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August 12, 2017 18:06

The steam generator for shower : selection, installation and connection

The steam generator for shower
  • design
  • Types
  • Tips for Choosing
  • Wiring and installation
  • Management

Installing the shower in the bathroom has become a popular solution in modern design.With its numerous virtues there is a disadvantage.For many, this becomes less decisive in the choice between a bath and shower.The cabin does not allow to create the conditions under which it is possible to warm up well.But manufacturers shower caught this trend and presented to our attention the steam generator for shower cubicle.

The steam generator for shower

modern cabins are equipped with such built-in generator, but, unfortunately, it is immediately reflected in the price.

Shower with built-in steam generator


Any steam generator includes in its membership a control unit and a housing that contains a water tank, a pump and a water heating element itself. With such an abundance of filling of its elements, the body of domestic steam generator does not take up much space, unlike its commercial brethren.Outside placed taps for input and output of water.The control unit

is helping to change the temperature, to control the flow of water and steam.

The design of the steam generator


Ability to make out of the shower sauna similarity there.Moreover, the cost looks much more interesting than the finished cockpit with built in such a gadget.You only have to buy the steam generator with the small list of functions.Now manufactured aggregates which differ in the way heat water and produce steam.

  • electrode steam generators.The water is heated by the electrodes.When current flows, the water is converted into steam.Scale does not appear at the electrodes, therefore they do not burn.Undoubtedly, the biggest advantage is that the price tag on them, the lowest among the steam generators.
  • TENovye steam generators.They produce pairs of special heating elements.Such generators can operate in distilled water, which makes it possible to use new circle remaining condensate.But this advantage is blocked near the minuses - the complexity of the structure and consequently higher costs.
  • Induction steam generators.As is clear from the title, there is a heating due to electromagnetic induction.The great advantage of them is that they lack supplies components such as electrodes or heater.
Heater for the steam shower
The steam generator for shower

Tips for Choosing

mainly steam generators are powered by electricity.Their main difference is the only way to convert water into steam.

Before you make a choice, first of all, look at the amount of energy consumed them.Secondly, at its output. is also important to pay attention to its function.

  • A very important feature is the water pressure in the water.The higher the score, the greater the volume of steam to be fed.The normal pressure of 2 to 10 atm.
  • particular importance is the material from which the body of the steam generator is made.Preferably, if it is stainless steel.Because she is not afraid of corrosion and is very durable.Although heavy.
  • higher capacity - the faster heats water but also electricity consumption will be higher.

With stainless steel can not withstand the competition of any plastic or aluminum, so as the first can not cope with high temperatures and release toxic substances, and aluminum is able to oxidize and become deformed.

The steam generator for shower
The steam generator for shower
The steam generator for shower

too powerful steam generator may be disadvantageous financially.Experts recommend pick up power from 1.5 up to 6 kW.

The steam generator for shower

Wiring and installation

Immediately it should be noted that the experts advise not to perform the installation of the steam generator is directly next to the cabin.It located separately and fed to a cabin for a steam pipe.

But the maximum distance from the walk-up generator installation site - 10 meters!When mounted on a wall, the height of at least 0.5 meters.If the device is placed on the wall, it is mounted on the screws.

Then, using a metal hose connect the ball valve to the water supply.Steam line to the generator docks using copper pipe.And plastic tubing, connections to the sewage system.

Only after these manipulations supplied electricity to the generator.

Connection to the steam shower cabin
Connection to the steam shower cabin
Electronic wiring diagram of the steam generator


With the control unit takes place communication with the steam generator.Switching on and off, setting modes - all these functions are set from the control panel.Professionals advise to place it next to the generator.

Temperature change control.This operation can be performed both before switching on and during operation.

Installation and setup completed successfully.This is evidenced by the appearance of a pair, and vice versa when you turn off after the pair disappears.Now you can enjoy the bathhouse directly into the soul.Light you steam!

The steam generator for shower cubicle and a control unit
shower control unit

After the temperature is set, and the generator is automatically filled with water for a few minutes, you can wait for the steam.