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August 12, 2017 18:06

Corner sink for the bathroom and toilet : choosing materials

Corner sink in the bathroom
  • sizes and types of corner sinks for the bathroom
    • Tulip
    • Suspension
    • recessed washbasin
  • Classification based on
    • Ceramic
    • Glass
    • of nonferrous metals
    • from naturalstone
    • composite
  • Benefits
  • Equips the area around the sink
  • Installation
    • Connecting the siphon drain water
    • water mixer connection
  • Corner sink toilet
  • clogged

aspiration of modern buyersto create in the room bath rooms maximum comfort and convenience as well as the fashion trends of recent years dictate the rules of design and installation of plumbing.Corner sink - is the embodiment of style and reasonable approach to the use of the bathroom space.Wash basin, located in the corner, perfect for any style of bathroom.

sizes and types of corner sinks for the bathroom

main advantage of corner sinks is that its shape allows to organize and use space efficiently.These sinks can be set so that it takes the place that when using a conventional plumbing is usually left empty and could not be used efficiently


Corner washbasin with pedestal

There are three main types of angular washbasin.Let us consider each of them.


is a very popular model.The set goes to the sink leg, which hides the tubes and siphon its normal height is 70 cm or 80 cm.

shell sizes can be very different, and design styles and color variations you can choose to suit every taste. The only disadvantage of such structures - is that the space under the sink is not used to the maximum. is especially significant for small bathrooms, where the sink is convenient to store products for cleaning or other small items, if there is to install instead of a locker feet.

Corner sink tulip


best option, in which there is a lot of space under the sink that allows its effective use for necessary needs.For example, under the sink can be put not only the basket of dirty clothes, but even install a washing machine.

Hanging sink for mounting on a washing machine equipped with a special trap and the sink has a flat bottom.

have suspended shells, there are some disadvantages, one of which is that the communication is outside.Therefore, use a special trap, which is made of decorative materials such as polished stainless steel or chrome-plated brass.To connect the mixer also use a special tube.

Hanging corner sink

recessed washbasin

usually set on a special pedestal, so it is also called Moidodyr.Also, this type of sink can be embedded in suspended countertop.This model takes up more space than other kinds of wash basins.But this disadvantage is compensated by many advantages because cabinet can be used for storing a lot of things and money.

Also, this model can be supplemented with half corner cabinet with a mirror, which will keep it personal hygiene supplies.It can be concluded that the embedded sink is the best option, although it has a slightly larger size.

Built-in wash basin with cupboard and mirror

kit corner sinks and cabinets have different dimensions, the length of the sides adjacent to the walls, can vary from 35x35 cm to 70x70 cm. Also in great demand among buyers enjoy the sets of elongated or asymmetrical.Such an option would be a good solution, if the angle of the bathroom is disproportionate.

Asymmetrical washbasin

Therefore sets of corner sinks and cabinets can be of two types:

  • left-handed shell models are right, and the extra surface on the left;
  • right- model where the sink is located on the left and an extra surface on the right.
Right-hand model with pedestal sink

Classification based on

During production angular washbasin in the toilet or bathroom use a large number of different materials.Very popular in the market plumbers use shells with ceramics, artificial stone or glass.For lovers of luxury and exclusivity in the sale are sinks made of copper, bronze and natural stone.Shells of expensive materials mainly produce to order.Each material has its own unique characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

Corner sink with an abstract pattern

Let us get acquainted in detail with the basic materials for the manufacture of corner sinks.


Made of baked clay, from which, depending on the production techniques can produce porcelain or earthenware.

In the manufacture of porcelain fired kaolin, resulting in sanitary porcelain - high-density material, hard but with little strength values.It differs ringing and clear sound when tapped, as well as on the break you can see the texture of the white material.

Faience corner sink
Ceramic sink Corner

Faience is a more durable material than porcelain.sanfajansa lower density and more porous structure.Pottery produces a hollow sound, regardless of the material thickness.Due to the physical properties of the porous structure and earthenware eventually lose its original appearance.On the surface there are cracks that darken from dirt.

Ceramics enjoys stable demand in the consumer market, but many modern materials are far superior ceramic products in performance and durability.Another disadvantage of ceramic shell is a small selection of shapes and designs.


complements any interior bathrooms.

With glass you can make a reality, even the most original idea.Experienced glassblowers can create a true masterpiece, and to give any form of product.

rich palette of colors, mixing different colors, matte finish, sandblasting drawing, glass painting - these are just a small part of the list of possible processing of glass shells.

huge range of shells, where a special place is given to the angular models, allows you to choose a beautiful and high-quality product.

only limitation - it's your budget.Glass sink will be an original design element of the bathroom.

Care glass surface shell is quite simple. Simply clean them with conventional detergents or special chemical products for cleaning glass.

models of clear glass has a small flaw - they will be visible stains from water, and can be formed limescale.

With regard to product safety, it is possible for it not to worry.For the production of shell uses a special tempered glass, which is well protected against the formation of cracks and has high impact resistance.

Glass Corner Bathroom Sink
Glass corner washbasin with mirror

of nonferrous metals

Rather piece goods.Basically it sinks of bronze or copper.They are not practical because they require special care.Metals are very prone to oxidation processes.For such shells may appear green patina, so they are often coated with a protective layer of lacquer.But, nevertheless, the appearance of the shell made of bronze or copper will be a real decoration of bathrooms, for example, in the east, eco or retro style.

