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August 12, 2017 18:06

Glass Sink Bathroom : types, advantages and disadvantages

Glass sinks
  • Disadvantages
    • misconception
    • Cons
  • Benefits
  • Forms on the type of installation
    • mounted
    • On stand
    • Built
  • Shapes and colors
  • Selection Criteria
  • Care

When you think through the future design of the bathroom, every detail is important.In particular, the need to carefully approach the selection of the shell.Previously, the majority of shells in the houses were ceramic or cast iron.But now designers are offering more and more daring design decisions, including shell of materials such as steel, wood, stone and glass.In this article we take a closer look at the review of popular lately glass shells.

Since glass sinks in our country appeared not so long ago, we have not yet had time to get an idea of ​​how these sinks are practical.Let's try to understand their advantages and disadvantages.

Glass sink transparent



X rupkost not a disadvantage. This widespread belief is erroneous.The fact that the shells used particularly durable tempered glass.It is not afraid

of scratches and chips.Of course, this can crack the shell, but the chances of that are no higher than with a ceramic shell.

Another frequent concern is often that from the glass shell can be seen of the mixer or rusty water pipes. However, there is no reason for concern - glass sinks are mounted with special chrome pipes and accessories that perfectly complement the glass sink and give the bathroom a modern look.

Glass sink with chrome pipes
Sink made ​​of colored glass
Glass Washbasins


Cons glass shells:

  • the need to frequently wash and wipe the glass sink, to her left divorces.This is true - stains on the glass sink more visible.However, such a shell is usually chosen only those who carefully monitored to ensure that everyone in their home look modern and stylish.If you decide on what to purchase a glass sink, we believe once again wipe it with a cloth after use will not be for you a great work.As they say, beauty demands victims.
  • cost may deter some potential buyers , since it is much higher than the usual whole shells of sanitary ware and metal.However, buying a glass sink, remember that you get the elite plumbing, which will serve you faithfully for many years.
Luxurious bath sink


Pros glass shells:

  • Appearance .No one will argue that the glass sinks look very stylish, elegant and beautiful.Just imagine how sparkling stream of water flowing over a shiny glass surface.
  • Design glass sinks universal - they will fit into any interior, and in any style, from classic to modern.In addition, they are ideal for interior, which uses multiple colors.
  • There are many variations of colors and shades where your sink can be performed.You can order a fully transparent and opaque shell.In fact, the colors of shells is limited only by your imagination and the skill of the manufacturer.
  • they are not afraid of sudden changes in temperature. achieve this allows a special glass tempering technology.
  • Such shells weigh much less , than standard cast iron or porcelain sinks, so they are easier to install.
Glass wash basin in the interior
Glass sink on the countertop of a mosaic
Water in a glass sink

Forms for

installation type depending on which design is used to set the shell, distinguish the following types:

  • hinged (floating) shell;
  • sink on a stand;
  • embedded shells.
Shell on a decorative stand
Hinged glass sink
Glass shell on a stand


mounted sink saves space and is therefore ideal for small bathrooms.When using such shells is very important to carefully hide all elements of fasteners and utilities.One kind of hinged shells are angled sinks which many are called washstands.

On stand

Seashells on the stand can be both monolithic and consist of a separate sink and stand to it.Some models are further attached to the wall.The stand hidden all communications.Such shells look reliable and durable.


Built shell can be mounted in a simple tabletop and in a special locker, in which are hidden all the pipes.These sinks can be used only in the bathroom with a large area, as they are in themselves sufficient headroom.

Shapes and colors

Glass sinks can be a wide variety of forms.The standard is shell oval and rectangular.There are also varieties: square and round sinks.However, glass - plastic material so that some companies are engaged in manufacturing of unique shaped shells to order.For example, you can find a shell, made in the form of a waterfall or a flower.

Sink in the form of a waterfall

color and texture of the glass shell is largely dependent on technology for their manufacture. At the moment, there are three ways:

  • melting and hardening. With this method of manufacturing the desired color glass pieces together first melted and then hardened by exposure to extreme temperatures.The result is a glass layer, which is then formed into the desired shape, beginning again by heating it and then rapidly cooling the.As this technology is made both matte and transparent shell and a variety of colors and shades.
  • Blow or blown glass shells for fundamentally different in manufacturing technology.Its first "blown" by means of special equipment and tools, and then to harden at elevated temperatures for 48 hours.Generally, blown glass transparent, but it may have different impregnations.
  • The mosaic shells pieces of colored glass at first firmly glued to the inner surface of the already hardened glass thicket thin glass, and all re-fired.After that, the space between the pieces of glass is filled with a special mixture of sand and cement colored, top it all covered with sealant and a protective layer of lacquer.
Sink made ​​of colored tempered glass
Transparent Bathroom Sink
Mosaic shell

As for the colors, the choice is huge.Master can get absolutely any color of the glass.In some shells, produced the first method described above, using multiple layers of colored glass.Special mention should also be noted marbled glass sinks that are performed by a special technology of glass three or more different colors.

Multicolor sink for the bathroom

Selection Criteria

Selection Criteria glass sinks are the same as when you select any other type of shells.

  • determine the type of glass shells for the installation type. best to assume, under any type of sink intended your communication system.If you plan to do overhaul the entire bathroom, including the replacement of pipes and laying new tiles, the item is not as important.However, if you plan to replace only one plumbing, for example, this is the key point.
  • Carefully consider before purchasing the product. He must not have any have been chipping or air bubbles inside.If any, it says the poor quality of the product.
  • Ask the seller in the shop on the availability guarantee. In many glass sink manufacturers provide warranty from 1 to 5 years.
  • Decide on the size and shape of the shell. shell size depends on the total area of ​​your bathroom, as well as what kind of sink function should be carried out in your home.
  • Finally, it is worth remembering that the shell should fit into your bathroom in style and color scheme.
Built glass sink
The glass shell of high quality
Glass sink in the interior


  • Daily your sink is exposed to the mass of chemicals: toothpaste, little, shaving foam, etc.Meanwhile, on the glass sink a variety of pollution, plaque and stains much more noticeable than with other types of shells. Therefore, they must be frequently washed and cleaned with water drops.
  • Despite the fact that the glass shell can withstand the temperature changes, even 70 degrees, it is recommended not to expose them to liquids temperature of more than 120 degrees to not increase the risk of cracks in the shell.
  • wash glass sinks can be any detergents, except abrasive.
  • Very often breaking glass sinks are the result of improper installation. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you do not do it yourself, and to entrust the installation of sink plumbing professional, who will be familiar with the subtleties of working with glass. For example, the drainage on the glass shell can be tightened by hand only.
Beautiful sink in frosted glass

Watch the following video about the glass shells.