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August 12, 2017 18:06

The shell of the washing machine : features selection , height , size, installation

The shell of the washing machine
  • Site Selection
  • Sink "Water Lily"
  • Cons sink mounting on machine
  • Choice-lilies sink
  • Choosing a washing machine
  • wall shell mount
  • Installation seashell over washing machine
    • installation siphon
    • installation mixer
    • Connection washing machine

If the bathroom is roomy enough, sometimes the installation of the washing machine it is necessary to refuse.Able to bail out a compromise - the combination in one place the sink and washing machine.

Having decided to install a washing machine under the kitchen sink, you can save space, so this embodiment is often interested owners of small bathrooms.So you will be able to solve the problem of installing equipment in a room with limited free space.

Sink lily over bath

Site Selection

problem with the placement of the washing machine is relevant for small apartments where the kitchen or the bathroom is small. installing the machine in the bathroom, you can block the passage to the kitchen to find a place for this technology, too complicated, if th

e dimensions of the kitchen is also small, and the installation in the hallway is not always possible.And a good yield can become a setting machine under the washbasin - both in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

So you can actually save a place, and a more rational use the area under the washbasin.

disadvantage of this placement will need to purchase a special shell ( "water lilies") and the special siphon.In addition, it increases the likelihood of blockage due to the nature runoff.

Sink water lily in a small bathroom

Sink "Water Lily"

«lilies» model called shell, which is hidden from the eye and is very compact pedestal. Like the flower of the same name over the water, such shell is able to be located above the surface, in this case - on the washing machine.

"Кувшинка" в ванной

main feature rakoviny- "water lilies" - its location.Since it presented hanging model, it does not provide the load onto the underlying technique.Choosing this combination, you will increase the useful area of ​​the room, as in the case of a conventional installation shell space under it is often not used to the maximum benefit.Rakovina- "lily" can also be used as an additional sink.Plus "water lily" is also its varied kind of decorating any bathroom.

Квадратной формы раковина "Кувшинка"

Opportunity to purchase "water lily" square shape allows perfect to combine a sink with a washing machine surface.Although shell shape is also rectangular, in the form of a semicircle, and non-standard (with the angular placement of table-top mixer or side).

sink dimensions are selected such that they coincide with the size of the machine or have a little bit more, then home appliances will be reliably protected from splashes.

Placing water lilies over machine

The "lily" tap hole can be omitted, so that the drain can be positioned as close as possible to the wall.All "water lilies" there is an overflow, often supplemented by a bezel blank.

choosing depth "water lilies", keep in mind that from the very small sink spray will be more.A drain in the sink can be positioned vertically downward or rearward (the first option is more convenient to use).

Cons sink mounting on machine

  • require the use of non-standard siphon. If a siphon is not in the assembly, with its purchase may be the complexity (and replace it if necessary);
  • for draining in some models can be horizontal in a bowl of water retention and increases the risk of clogging.These shells have to be cleaned more often;
  • if you install the wrong sink, washing machine will perform from under her and interfere with the movement in bathroom;
  • discomfort mark and those who used to come close to the sink for hygiene procedures.While many agree that it's all about habit and eventually sink to the location of the machine can be adapted.
Siphon Basin over the machine
Improper placement of the machine under the sink
Placement of machine shell

Choice-lilies sink

First, measure the dimensions of the washing machine, and if the drain pipe is located behind the machine, add to the depth of technologydistance that takes a pipe.These dimensions are the basis for the selection of the shell. Recall that the product should protrude above the washing machine from all sides. Front projection is more convenient to do more than 20 cm, then you will be more comfortable to wash.By the way, in stores now offer kits in which "water lily" is already matched to the washing machine.

Set the washing machine and sink

«Water Lilies" is often made of plastic or ceramic. One of the novelties is the marble "lily" - a sink, resulting vibratory casting of polymer. The finished product has a different color and configuration, so it's easy gets to the interior.Such "marble sinks" lighter than comparable sinks made of marble (artificial and natural), and their price is comparable to the cost of high quality earthenware products.At the same time casting marble indicators of resistance to chemicals and much higher strength.

Choosing a washing machine

to use "water lily" was comfortable, washing machine must have a height of 70 centimeters. Then wash your hands will be more convenient.Besides height less than 70 cm, such a machine must have a minimum depth and width parameters.That's because the technology requires completely hidden under the sink.

Washing machine, suitable to be placed under the sink, make Candy Company, Eurosoba, Electrolux, Zanussi. Also under the washbasin can be placed one of the narrow models from Samsung.Small size does not interfere in such wash typewriters to 3.5 kg of laundry, as in many washing machine with standard dimensions.

Experts advise to choose the machine Candy - Candy, since the firm produces several suitable models with different spin speed.These machines are equipped with a variety of programs for washing and timer.

who wish to receive high-quality durable machine, the machine should look Swiss production Evrosoba .It attracts reliable steel drum and the casing, manual assembly, components of high quality, multiple modes of operation.

Candy machine
Washing machine Candy
Washing machine under the sink

sink mounting

wall For fixing "water lilies", standard brackets.You can use ready-made brackets that were installed during the construction of the house.They are highly reliable.Connectors usually go and complete with sink.For fixing the import shells used its fixing system, which is usually available in the configuration model.

Brackets for shell

To install the first try on the thicket and mark locations of fasteners. Then drill holes, set the bracket and tighten the screws, while leaving a gap of about 5 mm.Aligning the bowl, set washbasin on brackets, and insert the metal hook into the hole, which is in the rear of the shell (it is necessary to fix the bowl to the wall).

used to secure the anchor hook or screw.Further, all the bolts in the brackets need to tighten completely.Behind the sink treat sealant based on silicone.

Installation seashell over washing machine

installing a washbasin on appliances, it is important to avoid direct contact of the water and electrical wires.That's because the shell is sized slightly longer and wider than the machine.It is advisable to push forward the bowl for at least 5 centimeters.Drain pipes must not be above the washing machine as a result of vibration, they can become loose machine.

Installation siphon

installation siphon is conducted before final lock "water lily" on the wall.Gofra connected directly to the sewer pipe.At this stage it is important to check for leaks. If detected leakage, check the gasket and tighten the connections.

Монтаж сифона на раковину "Кувшинку"

Installation Mixer

Most "lily pads" for the installation of the mixer provided with an opening.When connecting to the hose faucet and fittings, use a gasket to seal a connection, use the fum-tape. After a test run can be noted, is not whether to further tighten any connections.

If the basin mixer and bath to be shared, make sure that the spout can move easily over the sink.In this case, "water lily" is placed so that one of its side of the hanging over the edge of the bath.

Connection washing machine

Installation of the washing machine

Since during mixer mounting "water lily" to cold water at the same time need to be connected and a washing machine, you need a tee. It will provide water supply and to the mixer, and technique.

Performing installation of drainage of the washing machine, it is important to make sure that connections are tight.Recommended connection of the siphon pipe from the sink and the drain hose washing machine.And to breakdowns due to the high pressure were excluded, such a connection strengthens the clamp.

Washing machine in an interior bathroom

At the end once again be sure to check that all components have been sealed.

After securing the water supply palpate each connection.Even if there was a minimum flow, the machine may fail, and you will get an electric shock.So, if you do not have the right skills to qualitatively connect the machine, consult an experienced master.