Bronze corner washbasin

only cream cleansers should be used when cleaning the washbasin made of colored metal.Never use metal brushes or products containing acids or abrasive substances.

of natural stone

will become fashionable element of any bathroom.The most popular granite, marble, travertine and onyx, because the stones have a special pattern and texture.Natural stone is characterized by the strength and reliability, so this sink is practically eternal, if properly take care of it.For cleaning products made of natural stone should be used only detergents that are not in its composition acids or abrasives.

Corner sink onyx


Usually they are called shells made of artificial stone, in fact they are made of granite, marble, quartz chips and a variety of resins.The technology enables the shell of various shapes, textures and colors.The resulting material is very wear-resistant, durable and easy to care for.Often their shell composite materials make the cast with countertops, lack of connecting seams greatly facilitates the care and solves all the problems with the appearance of the joints dirt, soap residue and microorganisms.

Cast shell made ​​of composite materials


For a small bathroom sink installation corner of the room would be the best option.All that is necessary for its installation - it is an empty corner, which can take hot and cold water, and pipes can be hidden under the baseboard.

main advantages corner sinks in the room bathroom:

  • Sink with pedestal - a compact, neat and comfortable furniture set.
  • angle with the ongoing communication immediately becomes more attractive, because all pipes are hidden.In addition, the area will be functional area.
Corner washbasin with mirror

bedside table or a shelf under the sink will be a good place for storing detergents, towels, or other necessary equipment.In the market plumbing can find a lot of models corner sink with cupboard.A large variety lets you choose exactly what will suit for your room.Also, the huge popularity of the hinged mirror cabinet, which will be convenient and functional addition to the washbasin with pedestal.Mirror mounted in such cabinets complemented by a variety of lamps and sconces.

Corner sink with cupboard and mirror cabinet

Often owners spacious bathrooms also prefer a compact corner sink with a pedestal, to result in an even more space.It is worth noting that the cabinet made of wood, it is desirable to use only in the spacious bathrooms.Wood does not like high humidity, and in small bathrooms after taking a shower or bath to quickly normalize the moisture level is not easy.For small bathrooms is better to use the lockers in wood fiber or particle board, which is applied to a special damp-proof coating.

Furniture for a small bathroom with corner washbasin

Equips the area around the sink

number and design of accessories - shelves, organizers, and other places of storage depends on your personal decision.The presence of the shelves, cabinets or lockers will accommodate a lot of necessary items and things for the bath, which is better to hide from postorennih eyes and perfectly fit the design space.To create a particular style around the sink, you can use non-standard mixers or decorate an apron sink near the decorative panels.

Sink with a shelf for storage

very important element of a bathroom is a mirror, with mirrors on the number of there are no restrictions.To make the mirror an unusual element of the interior, you can use lamps that are staggering in its diversity.You can buy a set of furniture, which is composed of cabinet furniture with built-in sink and cupboard additional.This headset has everything you need for vannogo premises.

For those who want to save money can make the countertop for a corner sink of moisture-resistant drywall and oblitsevat tabletop decorative mosaic.This can be done independently, without having special skills and abilities.

Homemade worktop made ​​of plasterboard for corner sink


console is used to attach the corner sinks.Installation of sanitary products made directly to the two walls, which create a corner.This type of installation allows you to create a reliable fastening and suspension structure becomes rigid.Setting shell only at the completion of finishing works or after sticking ceramic tiles on the walls.

To mount sinks should acquire the necessary tools:

  • Tape measure and level.
  • Punch or drill for drilling holes in the wall.
  • expansion plugs.
  • Screwdriver and adjustable wrench to tighten the mounting screws sink.
  • Marker, to make a mark on the wall for the future fixture.

alignment shell occurs in several stages.

Preparations for fixing corner sink

  • First we need to determine the angle, which will be placed angular washbasin.If the shell is made installation of a pedestal, you must first do the installation of bollards, and only then move on to the mount of the basin.
  • If the stand is not used, the height from the floor to the top of the shell shall not be less than 80 cm. Please substitute the washbasin to the wall, where the water drain.And put a mark with a marker for the fixture.Next, using a tape measure, it is necessary to recheck the marked size.
  • To install the wash basin, use a special attachment.To simplify installation, you can transfer the dimensions of the holes for fastening to the shell wall.To create the holes you need to use the hammer or drill, and then into the holes to fix wall plugs.Now you can proceed to install the basin on the fasteners, and fix all using plastic nuts.
Installation of a corner sink with cupboard
Installation on a pedestal sink : second stage

Connecting the siphon drain water

After installing the shell, you must create a connection between the siphon and drain the water.First drain is connected to the sink, and the plant in a tube to drain.Then the edges need to cover all the gaps that the bathroom was not an unpleasant sewage smell.

Installation - Communication connection

water mixer connection

to connect the water mixer, you can use the instructions that comes in the kit.The mixer is attached to the sink using a tightening nut.Hoses, through which the water supply will be carried out, must be connected to the pipes with hot and cold water.

Total installation works

Corner sink toilet

There is a separate group of corner sinks to toilets.They are the smallest in size and carefully look, even in small spaces.They can often be found in public places: cafes, restaurants, offices.They are installed in the guest toilet, in cottages or in a separate bathroom to wash your hands can be directly in the room, instead of going to the other bathroom.The main thing to remember, that these shells are not recommended for household needs, as they can not withstand heavy loads.

A small corner toilet sink

not worth to forget about the choice of the mixer for a mini-shell, because it has to match the size of the shell.Therefore, setting a standard tap in this case is inappropriate.It is better to buy a short small mixer.