dish, but there are other forms of shells overhead.Such sinks are mounted directly on the cabinet or countertop.They may be holes with and without mixer.Pipe and drain, thus summed up quite quickly.These sinks are not only convenient to use, but also are able to create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort in the bathroom.

Invoice built in sink
Invoice built in sink

Sinks, built-in furniture

Such sinks are mounted directly to the furniture.

as furniture fit any of the following items:

  • dresser;
  • worktop;
  • dresser or nightstand, etc.
Sinks, built- in furniture

are sold as furnished, and without it.

Sinks, built- in furniture
Sold as the furniture , and without it .


Moidodyr called sinks with large mirrors, connected to the bottom of the cabinet or dresser.They are in addition to the mirrors can be mounted small lamps.Furniture made of shells, usually from moisture resistant materials (MDF and hardboard).The advantage of this shell is that all communications are hidden, but the disadvantage is that such shells occupy slightly more space than overhead shell.However, there are such angular variations shells that take up little space and thus does not allow idle angles bathroom.

You can find both luxury and budget options such shells.There are complete sets of furniture with legs, kits, hung on the walls, and sets a cap without a gap between the floor and bedside table.

Moidodyr sink with cover

Mounting Type

By type of installation are distinguished:

  1. fully recessed into the surface.
  2. sinks with borders on the surface.
  3. Half embedded into the surface.
  4. Built only the bottom (lower part) Shell.

first type of installation is characterized by the fact that the sink is built into the furniture completely, ie bumpers are flush with the surface of the countertop, or other furniture.The gap, which is formed by installing the sink, is removed by using silicone or grout.This type of installation requires careful compliance with all installation instructions and all sizes, and is quite rare.

Recessed built in sink
Recessed built in sink

second type of installation is characterized by the fact that bumpers are located on top of the sink on the countertop.Rim thereby hold the sink.In which the range of tolerance of the holes most often it is the simplest and most common type of installation.

Built-in sink with built-in bumpers
Built-in sink with built-in bumpers

semi-recessed sinks look very interesting.

semi-recessed sinks

Sinks, only the bottom vtsroennye usually come in different designs, look very stylish and modern.

Sink, built-in bottom
Sink, built-in bottom
Sink, built-in bottom

manufacturers and brands

Today the most popular plumbing device companies from Germany, Italy, Czech Republic and Sweden.Their most popular brands are such brands as:

  • IFO.
  • Gustavsberg.
  • Laufen.
  • Jika.
  • Villeroy & amp; Boch.
Washbasin Villeroy & amp; Boch embeddable

In addition to these, a wide recognition to the firm Bronzoff, released a collection of overhead shells of Hermes brass hand-embossing and drawings, as well as the Japanese company TOTO, which produces a wide range of plumbing, produces very high qualityshell in various versions - from the ordinary to the exclusive.

Interesting design embedded sinks in the form of cups for the bathroom
The exclusive design of the built-in sink for the bathroom


cost embedded shells depends primarily on their material and brand.

Depending on the material, you can determine the approximate price range for recessed sinks:

  1. Porcelain sinks are from 15 000 to 20 000 rubles.
  2. Ceramic sinks are from 2 000 to 4000 rubles.
  3. marble or granite sinks are from 10 000 to 30 000 rubles.
  4. shells of metal cost from 3 000 to 15 000 rubles.

course of production of elite-class brands and individual design will need to pay much more.